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Seeking Your Advice On Becoming A Prepper

Hello Friends of Liberty – Would any of you who have experience in the following areas be able to help novices such as my husband and myself? We want to get prepared for the fiscal fall and in general be prepared for storms or power outages, etc and not be dependent on the government past a week for food, or a day if its below freezing. We appreciate the principled independence of the users of the Daily Paul and thought we could get some good advice:

1.Is it wise to withdraw our IRA and turn it into hard metals, such as gold and silver?

2.If so, what gold and silver have you found to be the best with the least amount of profit being swiped off? (ex: do you recommend buying it from an actual store or is there a lot of overhead we'd be paying for to keep their heat and lights on?)

3.Coins or bouillon?

4.How do we know what do look for to make sure, if needed, we can easily sell it to convert to Federal Reserve notes in certain situations?

5.What places have you found that have long-life food that actually tastes good and is affordable?

6.Any tips on what to do with water? How do you store that kind of quantity of water?

7.What about defense? Most of ours was destroyed in a flood. What do you recommend we acquire?

Thank you VERY much!

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solid information... but

solid information...

but you're wrong about the 22, imo...


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I would respectfully dispute that.

.38 Special is the bare minimum, IMO, for a defensive handgun. The sad fact is, a handgun needs to be able to kill an attacker very, very quickly. The .22 - outside of just-short-of-superhuman aim or exreme luck - requires multiple shots to be effective, and it's certainly not transferring a whole lot of energy in comparison to the .38 Special or other calibers, certainly nowhere near .40 S&W, .357 magnum, or .45 ACP.

I also have to question the study cited. It seems to be that the .22 and .380 stop more attackers simply by virtue of being used more often, since guns that fire the rounds are cheap, small, and abundant. By his logic, using a Nagant revolver, a .32 autoloader, or a .32 revolver would also be great.

Here's the thing: .38 Special and 9mm do not kick that much, and are easy to shoot regardless of experience. The recoil of the .45 is exaggerated, as well - I was startled how little it kicked when I first fired one. I will say that .40 S&W is a pretty "snappy" round, so probably not the best for a first-timer; I like the compromise between near-.45 power and near-9mm capacity (14 rounds of .40 cal?! Yes, please!).

I'd be willing to bet that

I'd be willing to bet that for 90%+ intruders, burglers, attackers, etc...one shot with a 22 and they are getting out of dodge, if they are able to.

Yes...I'm sure if there is some 300 lb. guy on drugs and wrapped in kevlar...you'd probably want something with more stopping power....much like if shooting a Grizzly running at you. Still, if you tap the guy a couple times in the head, he's down for the count. Even most of the guys on 'Swamp People' kill the big gators with a 22. Of course, that crazy sob Willie occasionally uses his pocket knife...LOL.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


I never disputed that it would "stop" an average attacker, I'm disputing its lethality. Seriously, even a normal .44 won't do anything against Kevlar except hurt really badly - only a rifle or a specialized pistol round (7.62 Tokarev, for instance) could pierce it.

You target center body mass, not the head. Center body mass provides an abundance of vital organs to hit, and it's a much larger target. Headshots are hard anyway, and darn near impossible on a moving target. Average intruder breaks in and gets shot with a 9mm hollow point, average intruder will either die or end up in critical condition in the nearest hospital.

I've seen some of that show, and yes, a .22 out of a 20 inch barrel at point blank range to the back of the brain is indeed reliably lethal. A .22 out of a five-inch barrel at seven feet shooting at a moving torso, possibly through thick clothing?

I'm not saying that the .22 is useless - on the contrary, no prepper should be without one. I'm simply stating that larger calibers that can be easily handled by the shooter will be more reliably lethal than a .22LR ever stands a chance of being.


In a bad economic situation, you may encounter more than just looters. If you are going to do normal home defense, go with a 22. I would follow NCforPaul's advise when it comes to our current economic forcast.


This is a "linked draft" of a text that's just about to be published in book form. It's rough but it's the only text I know of that's ENTIRELY for the poor man. Almost all the info in the published book form (except illustrations) is there for free.

It's all low-tech but packed with the info you need to actually survive and not sit there reading direction on packages. At no point does this text tell you to go out and buy anything.

Get your preps together! Learn historic food storage and preservation methods and the science that makes them work now, start saving money and the future

1. I am about 75% in physical

1. I am about 75% in physical gold and silver and the rest land/real estate. My advice, get out of all paper assets.

2. Silver eagles and bags of 90% pre 1965 silver coins are my preferred silver. Check silver prices at www.comparesilverprices.com

3. Screw bullion. I prefer silver coins to everything (see #2 above). Bullion is loaded with tungsten these days...and nobody trusts it...and that fear will grow.

4. Not sure what you're asking....barter items or the easiest metal to sell? Easiest to convert to cash will be pre '65 silver 90% coins. You can't buy a loaf of bread in a SHTF situation with a gold krugerrand. Well, you can...you just may or may not be able to get change.

5. www.preparewise.com . The coupon code 'lutz' should still give a discount. In my opinion, they are the best place to buy long term(25 yr), gmo free food.

6) Get the 55 gallon storage container from www.beprepared.com. Also, the Big Berkey water filter system (Amazon might have the lowest price).

7)weapons? Most calibers will do. I personally like the Smith & Wesson MP 15 22LR.


22 LR ammo is cheap. This weapon is fun to shoot and extremely accurate. Great rifle for hunting small game and extremely intimidating.

Glock 17 is a great 9mil. ultimate weapon is the 12 gauge. The mere sound of the pump action will send most running for cover.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

by the way, when I say

by the way, when I say 'bullion', I meant bars, which I don't recommend because it's too easy to counterfeit.

