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RNC/GOP establishment - You're all over the mainstream news

Establishment RNC/GOP, you are WEAK.

Just say it: Ron Paul!

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I got 20 people to vote for Ron Paul in CA Primary...

Out of the 20... only 2 of them voted for Romney (my mormon parents) the rest of us wrote in RP, voted but skipped the Pres vote, or just stayed home all together!

"IF" Romney would have given RESPECT to Ron Paul, and at least let him speak at the convention without him having to "submit" his speech, which RP refused to do so... If at least RESPECT was given, I and many friends, lets say 15/20 would of given that respect back with a vote for Romney...

Disrespecting Dr. Paul cost the GOP, and i'm proud we held our ground, not our noses!

The Karl Rove video from Fox

The Karl Rove video from Fox News just goes to show how bush league these guys are.