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David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex"

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For the life of me, I can't

For the life of me, I can't figure out why anybody in the media cares about what the likes of David Frum and Bloody Bill Kristol have to say???WTF??? They've lead the GOP down a rat hole and been wrong on most everything they've promoted in the past, yet THEY are the spokespeople for fixing the GOP??? That's like asking the Navigator of the Titanic to be the strategic advisior for the Navy. What a clown!

You are so correct here. The

You are so correct here. The fact that almost all of the talking heads for the GOP are neocon propagandists (and very pro-Israel) is strong evidence that "Zionists" really do control the media. It sounds kooky, but what other reason could there be for their ubiquitous presence on tv, and the absence of libertarian and/or non-interventionist pundits?

"Mitt Romney Could Have Been A Really Good President"

Maybe of Bain Capital, but not of the United States.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

David Frum is a Canadian, loyal to the queen witch.

His political view point is that American soldiers are in effect hired mercenaries to be used to protect the queens multinational corporate holdings and investments around the would.

In exchange for our children's blood running red in Afghanistan the queen will not drop the dollar and continue to prop it up as we continue to devalue it even faster.


David is Frumming at the

David is Frumming at the mouth.

David Frum is the coward.

Let's see what Colonel Andrew Bacevich has to say TO David Frum...


I remember a certain David

I remember a certain David Frum article about Ron Paul a while back... Frum is a complete moron.

If I'm not mistaken

David Frum said that Ron P. couldn't get elected as mayor of a small town. As follows:

DAVID FRUM, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Ron Paul has no capability of becoming a more mainstream candidate. He is a man of the margin, and I think if you are a Democrat and you want to do a little mischief in the Republican field, you might well favor him because he is a man -- Ron Paul is a man who couldn't be elected mayor of a town, let alone president of the United States

Again, Ayn Rand would laugh even at this

Like Alex Jones dancing at sideline issues (5-6 private banks, flouride), like our populists do likewise, the same goes for this clip - GOP rank-and-file was not fooled by their GOP leadership; they were fooled by their churches.

Religious "right" is not a political right, they are a collectivist dogma, same as progressives. They worry about fertilized eggs, sacrificing for others, multiplying the poor & rallying for charity, but really do not care about individual liberty, sound money or capitalism (capitalism used to be usury for them in 19th century.)

Their power competition with atheist progressives made them think they are a political right. But it is as false as calling fascist collectivists a political right. USA independents know better. Most despise both progressives and religious collectivists. If only more of them have read Ayn Rand.

Rand was a zionist who

Rand was a zionist who supported racism in real life. Her entire inner circle of "intellectuals" were Jewish, which she nicknamed the collective. She originally worked for the communist party in Russia well after graduating from a party school there, where she did research on Hollywood for the communists.

One of her inner circle, Alan Greenspan, went on to create the trouble at the Federal Reserve that we all know about.

Unless you are a zionist, Rand wasn't cool.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

If my brain is working

correctly, he is saying that the conservative media has been alarmist about debt and taxes but that shouldn't be an issue during an election? When else would these issues get talked about? It sounds like more shilling for the establishment and a warning not to talk about real issues during the time voters are most receptive.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Frum's the neo-con propagandist

Ever get sick of the Bush catchphrases? Frum wrote most of them.

Not to mention, Romney was their candidate.

He's manipulating the facts to try and stay relevant as a pundit. Pretty much all the neo-con pundits do the same.

"Have taxes gone up?" I

"Have taxes gone up?" I guess he forgot about the inflation tax...

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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I read this clip completely differently & is a direct hit on us.

Frum: "The real locus of the problem in the republican activist base and the republican donor base. They went apocalyptic over the past four years. "

Opinion: Frum is talking about us. We are (were?) the activist base of the Republican Party, and I dare say that many of us are preppers in one way or another, me included. We believe that there is going to a major economic collapse if not a total cultural collapse if our current path is not radically changed. Ron Paul was going to be the one our country needed, the only only who could have done what was needed to avoid this coming perceived calamity.

Now comes the part that hits too close to home and may in fact be a direct hit on us:

Frum's next statement: "The conservative 'followership' has been fleeced, exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex."

Was this not done to us? Were we not fleeced, exploited, and lied to? Something happened within the Ron Paul Campaign, and to this day no one knows what. Just when the crowds and enthusiasm were overflowing, the leadership ebbed, but not the donation requests. The strategy went from "in it to win it" to suspending active campaigning and only trying to make a good showing in Tampa. Then the endorsements from hell came, and our ship was left without a sail. The leadership knew that we were not going to win the nomination war for the Liberty Movement in this campaign. At that point the strategy went from enthusiastic support of the grassroots to predatory. We weren't told for obvious reasons, but eventually we figured this out for ourselves.

Remember that Frum just wants to sell his book by provocative statements. That is his agenda. Mine is applying what I hear and see to our campaign to see if it applies. In this case, it can and does. Somehow the RNC infiltrated and subverted this campaign. We were the ones that were "twisted into pretzels" (Frum's term) before Romney eventually was also. Frum: "The problem with the republican leaders is that they are cowards." That statement is also true. The republicans refused to engage us honestly and fairly and instead resorted to the most despicable tactics imaginable throughout this past campaign.

irrational Republicans...

