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Staten Island May Welcome Displaced Sandy Victims To Prison

With a death count in the twenties and its homes left decimated, Staten Island is just beginning the long haul of recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Now local and state officials are considering an unlikely location to house displaced residents: Prison.
Southern Staten Island's Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, a medium-security prison, was closed last year as part of Governor Cuomo's prison-closing program. With capacity to house and feed 900 displaced Staten Islanders, the facility would help a large portion of the 5,200 borough residents who have applied for FEMA housing.
Not everyone is jumping at the chance to check for a stay at the Big House. "I lost everything, but I still have my pride. We don’t have to stay in a prison,” said Wally Martinez, a displaced resident, to the Post. But the prison "shouldn’t be taken off the table because of a quote unquote stigma," said Councilman James Oddo. "Between being cold and having people dry, in a warm, secure place, I know what my choice is.”

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After the drug war is over...

we can use those empty prisons for providing shelter to lots of displaced and chronically homeless people. Set up farms, schools, temp agencies, right next door so that they can work themselves out of their situation. Funded by donations from the private sector, staffed by volunteers.

With the saved tax money from no Drug War, we'd be happy to put those prisons to better use.

Just a slice of Libertopia...never happen of course.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Only after major remodeling

The psychological impact of using a prison would be damaging. Prisons are intentionally dismal.

I'd prefer to see them demolished completely.

Or we could use them all for...

...crooked politicians.


You read my thoughts! lol