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Walter Jones for Speaker of the House?

The Grassroots needs to push for Rep. Walter Jones to be the Next Speaker of the House.

Rep. Walter Jones should be the next speaker of the House. I do not want John Boehner or Eric Cantor to be the next Speaker of the House. I do not want a man who will go along to get along with the tyrant and chief in the White House. I do not want a man who will make deals that are not good for the American people with a big Government President. Speaker John Boehner sold out the people when there was opportunities to stop the national debt from growing. He never put up a fight against the President’s policies.

Rep. Walter Jones would be a real no compromise adversary to Obama


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Walter Jones would be man of integrity - he was the one who tried to bring impeachment against Obama for use of military without the consent of Congress. He was a staunch Ron Paul supporter.