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How to teach someone who doesn't want to be taught *UPDATED*


Veterans Day today. I was feeling down. How dare anyone fly a flag in honor of our veterans! They fought and risked their lives...all gave some and some gave all. We owe it to them to elect our leaders responsibly. We owe them a constitutionally sound government. We owe it to them to fight for what they fought for.

So I told my friend that I thought she was ignorant for voting for Obama. She said I take politics too seriously and she was not a political person. I told her that perhaps she should not vote if she doesn't take politics seriously. I asked her how she can justify placing an uneducated vote? I told her that she was part of the problem. She said she had to let me go.

If there was one law I wish our government would pass it would be an IQ law for voting. There I said it! Stupid people should not be allowed to vote.


I have a friend. She is very non political. If ever I try to engage in a political conversation with her, she quickly changes subjects to something of an "easy" subject. It really hit me one night about 8 months ago when I was trying to explane to her the message Dr. Paul and tried to engage her in the Liberty movement. On a side note, I'd like to add that she is my age...lower 30 something...my assumption is that the message of liberty is much easier to teach among my generation as we haven't yet had years of influence and bad habits as some of the older folks. Also, the idea of a movement seems exciting and adventitious to us youngens.

Anyway...I sensed frustration in her tone but I kept pressing and asking her questions...not to be pushy but rather to engage her. It all ended when she said in a fit of frustration "I don't believe in the Constitution". Whaaaaat? I've never heard of such an obseb thing! I was shocked and quite frankly disturbed. I didn't know what to say.

It was that moment on I realized this women did not want to be taught.

I hadn't given up on her completely though. For the next 8 months I would sneak in some educational facts bit by bit...hoping I would strike something deep in her heart. Anticipating and patiently waiting but never hitting that note.

I've tried different angles and different tones and different subjects and still I have achieved zilch. I was going nowhere.

But then I got to thinking. My friend was adopted at a very young age and raised by a loving family in a suburb in America. She was adopted right out of North Korea which to my understanding has been under dictatorship for many ages.

Most Americans have a yearning for freedom and Liberty. It is hard wired into us whether you know it or not...it is there. That is why the Liberty movement is growing so fast. It's like an awakening. We just needed to be reminded of where we came from. Our roots stem back from our founding fathers so naturally the word Liberty strikes a chord with us. Liberty is the foundation of America and only Liberty will lead us to a prosperous nation once again.

Being non political...my friend did manage to make it to the voting booth on November 6th. She voted for Mr. Obama.

Could my friends roots be the cause of her apathy? Or am I reading into this too much?

In the aftermath of the election, I found myself motivated more than ever to keep the keep at it. With the GOP in such a vulnerable state, I find myself committed to see it through and help rebuild it. I vow to educate and motivate and grow this movement to a victory in 2016. Education is the key and Liberty is the teacher.

But how do we teach those who refuse to be taught?

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Some of these people are our

Some of these people are our friends just as she is a friend of mine so you must understand my devotion for helping her. It's so frustrating! I'd like to just call her on her stupidity in a not so nice way.ive never been the type to think I am better nor smarter than anyone else. I try to be sympathetic to those you call ignorant because it is no fault of their own. But when given the opportunity to learn...humans still have their God given right to free will and some people just refuse to exercise it. Why would one simply reject the opportunity to learn? Knowing this is half the battle.

OK...ask her if she believes

OK...ask her if she believes in free speech or wants to be protected from illegal searchs and seizures of her property, or if she believes that the accused should have their day in court in front of a judge and jury, or if she believes that it wrong for the President to have the power to assassinate Americans citizens? I could go on, but I an sure you get the drift...

If she believes in any of these, then she already believes in the Constitution.The Constitution was written to protect her from tyranny. How can you not believe in that?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I know

I've been there, believe me. I know quite a few people who are very dear to me , and I tried, yet they will never, ever care about these things. That's just the fact, and you'll need to accept it. The phrase I quoted was not meant to insult anyone, but rather to point out that it's wasted time to talk to people about something they absolutely don't care about (it would be the same as if someone tried to convince me that a certain type of speakers is better for music than some other kind - I simply don't care about that, so I'm "swine" or "dog" in that case).
I never said it's their fault - they are who they are, and they still contribute to this world in their own way. My response was more to you than them - you just have to accept the reality and understand that there will be those who just will not care about how the world works, and would rather think about other things instead. Focus your energy on those who disagree (because they care, they just have a different viewpoint), rather than those who don't care.

You might be right. I just

You might be right. I just thought...but that's what I get for thinking.


Great minds think alike ;)