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McConnell's toast! Ashley Judd for U.S. Senate?

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Hot actress yes...

...senator no.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Rand Paul for Senate Majority leader woooo

that would be awesome.

On the Ground in Kentucky

I am on the ground in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Ashley Judd lives in Tennessee. If she runs her largest problem is the residency requirement. Now, if it comes down to Ashley Judd and Mitch McConnell I am undecided. How to we as liberty minded individuals support Ashley Judd's candidacy immediately?

McConnell's Toast? YEA RIGHT!

McConnell has one thing Judd does not; that being the "Grassroots-Organizing Genius", Jesse Benton!

Are you kidding?

No Ron Paul Republican is going door to door for mitch McConnell, Not going to happen

McConnell's Toast? YEA RIGHT!

McConnell has one thing Judd does not; that being the "Grassroots-Organizing Genius", Jesse Benton!

Im almost certain im running

Im almost certain im running for state representative for the 97th district of KY. After realizing welfare/ssi was around 70% of our economy i cant just sit back and do nothing. Any tips?

If you haven't already

get in touch with Take Bake Kentucky. They might be able to give you some pointers and maybe even an endorsement. I haven't been going to the meetings lately, but they're an awesome group of people. They meet once a month in E-town. You can find them at takebackkentucky.com or they're on FB too.

I am in TN but

Have been to some meetings with Take Back Kentucky and you are right they are a great bunch.


Ashley Judd

is FINE. At least before she did the botox thing to her face, she was the hottest veteran star to these eyes.

McConnell is a Neocon and a Gun Grabber

He favours many sorts of restrictions that violate the 2nd amendment.

He is a huge fan of the war on Terror.

Paulians should pull out all of the stops to see this dirt bag go down in flames.


If this helps defeat a neo-con and Jesse Benton, then I'm all for her running for office!

Well if this happens

Well if this happens, trying to draft someone to primary mitch McConnell will be moot.