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Embracing Insanity

Most pundits, and media for that matter, have successfully labeled the Ron Paul supporters things like "lunatic" "fringe" "kooky" and etcetera. And we have responded angrily with some very elaborate semantics and even tried arguing with the fools who smear Ron Paul. Today, I say we EMBRACE the labels. That way, they won't work. We get riled up and make ourselves sound crazy trying to prove to these insensitive authors that we are sane.

I read an article by FAUX on how Ron Paul supporters chased down Hannity and yelled at him. Some of us have been denouncing these supporters but I urge you to support them. These people are terrorizing the people who are lying to the public. Those supporters probably put the fear of God in Hannity. That is what we need! We must prove to these people that we are not afraid of their power! This is a movement for crying out loud! No one is going to give us a second thought if we are nicy-nice pushovers.

The Sons of Liberty were a roudy bunch who tarred-and-feathered men aboard a ship that they were dumping tea off of while dressed as native Americans. In a sense, we carry on the tradition of the Sons of Liberty and we shouldn't be afraid to show it! This is a matter of freedom or slavery. We have a choice.

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Rowdy? To say the least...

The "pre-revolutionaries" ransacked Governor Hutchinson's (Boston) home then set it on fire. And to add a little salt to the wound they stole then published his private papers in Patriot newspapers.

Do not buy the propaganda being sold about Paul supporters.

Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

GOP hate mail

Today the head of the Maui GOP sent an email blast to all republicans that the Ron Paul supporters are a cult members and must be stopped. She told people not to vote for anyone at the upcoming caucuses that they don't know.

Should be an interesting few weeks here.

That is despicable that the

That is despicable that the head of the Maui GOP would say we must be stopped. What is his/her e-mail address so we can give him/her a piece of our mind?

Dirty tricks are rampant

in politics.

With that said, what proof does Hannity, Ms. Call and all those reporting on these types of actions have that these people are Ron Paul supporters?

For those who don't know what Karl Rove is capable of. Well, you may want Google him and familiarize yourself with what he's done in his long and sorted politcal past. Oh, and by the way... he's quite proud of his track record.

It's all a game with him, a game that he happens to be very good at, a game that does not like losing..

What would Ron Paul do?

ALWAYS ask this question before acting out in any manner while representing him and his good name! Take responsibility for your actions, they reflect on Dr. Paul for GOD's sake! Read Dale Carnagies "How to Win Freinds and Influence People", as mentioned on another thread. Acting like a baffoon will NOT win us any votes or supporters. Get a clue, General!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!


Understandable, but when these primaries are over, we must be unleashed. This isn't business. It is personal. I have no illusions about this election. But this is a movement and must continue with or without Ron.

"It is not who casts the votes that decides elections, it is who counts them."
-Joseph Stalin-

double post - my bad

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!



"It is not who casts the votes that decides elections, it is who counts them."
-Joseph Stalin-