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"Pedophilia" on track to become "Minor Attracted" and protected as "sexual orientation"


"In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.
B4U-Act calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”
In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

If you remain uneducated about the Franklin Scandal, please learn NOW:

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The Catholic Church

has a homosexual problem. Approx. 70% OF THE "pedophilia" was adult homosexual males preying on adolescent and teenage males. The rest of the percentage of abuse is in line with other religions, organizations, etc. The Church's tolerant handling of homosexcual priests led to its being used as a hiding place and recruiting spot, like Sanduskys Second Mile.

I don't see it

The Catholic Church does not condemn homosexuals, it prays for them. And we have many homosexial practicing Catholics, who work very hard on many levels. Sexuality is not part of the Church. No way, shape or form. As for having a problem.. I don't see it. So many preists were purged from the Church in recent years, we've more Churches than priests, and perhaps why the Roman Catholic Church is now ordaining married Anglicans? They will not become Bishops, but we now have married preists.

The Catholic Church has sustained over 2000 years because it changes with the times.

Google it

Studies have shown that the vast majority of the abuse was homosexual preying on young men and adolescents. Odd that homosexuals complain so much about the Church when they have used the Church as a "beard" for years.


The Church took way to long to find, condemn, correct and resolve the problem, but it has, and I think most of us are very happy with the new rule, "Accuse a Preist and he's OUT". No trial, no debate. OUT. We have many homosexuals, open homosexuals, and they are not preists, but they participate and we pray for them and LOVE them none the less.

Are you grouping

all homosexuals together? Odd to see a collectivist argument from someone on a pro-individualism site.

No, Just the homosexuals

using the priesthood as a means of recruiting victims.

Are you grouping all pro-individualists together?


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

I never said kids were fair play

Simply that a person shouldnt be shamed for having desires they dont control. While it may not be about shaming to you, it looks to me like many here are passing judgement on the person regardless of whether or not they've acted on their desire.

I never said you said kids were fair play

It's is only those who act on their desire, which many here have pointed out the problems.

It's not about thought police.. it's about protecting those who can not protect themselves.

Homesexuals adopting

Homesexuals adopting children, torture being "part of human nature", now pedos about to become just a bunch of nice guys "born this way"..seems like the only abnormal people left in the world are those questioning the Government.

You can see the signs for years, first the scandals about the teachers and the priests being pedos (making the public getting used to the idea), stories of 14 years old girls getting pregnant, stories about girls 6-9 years old reaching puberty...30 years from now the sickos will have their way perfectly legal with little girls and boys...and anyone opposing will be called "pedophobic" and asked to see a psychiatrist.


The media has pushed this agenda for a long time. Hollywood has also been actively pushing pushing the agenda as well. They have been pushing into people's mind the narrative of "Christians are perverts" for example. They do not push this narrative on any other group, they could as well have said "people that are short and blonde and with green eyes" are perverts. They just need to find the cases where this group misbehaves and publish it again and again and again.

This is propganda.

It will never happen. A relationship consists of two consenting adults. Society would never accept it.

That's what people would have

That's what people would have said about homosexual marriage all of about 20 years ago. Now any opponent of homosexual marriage is labeled an irredeemable hating bigot. I expect legal polygamy in about 20 years, and full normalization of pedophilia about 10 years after that. I'm not saying I favor these things, I'm just saying that the sexual libertines have a way of pushing, and pushing, and pushing, until they get what they want. I see no indication of a reversal of this trend.

I wouldn't use absolutes.

I wouldn't use absolutes. Back in ancient Greece pedophilia was quite the norm. Women were only for children, but love was for a boy.

Sick, I know, but that is how most of that whole society thought.

It's happened plenty of

It's happened plenty of times. Whole societies used to routinely rape and murder their children. Sacrifices to the gods. Good for wealth. Etc.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

In 1950, if you had told

the man on the street that in 2012 we would have open, in-your-face sodomite "marriage", he would not have believed it. I have watched our society go from what it was then to what is happening today. I saw it happen. You can get society to accept pretty much anything, at least for a while, if you keep working at it long enough.

This has been discussed before.

It's always been believed by some people that same sex marriage can continue to lead us down a slippery slope, in which other societal abnormalities can become normalized and mainstream. Same sex attraction is a sexual attraction, just like sexual attractions to animals, corpses, pre-pubescent children, or anything else out of the ordinary. These attractions are all behavior related and thus not an inborn trait; and no, one of the listed behaviors is NOT exceptional and doesn't deserve special status. The Left is dedicated to imposing its will upon the populace, and will continue to attack our private property rights, as well as those that preserve the traditional family unit and religious freedom. Too many people don't realize that Karl Marx said at one time to attack the three aforementioned things, for the purpose of imposing a socialist dictatorship of the proletariat. It makes perfect sense to see people of questionnable moral values being good advocates for an atheistic totalitarian dictatorship. Vladimir Lenin once pointed this out, as well. In contrast, John Adams once said that our constitutional form of government was only for moral and religious people, and that it was inadequate to the governing of any other. He also said that we would lose our freedoms if immoral cretins got elected to any and all legislative bodies. This has already occurred, and it's one of the reasons why we have seen our freedoms erode. It shouldn't surprise anybody to know that the people who want to tax and regulate us to death, confiscate our guns, confiscate our precious metals, take over our health care, unionize all US workers, and allow all forms of abortion on demand, among other things, want to impose same sex marriage and normalization of pedophilia upon us. We as a nation need to straighten our moral compass if we are to have any hope of preserving what is left of our republic. The Left cannot succeed and accomplish its objectives if there is no support for them. The more people wake up and see what is going on, the less support the Left will have.

