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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I am going to make this short. I did not vote for you or your 'main" opponent on Tuesday. Instead I voted for someone who I believe stood for something. But that doesn't matter. What matters now is that you have been re-elected for another four years. Lets make the best of it. Even though I don't agree with you on almost anything, I think we can work it out. First of all, I am a hunter, gun collector, and occasionally participate in small shooting competitions. That being said, I LIKE GUNS. Please leave them alone. Yes that includes the ammunition, and ANYTHING related. I also do not enjoy being taxed, and believe that I am being robbed before I even see my check. I know the government 'needs' more revenue, so I propose that you take a good long look at the Fair Tax. No I do not believe it is a perfect solution, but it should be pretty easy to sell to the general public, especially to those that currently receive a check from the government, because of the 'prebate' system included in the fair tax. So how about we get some of that CHANGE and move FORWARD and fix our broken tax system. The last thing I am going to mention is our country's current foreign policy. I have never served in the military like you Mr. President but unlike you I don't like to get involved with someone else's problems. Please leave Israel and Iran alone to fight it out or make peace. Either way just leave it alone. And while you are at it bring ALL of our troops home from EVERY country. There is no need in being there. If there is a legitimate threat to our safety, our military is more than capable of defending itself. Also how about opening up trade to anyone who wants to do so peaceably. One more thing get US out of the UN!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this short letter Mr. President. If you could assist in the process of doing all of these things plus more like civil liberties and economic freedom etc, I would be able to support you as POTUS.


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Its your RIGHT to own a gun

you don't need to beg the "government" to not mess with your guns. The 2nd amendment was put in place specifically to protect us from a tyranical government. If you give up your guns...history shows time and time again that you will then be killed with the guns that the government keeps.

Do not ask for what is yours. Don't give them up.

i agree. i just would rather

i agree. i just would rather to not have to use them.

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Since I personally am not

Since I personally am not into guns, I do not know much about the gun control laws because it is something I do not follow. I absolutely believe you should have your freedom to your guns, but I am curious, has Obama made gun ownership mush harder? I am asking in earnest, I do not know the answer, I am not saying he hasnt, just curious?

no he really hasn't other

no he really hasn't other than him being elected and people driving up the prices out of fear, but they are su[pposed to 'talk' about the un arms treaty in march i believe

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Thanks for the input. I asked

Thanks for the input. I asked because my Dad is a hunter and he complains about most things any of our presidents do, and I have never heard him complain about that.

President Obama would have a

President Obama would have a very successful second term if he did all these things!

sadly i dont think he will do

sadly i dont think he will do any of these

He signed law to allow guns in National Parks

I hope he won't mess with hunters. That is one of my favorite things to do.