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Disabled woman raped on Los Angeles city bus

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County sheriff's officials say they're looking for a man accused of raping a mentally disabled woman on a city bus.

Sgt. Dan Scott says the suspect boarded the bus with the woman in Culver City, followed her to the back of the bus and forced himself on her late Wednesday afternoon.

A lone witness tried to alert the bus driver that the rape was happening, but it continued for about 10 minutes until the suspect stopped and exited the bus.

Scott says the 18-year-old woman has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old. He says that after the attack, she reported it to the driver.


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We got opposite names for everything

This culture has this thing for naming things the opposite of what they are. If you see an address for Quail Run that means there are no more quail there. If there is a place called Hickory Ridge that means they cut down all the hickories and bulldozed the ridge. Here we have a city called Los Angeles which used to mean "The Angels" but now it's full of demons.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

To add some perspective...

Here in Los Angeles, most people who ride the bus are illegal aliens who don't speak english. They don't want any trouble with the police, so they will not say anything. They probably rationalized the girl wanted it to happen as it was happening. I've seen crazy things on the bus in LA and you can doubt me all you want, but until you've been down in it, you don't know.

Government run transportation has to be a failure in the end.

Hard to imagine it would be a selling point.

Would private cab driver or coach line operator allow rapes on their rides?

The ride from hell appears less expensive and is clearly less safe.

Free includes debt-free!

My thoughts exactly

This the a tragedy of the commons in a way.

Yea Husker.

Government tells the people, If "we" build it they will come.

Government doesn't tell us that if it failed "we" will pay.

Michigan borrowed $5,000,000 in 1838 to build public roads and canals to nowhere. After losing money for 2 years it was sold in 1842 for $2,000,000.

Michigan still owed $3,000,000 [150,000oz Gold). Public works were unCosntitutional for Michigan until the State Constitution was updated in 1909.

Free includes debt-free!


Not the baby's fault his daddy was a dirtbag. It's always wrong to put an innocent person to death for another person's crime.

My other thought was about the "lone witness" who tried alerting the driver, but he/she apparently did nothing. Assuming the witness wasn't a little kid or something, why didn't the person go over and wring the rapist's neck? I mean, come on! "Driver, there's a rape going on in the back of the bus." oh well, he's not gonna do anything. I guess I'll have another twinkie while waiting for my stop. Sheesh!

I believe Dr. Paul has no

I believe Dr. Paul has no problem with the day after pill for situations such as this very one. I vaguely remember him explaining how the pill worked. Somehow he made it sound like the pill flushes the egg out before it actually gets fertilized.

This is why

Abortion should not be a government sanctioned or banned procedure. If this woman gets pregnant, it is not my job to decide if she should have that baby or not. I certainly would never dream of trying to impose my morals on her to try to sway her, she has been through enough.

If it is immoral, God will deal with it. But I do not think it is rational to demand she carry a child to term. Many will consider "for the life of the mother" an exception, but every pregnancy risks the life of the mother.

Feel FREE to disagree, but understand somehow, some way, we must learn to agree to disagree, you will not change my mind on this, and I know I have not changed yours. I urge you to seek common ground whenever and wherever you can, and when we cannot agree we can agree to disagree without being hateful to each other - we are still allies.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Well said.

Also, is it bad that I'm not at all surprised by this article?

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