I thought he was talking about the average Fox News viewer, the irrational Republican? Like what the Tea Party morphed into.

But I guess he'd include us in that too.

Your summary of what happened

Your summary of what happened during this disappointing campaign is succinct and sadly true. To his credit, Johnonson became more radical and more aggressive in the last months of his campaign. Now....that he has lost Ron Paul is once again saying the things we like. If only....

He is talking about us but not for our benefit.

This is another co-opt move.. They are busy trying to blur the lines between us and them.

Notice how in the beginning he talks about the fundamental ideas of the leaders as being correct. He wants to push that the message of the neocons is spot on but the leaders were bad.. so if we just replace the leaders with better neocons then "they" wouldn't have been tricked like they were.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Frum is a lying hypocrite, trying to cover his own a$$

He's accusing others of what he is also guilty of in order to appear innocent. His fellow media-neocons are simply competition he wishes to surpass at the same crime.

G.W. Bush's former speech writer created the term "axis of evil", pushed hard for war with Iraq, and claimed the Iraqis welcomed our troops as "liberators". He was born in Canada and despite working within our government, he didn't even bother to become a citizen til September 11, 2007. He states the obvious now, to distract from his own guilt!

DAVID FRUM assures you Ron Paul can't win. (:15)
Frum spreads misinformation about Ron Paul "will NOT Get The Nomination!" (:32)
David Frum: "Hit the mute button whenever Ron Paul talks - the man's an ignoramus!" Ron and Rand "crackers". (1:19)
David Frum LOVES THE FED! - LibertyClassroom with Tom Woods (6:47)


Is there anyone else here

who would like to punch this scumbag in the nose. He's been circling the drain, why won't he
drop ???

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Don't get your hand stuck in his floppy face.

Is he Dick Morris' little brother?

Can you deny there is a Conservative Entertainment Complex?

It is really important to look at who controls what information you are receiving on the "news", particularly on FOX, and what their agenda is. A great deal of the RNC/GOP policy is influenced by a small group of elites who have embedded themselves into sensationalist "journalism". The same can be said for the left, but perhaps it is not as innately pervasive as it has become on the right.

Talking head political pundits like O'reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, horseface Dana Bash, John King, and other morons are pushing a hardnosed neocon agenda down viewer and listener's throat. I don't see how anyone can deny this now.

Their bias is so obvious, and it has very little to do with fiscal conservatism. It has a lot to do with protecting the concept of the Bush doctrine, a hawkish war policy (which would be great for the military industrial complex and war profiteers who fund advanced industry in the U.S.) as well as domestic monitoring to prevent "the bad guys" who live here (i.e. anyone who apparently thinks independently) from destroying everyone. This imaginary foe could be right around the corner, in your closet, under the bed, spying on you at church, on the soup line. They even throw the homeless under the bus. At least Ron Paul showed a real altruism towards the downtrodden who have been kicked in the ass by the dollar devaluation and inflation over the last 20 years. You don't see that from these people. They are frothing at the mouth for another war, they have a AIPAC agenda, and they are funded by multi-billionaires, who claim the best way of life is to fund small business. When they get their men into power, they end up providing subsidies for what are international corps. that they have a vested interest in. They promote a free trade agenda, which involves selling American jobs down the river, in favor of preferred contracts. This is really a closed trade agenda.

I give Obama credit for one thing - and that is for not signing a single new FTA. Somewhere in that gigantic, robotic administration of his, they know this has killed American jobs in a major way. For whatever reason, he has avoided FTA's as a matter of deliberate policy.

But when you look at these two parties, they have started to become very similar on the issues I mentioned above. The goal of creating a drone pilot army to monitor the domestic United States means hundreds of billions, and perhaps trillions in the long-term, going to the defense industry. Every election year, Goldman Sachs and the major financial institutions hedge on both parties with their enormous PAC contributions. This is what Ron Paul is talking about recently when he says he worries about fascism. There is a marriage between government and business in this country, and it is becoming increasingly cozy for those in the bedroom. Those outside of it, however, have been severely drained of their resources. We are, in perpetuity, paying for the honeymoon.

"Free trade agreements" are NOT free trade

They are LIMITATIONS and REGULATIONS on free trade. Add taxation and labor laws on top of it and you get Ross Perots "giant sucking sound". We need free trade in THIS country.

insightful comment...this

insightful comment...this should be it's own post.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Thank you.

