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David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex"

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And they still

And they still try to prop romney up. He would have been a good president my you know what.

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Like a bunch of crap.....blah blah blah. No offence to who posted of course.

I find it important to pay

I find it important to pay attention to the arguments of the Main Stream, especially when its utter Bull. No need to be surprised when it comes to arguing facts with the sleepers. We become better at changing minds. Though, I find it rather funny when you see on someones face the look of "enlightenment" by complete nonsense.

It's Priceless

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

What part did you think was true?

Blame the Entertainment Complex not the Military Complex he works for.

The GOP was heavily reimbursed for it's cheating ways.

And Yet the message went out: Liberty bring prosperity, government brings poverty.

Free includes debt-free!

The Pot calling kettle black

Sounds like frum is trying to get a job with msnbc

David Frum is a scumbag.

The amount of detestation I have for that worthless creep is INDESCRIBABLE! When I first started following politics, most of my info came from CNN. He was supposed to be their Conservative commentator. He puts the N on Neocon. He HATES social Conservatives with a passion. He HATES libertarians with a passion. He, probably more than anyone else was responsible for turning G.W. Bush from a well-meaning but, slightly ignorant Conservative into a raging, dangerous Neoconservative. HE was one of the primary shills for the Iraq War.

And you wanna know what he thinks about Ron Paul? Take a look.


Well, he'd be one to know about fleecing, exploiting and lying

to people.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Eh. David Frum lied us into war with Iraq

Check out Karen Kwiatowski's work at LRC for background.

Sibel Edmonds did enough work for the FBI that would but this patent liar in prison for generations.

Nothing in the interview worth seeing or pondering, IMO.

That said though, Thanks for posting roberte!

It's Good to keep on eye on known criminals. Government is unlikely to do it.

Free includes debt-free!