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Idea For an Amendment to the US Constitution

I have been considering for a day or two the effectiveness of a Amendment to the Federal Constitution that would require the sitting President to gives up all of his/her known and unknown "assets" for the duration of their Administration and if impeached "forfeits" all their wealth to the general fund of the US. A list that specifies the unconstitutional acts that would trigger such action could be enumerated in the Amendment (or a least in a New Constitution) to keep the offspring of any elitist from coming forward with any bogus reasons to Impeach.

Your Thoughts...

Possible Pros:
The rich will be less likely to run

Some form of instant compensation from the illegal action can be achieved

Keep them honest

Possible Cons:
Higher form of corruption in the Impeachment process

The Presidency would become null and void over so many trails.
(This may need to be a pro column)