Corpses, animals and children

Cannot consent to sex. Two adults can. This shouldnt be this difficult to understand.

Since when is "consent" the

ultimate moral standard?

When did I say it was the ultimate moral standard?

But it is a principle of libertarianism. To let people do as they wish so long as it doesnt hurt anyone else. A consenting homosexual couple doesnt hurt anything more than a heterosexual couple.

Sodomites are swimming in filth

and disease. In Denver some years ago a catering service run by sodomites spread hepatitis into the general population. They were using their hands to drizzle icing onto pastries. It happened during the Christmas season. The governor of Colorado went to one of the parties catered by these guys, and he had to get a shot to prevent himself from getting the disease. A lot of Denver socialites paraded through their doctor's offices that December, for a painful jab to the rear, much to everyone's amusement. A registered nurse there told my spouse that literally all of the hep outbreaks were caused by sodomites, and she said that she could only speak that truth quietly because it's politically incorrect and she would lose her job if the wrong person heard. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Consent doesn't make a behavior morally neutral. Consent doesn't create the standard of right and wrong. Sodomy is wrong even if two consenting adults do it. Society is right to want to keep sodomy socially unacceptable and in the closet so that it won't spread like it's doing. Not having a law against sodomy doesn't preclude society from disapproving and shaming it to keep a lid on it.

That is a gratuitous stereotype

So in one town, a handful of gay people spread a disease from lack of hygiene? When has a singular anecdote been sufficient enough to condemn an entire group of people? Thats like me saying because I got mugged by a black guy that all black people are thieves. It prejudice, plain and simple and it uas no place in a civilized society.

How does sodomy "spread"? Can you catch the gay virus?If you listen to too many Madonna cd's do you feel an outrageous urge to have sex with men? How exactly does homosexuality spread? There has been no spike in the number of homosexuals. The numbers have always been there, but now more and more people are feeling comfortable to come out and be honest about who they are and I for one think thats a good thing. No should have to feel "shamed" for being what they were born to be. This idea of people choosing that lifestyle is absurd, when exactly did you choose to be straight? No one chooses to be straight or gay, and people shouldnt be ostracized from society because of what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

I believe I said that the RN my spouse talked to

said that ALL of the outbreaks of hepatitis in the Denver metro area (1 million people) were caused by sodomites. They mess around with poo because of their "lifestyle", or hadn't you heard. Sodomy is unhygienic by its very nature.

Sodomy spreads through pedophilia and pederasty. That sort of abuse can rewire a boy's brain. I've seen plenty of perverts brag about that, and how they wanted to molest everyone's boys so that there would be a larger "gay community" for them to have their fun with.

I didn't say a sodomite should be ostracized from society, I said that that particular behavior needs to be socially unacceptable. Unwed mothers shouldn't be ostracized from society, but getting pregnant out of wedlock needs to be socially unacceptable so that it will remain rare. When I was in high school, one girl a year in a student body of over 1,000 got pregnant every year because it just wasn't something one did (this was before Roe v. Wade). Those girls had to leave the high school and go to "continuation", what is called an alternative high school, now. When my children were high school age (they did not go to public schools) a public high school near us had 200 pregnant girls. The school started a day care on campus. It had become socially acceptable for kids to make babies without the benefit of marriage, therefore there was a lot more of it.


That RN managed to treat 1 million people in a single city? Thats outstanding, I hope they paid her well for that. Her ability to know the exact circumstances of over 1 million patients is a testament to her skills as a nurse. How she managed to look over all those medical files and deduce the cause of that breakout MIND=BLOWN

Anecdotal evidence from a single person doesnt hold any weight whatsoever. I heard from the homeless guy on my street that Elvis is still alive. I give that RN the same amount of credibility until proven otherwise.

Its easy to see the detriments of teenage pregnancy and I agree with you that it is a problem. Those teenagers have to undergo a lot of hardships to raise a baby when they themselves are babies. What is the detriment of homosexuality? Stds are a problem, but thats a problem for anyone who practices unsafe sex. Depression from being prejudiced upon is a problem. What other problems are there? Most homosexuals are able to lead normal well adjusted lives unaffected by their orientation. So I ask again, where is the harm?

And as for your claim that homosexuality is spread by pedophilia, do you have a link to studies that prove this? I highly doubt it.

This is true...

but all of these actions are unnatural, and thus abnormal. All, including homosexuality, have been considered acts of perversion, and should, IMO, be continued to be treated as taboo. Society shouldn't even be condoning it, much less give it legal status. Communist Party USA supports same sex marriage because it helps them achieve their objectives, explained above. In order for the Left to prevail, they must dumb down the populace with media driven lies, as well as break down the traditional moral values that our Judeo-Christian nation has kept for many years.

Homosexuality is found in nature

Hence, its natural. So what youre saying, in your libertarian view no less, that because you hold a narrow view of scripture that condemns a portion of the populace, that your religious beliefs should trump every other persons point of view and strip said group of people rights that would provide for their families? Do you believe in a theocracy, sir? Because when we legislate in accordance with the bible, that is exactly what we will get. And as a buddhist and as a libertarian I dont appreciate having my life structured to follow a religion I dont believe in.

Murder, cannibalism, theft

all manner of undesirable behaviors are "found in nature". That doesn't mean all behaviors have equal value. Cancer is "found in nature" as well.

All those things listed

Clearly infringe on a persons right to life and property. Consentual sex does not. Its not even in the same league.

But your argument

is that if it's found in nature, it's natural, which is supposed to imply that it's normal.

Normal is a subjective term

Its true that thise things listed are natural as eating and sleeping, but thats why humans have been given the intellect we have. We can think and judge that those things infringe on other peolple rights and dont need to partake in them. Homosexuality infringes on no ones rights.