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David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex"

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Jetguy- Inflation=taxes. So

Jetguy- Inflation=taxes. So yes, taxes have sky rocketed under Obama. They would have under a 3rd Bush term or Romney. Oh that's right, Obama was Bush's 3rd term.... LOL

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Inflation does not equal taxes.

Inflation can put one in a higher tax bracket. Since the brackets don't move and are increase the more you make. In that case you do pay more income taxes with inflation.

But to say that inflation is the same as taxation is overly simplistic

Inflation is a hidden


Yes, but the irony is that he

Yes, but the irony is that he is just as guilty. He has never recanted his disgusting "axis of evil" speech or his other neocon warmongering, or his defense of the bank bailouts. He is not our friend, and it pisses me off that the media goes to him to understand why Romney lost. If Frum was honest, he would also discuss the bankruptcy of neocon ideas and how they have destroyed the GOP!

Frum sounds like it could be

Frum sounds like it could be a synonym of santorum.

I can't listen to David Frum

David Frum is a mouth piece for the left. I can't listen to him. He is a divisive person. Have you seen his November Newsweek cover? It has a picture of Obama dressed as a general and the caption reads...

"GOP: You're old, You're white, You're history"

He's just like Andrew

He's just like Andrew Sullivan. I fair-weather partial convert to some of our ideas who can't be trusted.

David Frum is a neocon.

David Frum is a neocon. Neocons, like David Frum and Joe Lieberman, tend to have the worst qualities of both parties. On domestic issues they are on the left, favoring big government, illegal immigration, massive entitlements, and a police state here at home. On foreign affairs they want war, war, war. A neocon is pretty much the polar opposite of Ron Paul. That's why they hate him so much.

They are talking about

They are talking about Limbaugh, Beck, Trump, etc. This has nothing to do with us. They are not talking about Doyle and Swann. They don't even know our media personalities. We all know taxes have not gone up yet. Spending certainly has, and it did under Bush as well. I agree with what they are saying here. The people who listen only to neocon radio are not informed people as a whole. They are talking about the people who voted for Bachman and Herman Cain in the primaries. Both of those candidates were absolute jokes, and we on here knew that early on, right?

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Beware of those who tell you

Beware of those who tell you half-truths. Some of what he says is true but Frum has his own liberal agenda and he pretends to be something he isn't.

LOL!! Where to begin........

One of the biggest disseminators of GOP "entertainment" (interesting spin on "propaganda"), Morning Joe, where windbags opine on who lied to the GOP "donors and activists". CERTAINLY not THEM, as they analyze why Rombama COULD have been a "great president".
Oh, my.
Anything to avoid and distract from the truth. The GOP is a fake controlled op foil for the fake Democrat "party", they ran a RINO with zero conservative credentials who is owned by Israel and the power elite, who could not (and was not SUPPOSED to) win, and blatantly cheated the true conservative base of their chosen and fairly elected candidate.
It's hard to choose who is the slimier weasel, Neocon whiney boy Frum or "Dick" Morris.

David Frum

Lest we forget Frum's hit piece on Paul...

Yeah Frum was an idiot in that piece.

But he is right about the Republican Entertainment Complex.

No he's not he lying to cover his own lies,


Free includes debt-free!


David... David... DAVID!

David: WHAT?

David, you lost. The ship has sunk. Go home. Know when to fold em. Quit already.

David: But it was.... it was... um.. the conservative entertainment complex! yeah that!... I tell you, the conserva...

David, there there, the bad man has gone now, take your pills.

David: Fleeced I tell you, fleeced....... like....sheep

Little Frummer Boy jumping the SS Rove?

That's one big fat rat at the head if this line.

I would take it one step

I would take it one step further, I think he is in the Obama camp.

Do we spend a trillion on welfare?...YES!

lockheed, Ratheon, Isreal, europe, Japan, South korea,

All the leaches in the DEA, CIA, TSA, and the pentagon

Oh and Social Security, Medicare

Its all Farking welfare!

The whole budget is a bribe to someone for a vote!

Yea food stamps and welfare for the po' aren't very big.

Welfare for the Rich Is huge!

Did I mention Farmers...yea them too and the agribusiness complex

Phathead: Your Name Belies Your

Intellect.... or the absence of it. You dumb fuck. Social Security is not welfare. I have had the contributions ripped from my paycheck since 1969. History says I have paid for myself and two others. Talk about something you aren't totally fucking clueless about.

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Better to be silent?

"It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

My dad told me that at a young age. I haven't always followed that wisdom. (Thinking it through, I'm not even sure I should post this.)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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SS is to welfare

Just because the money was stolen from you by a gang does not make it right for that gang to steal from me to pay you back.

You let them steal it and spend it on other stuff...That money you paid in is gone sir and it isn't coming back.

some self-righteous people feel compelled to maintain the fiction that their SS payments somehow aren't wealth transfers from some other productive American

You let them steal it and spend it on other stuff..

NO! We did not LET them. They took MY money and paid off a war I and many others had to fight. The government owes us the money they stole and YOU can make them pay us back out of their salaries if you don't like taking it from the general fund. YOU make the move or find someone else to hear your whine.


This guy is burning bridges in the GOP?

Maybe he will become a Democrat?

Have to go through the pages of his book at the store to see who he is talking about.


From Amazon: "Frum, wisely,

From Amazon:

"Frum, wisely, possibly on the advice of libel lawyers, or as a Harvard (1987) J.D., has veiled everyone in thinly disguised pseudonyms. It's not difficult to tell who Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Breitbart and James Taranto are, but, yes, technically, they have different names."

Frum may be a criminal but he is correct. He is just letting you know how they operate.

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

How HE operates. Blamiing others for his sins.


Free includes debt-free!

pirate it lol

don't give this guy one cent. He is not worth your monetary vote.


I did say 'see' and not buy.


The neocons are desperately

The neocons are desperately trying to set the dominant meme about WHY Romney lost. And the mainstream media is letting them do it. Is the media that ignorant about the varieties of conservatism? Or is it all because networks like Fox are owned by hard core Zionists like Murdoch?

So...they lied to themselves and believed it?

That makes them different from the rest of the population in exactly what way?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Yes, the people who are providing information and then backing

their claims with evidence such as video, pictures and documentation from multiple sources are the ones taking advantage of conservatives. It's not these political science majors going on these shows promoting their books that are trying to take advantage of the conservative base.

I think I've made this statement 3 times today in other posts, but here we go again.

HOW OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY CAN ONE PERSON POSSIBLY BE. THE EVIDENCE OF ROMNEY'S FAILURE COULDN'T BE ANY MORE CLEAR. The sheer hypocrisy is so overwhelmingly ridiculous. People like him have built careers on fear mongering. IE Getting people scared of IRAN and IRAQ.... Any person on the DailyPaul could have destroyed him in a debate. I bet you he wouldn't even have the balls. Just another chicken hawk.