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Walter Block: In Defense of the LP

This article is well worth the read - I agree with everything Walter Block says in this piece.

Link to article: http://lewrockwell.com/block/block212.html

Selected passage from article:

"Let me make my own position clear before responding to these specifics. Although I am a staunch supporter of the LP, and have been for 43 years, I do not look upon this organization as any sort of end, in and of itself. Rather, I see the LP merely as a means. To what end? To liberty, of course. If the LP is the best vehicle for liberty, I support it. If the GOP turns out to the best one, as it was when Ron Paul was running for its nomination in 2008 and 2012, then I support him, and it. But, when Romney won the Republican nomination, then for me, the LP, and Gary Johnson, came into its own. (If, slim to none chance, Ron Paul had won the Republican nomination, beating out Romney, then I would have hoped and expected that the LP would also have endorsed him. That is why it is absolutely crucial for the LP to hold its convention after those of the two major parties.)"

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Selected passage

"My advice to Gary in this election was to take positions as close to Ron’s as he possibly could, so as to get the votes of Ron’s supporters. He did do a bit of this in my estimation, but not enough. My hope is that if Gary, or Jim Gray, runs for the LP nomination in 2016, that they take the next four years, well, three years, to become more acquainted with libertarian theory."

If Rand Paul is the Nominee-Link Posts to Top of Daily Paul Page

If Rand Paul is able to obtain ten million votes over the fifty primary states along with Puerto Rico etc., The Daily Paul is not going to advocate Rand Paul's possible Presidential run. So, my question to Michael Nystrom can we at least agree that have Rand Paul affiliated Presidential runs at the top link with the page. If you want a disclaimer at the end, so be it.

A Libertarian Presidential run in 2016 is very premature. Do we all assume the GOP is going to nominate Chris Christie or Jeb Bush? A Marco Rubio/Rand Paul or vice versa Presidential ticket should be very attractive to the liberty movement.

Big L, Small L

"Big-L" Libertarians (members of the party, but especially officers and delegates) have, as their purpose, to make sure there are as many Libertarians on the ballot for the voters to choose, as they can.

"Small-L" libertarians, who may or may not be members of the LP, have to choose from among all the candidates whom to vote for, or ever whether to vote at all.

To make this all about the presidential race is to repeat the mistake that got us into this mess in the first place. One man cannot save us, no matter who it is.

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Where is it written that a candidate can't be nominated

by 2 parties? Had Ron caught fire in the primaries, I believe he could have accepted the LP nomination as well as the GOP nomination.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Come on Mr. Block!

You know as well as the rest of us that the Libertarian Party wouldn't have sat this election out if Ron Paul had won the R nomination. Furthermore, Gary Johnson dropped out of the Republican primary BEFORE the Iowa caucus right about the time Ron Paul was gaining in the polls every day. I'm not positive, but, it might have even been while Ron Paul was LEADING in the Iowa polls. If Ron Paul had won Iowa, it would have been a whole new ballgame. The Libertarian Party had no intention of stepping aside and endorsing Ron Paul. Gary Johnson might have if Ron had won, but, the LP itself? Not a chance.

This is why I cannot support third parties. When we take over the Republican Party - and I say WHEN, not if, the Libertarian Party will be nothing more than a nuisance because it WILL NOT GO AWAY just because the Republican Party becomes more libertarian. - $$$ & Power -

Gary Johnson's Endorsement

Gary Johnson did endorse Ron Paul when he dropped out.

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It Is Against the Rules

It is against the party bylaws to endorse another party's candidate. Of course individual LP members can do so, but OF COURSE a party which has as its reason for being to nominate and run libertarian candidates as Libertarians, cannot officially endorse a competitor.

It's just silly to discuss the LP as if it is a person and not an organization with a wider variety of members than most parties.

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That's not very open minded of you

It just happens to be on the Lew Rockwell site - it's not written by him or anything.