I always think of Goldfinger and his bars of gold when I think of 'bullion'.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


Thank you. They have gluten free !! That is very important to a lot of us who have allergies or food intolerances.

You are better prepared now simply for making the decision.

1. I would not hold any assets where I could not get to them. Credit Unions, local safe deposit boxes, but Wall Street does not get a DIME of my money to play with. IRAs are a likely target of seizure this time around, too. Do not play with SLV type funds!But yes, I prefer silver over gold, but they are both real assets.
2. Compare your local metal dealers, and check around every few months. They change their margins. Better yet, find a local RP supporter who will buy and sell at spot, if you can. We like "junk" silver, as it is a known quantity, a known currency, and should be small enough denominations to function as currency. It will be hard to buy a loaf of bread with gold - who can make change for a couple grand? I also keep some bullion around, NEVER buy off ebay though - especially bullion. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. There are fakes circulating now, even silver. You can get lots of good tips on youtube.
3. Both, and some silver wire, 99.9 pure for making colloidal silver, Don't know what that is? Learn - it is "Prepper Medicine Extraordinaire.Don't know how to make it? Learn, it is easy. (Again, youtube it.)
4. Coins and bullion are both widely recognized and accepted. You will want a sensitive scale to weigh your purchases, and a few lessons in spotting fakes. (Check the edges for serration, for instance.)
5. My kitchen. Learn to dehydrate and can - then you KNOW you are eating real food with no "preservative" poisons. Also, if you fill a freezer and the power goes out, you will know how to preserve what is in your freezer rather than lose it all. Also, got Mormons in the area? Try to find out when they are canning, they will let non-Mormons work there and earn their discounts. That said, I have heard good things about these folks (though I've never tired their stuff):
6. Make a water purifier. No matter how much you store, it will run out. You need to be able to purify whatever water you find. You can make really good ones with terra cotta pots and sand and activated charcoal. I keep zeolite on hand for it, too. Also, that colliodal silver you just learned to make will help.
7. Water proof storage for whatever you buy.... But something small you can carry discreetly for "Mad Max" scenarios, a .22 for small game and depending on how you feel, something serious for serious situations. Stick with common styles so you can swap ammo if needed. Then stock up on the ammo. It will be much easier to stop the ammo supply than to take the arms.

Now then, I want to echo the reply below - AQUAPONICS. It is liberty in a tub.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Just work your way up to self sufficiency

Start with things that benefit you now and add others as you can afford them.

First thing is to start an aquaponics garden. This can be large or small, indoors or out. Use (and stockpile) only heirloom organic seeds. This will give you more vitamins than any store bought produce because nutrients are created in the veggie during the process of ripening ON THE VINE. Produce that's picked green to ripen later have roughly 5% of the vitamins and nutrients of home grown. Also, in an aquaponics system, you don't need high dollar chemicals because the fish provide those. You can also size the system to yield 4-6 lbs of fish per week after it's been running for 6 months or so.

Then, power the system and eventually your home needs with solar PV as you can afford them. You don't have to buy the system all at once unless you want a full grid tied one, which is not worth much in revenue, or even a full retail. There are many deals that can be found for less than $1 per watt. Spend/save more of the money on battery backup but don't purchase all the batteries too early. Stagger them. They only last so long.

In conjunction with the PV, you can build a number of different projects to heat water or air from the sun. Many of these integrate with hydronic heating systems, have A-coils for your furnace, radiant floor or overhead radiant.

Then, when you can afford the energy, get an atmospheric water generator. This is basically a dehumidifier (goes well with the aquaponic system) that makes up to 5 gallons of purified water per day. Many offer low maintenance filters and hot water taps. Some even can be tied into your kitchen plumbing.

Buy a freezer and have a pasture raised, grass fed cow butchered for meat. Same for pork and you can even do this with chickens (with you doing any combination of the work). Don't forget that if you have the land, that chickens lay an egg per day so if you're desperate for protein, you can always count on an egg count close to the number of chickens you can keep.

You can use excess in any of these areas to barter for milk or dairy, unless you want to also keep some goats. You should also take a week and ask yourself "if you could live without this" regarding everything you use. Things like toothpaste, soap, olive oil all have substitutes and you can make many of them at home, but you will probably just want to stock up on much of that stuff.

Doing things like this will both cut costs before a crisis hits and will sustain life and finances afterwards. I'll leave the rest of the suggestions to others here since I'm not so educated on armament (I prefer bow hunting) or current metals deals.

WHAT?! You stole my line! How dare you!!

You recommend aquaponics??? I LOVE YOU!!!
That made my day. Sorry. Carry on.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Awe, c'mon Fishy

We've discussed our systems before, don't you remember?

I really do need to restart mine though but I just have so many other projects in the works right now. Won't be long.

Yeah, I didn't even look who posted...

I jsut got so excited about someone else promoting AP....
Our system has to get put back together, too. We moved to our property this spring, and it has been a LONG summer of being behind schedule and over budget... The AP system suffered!

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Bump for Aquaponics!


It's a start

1. Many people have done that
2. Shop around, most dealers have a "sale" of some sort every now and then. Watch the "charts" and buy on the dips.
3. Pre 1964 US Coins, Eagles, Foreign bullion coins, "name brand" rounds & bars. Keep some plain ol' cash around too.
4. See 3.
5. Buy more of what you buy now. Like Chunky Soup? Buy more when it's on sale. Get long term stuff later.
6. Filters! You can't store enough water, but get some on hand anyway, buy bottled water on sale, fill empty containers.
7. Bigger the better! ;-)