I appreciate your words, but I hardly deserve the credit for stating the truth as I see it. If we keep denying there is a propaganda machine in the media, we are in big trouble. There are two types of media people today - media pundits (entertainment) and real journalists. Somehow, real journalists get stuck, embedded, in war zones, relegated to five minute explanations to the media pundits about what is really going on. It's a sick situation, the age in which we live. The media is really the unofficial 4th branch of government... the one that is supposed to ask the tough questions. According to national security agreements they have with Uncle Sam, they're not even supposed to cover violent protests in great detail. At least that was the case under GW. I still get my jollies remembering when Carter declassified to Wolf Blitzer, live on CNN, that Israel had around 200 nukes. Blitzer went crazy, asking him was that not classified information. I remember Carter responding that "Well, I was President, and now it's declassified." It was a classic TV moment I'll never forget - aired live. I've never seen it on YouTube or aired again since. He had that wide eyed look and smile on his face like "Finally, I've got you bastards." Say what you want about his presidency, but I think I almost spit my drink out. LOL

Frum is nothing but a Neocon / Trotskyite hack

This flat earther is nothing but a paid shill for the Establishment.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. - H. L. Mencken

It goes like this

Mitt Romney was never a super conservative. If anything, he was very much center-right. In order to become POTUS, you have to be moderate in the general election. During the primaries, the debates turned into a total fiasco, about:

How to dismantle social security
How to bomb Iran the most thoroughly and quickly
How to bring a troop presence back into Iraq, for no reason at all
How to send 200,000 more troops to Afghanistan

How to increase the size of the military, even though we spend more on military than 45% of the world combined

How to end every entitlement program
How to overturn Roe v. Wade
Presidential Bashing Contest

Who has the credentials to actually debate another human being who is not a Republican (in this case Barack Obama).

How to cut taxes to 0%.
How to repeal the 13th amendment.
How to add 3-4 new amendments to the Constitution.

How to enforce stricter mandatory sentences on the largest prison per capita country in the world.

How to take pot shots at a sitting president on everything from entitlement spending to his ability to defend the country from an unknown, imminent foreign invasion.

Who is using the least number of illegal Mexicans to take care of their gigantic mansion.

How homosexuality is a crime against God.

How to eliminate planned parenthood even though every candidate on stage had voted for more funding of it.

How to eliminate either some departments of the federal government, without giving any reason why, and being unable to name them properly.

How to reform or dismantle all banking regulations.

How to deal with an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) hitting the United States.

How to stop Mexicans from illegally immigrating into the country, even though illegal immigration is now at its lowest levels in years.

How bad Obamacare is even though it hasn't been implemented whatsoever.

How to destroy social security, medicare, and medicaid, by trading the funds on the open market. (The accepted reason that social security was proposed was because the stock market tanked in 1929)

When it came time for the general election, people did not forget the pure idiocy of these debates. The whole "What If?" and "Who is the bigger asshole" series of debates was never lost on the general public. Anyone who tuned into even one primary debate was dumbstruck by this rhetoric. Had Obama also had to face a primary contest, the rhetoric would have been far more reduced, as the candidates would have been more aware that they needed to placate a growing independent movement in the country, as well as undecided Democrats.

As someone needed to say to these guys on stage, "Psst. Hey... the extreme right wing aren't the only people watching this." The only one who seemed to have gotten that on stage was Ron Paul, and he is as true conservative as it gets.

"Man on dog.. man on man.." (Thanks, Santorum)

"I worked at Fannie and Freddie Mac as a historian, even though I'm against multi-trillion dollar bailouts."

How to socially control everything everyone does for their greater good as part of the neoconservative ideology.

The vetting process for so-called "conservative" candidates has become crazy. In the end, the nicest looking guy won. And in some cases, the guy who kept his mouth shut the most. But when it came time to run as a populist, it was impossible, because America hasn't moved further left... the Republican Party has moved outside the mainstream. Informed people care about civil rights issues, the economy, a true Fed audit, and balancing the budget right now. At the very essence of every informed American, there is a background of libertarian - at least for anyone who knows American history. They don't want to be told who they can marry, what they can or cannot do by some government bureaucrat, etc. Below that list of priorities still exists funding for education, social security, medicare, equal voting rights, women's rights, and medicaid, at the very least. These may be issues that Democrats pioneer, but they are issues that the MAJORITY of Americans support, as well as fiscal reform.

These are issues that were never addressed in the primaries. It always devolved into a situation where the voters were to blame for their avarice, and not Washington. Occasionally, some non-sequitur about how the candidate wasn't part of DC politics was brought up, but further research (like reading Wikipedia for 10 seconds) always showed it wasn't true.

Sure, but hard socialism is now

mainstream "moderate", thanks to the zionist media and K-12 govskools.

They are already trying to hijack the next election.

Poor Romney. Would have been a great President.

"They" never were about winning the presidency.

Don't know much about Frum but he is right on here,

Some of the most misinformed people in the world are the Republicans. Their view of the world is pretty universal and reall screwed up. They HAVE been lied to.

#1. Taxes have gone up under Obama.

They simply haven't.

#2. Welfare pays out a trillion dollars a year and is going up.

That trillion includes all sorts of programs that are NOT welfare at all. Actual welfare payments in 2008 (most recent figures I could find) were closer to $31 billion per year.

#3. Muslim terrorists want to take us over.

Muslims are the new Commies - promoted as an excuse to sell weapons. Whatever they do to us is SMALL retaliation to the millions of them that we kill.

And we spend $800 billion on our military.

Frum is right. The Conservatives have been taken over by the Conservative Entertainment Complex like hysterical talk radio hosts. and the truth is not in them.