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Do we have to pick our 2016 Presidential Candidate soon?

I think we do.

Here's why, first the conservatives/liberals will have their pick of the litter when the time comes. They will bounce from candidate to candidate listen to whatever the mainstream media tells them.

Now there will probably be another economic collapse before then, which is the biggest opportunity for the liberty movement to show our ideas to the very frustrated voters.

And we ourselves can become active in our local and state politics.

However come 2016 there will still be a large number of liberals/conservatives, Democrips/Rebloodicans.

So I think what we need to do is choose a candidate, and start promoting him/her NOW. Start going and meeting groups and talking about how we think the economy won't get any better, and how this is the person we thing will be handle this.

I think we may have one year to choose this person, which will be perfect for vetting who we choose.

Now here's a list we can pick from, feel free to suggest othersL

1. Ron Paul
Pro's- Longest history of fighting for liberty

Con's- He will be 80 years old

2. Sen. Rand Paul
Pro's- Established, but not Establishment
- Most likely to appeal to mainline Republicans
- Of Senate, he's one of (if not) the most liberty-minded

Con's- He endorsed Romney
- Many in our own movement think he betrayed us (I don't think he did)

3. Andrew Napolitano

Pro's- He's popular in the media
- On a scale of liberty-minded/politically established he's ranked high

Con's- He might not run

4. Rep. Justin Amash
Pro's- Most like Ron Paul

Con's- Not very established, not as much name recognitions as Rand

Gary Johnson (again?)
Tom Woods
Ben Swann
Jesse Ventura
Paul LePage
Mike Lee
Alex Jones (?)
Mike Lee
Thomas Massie
Adam Kokesh

Anyone else?

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Focus on the principles, meet new people.

I think we should be networking, as in meeting new people, making new friends, getting emails etcetc...

Instead of a presidential candidate - focus on the principles of liberty, economic future, police state etc etc... don't wait for a leader, they will step up.

Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano in 2016.

I have already decided who gets my vote!

Rand Paul / Ron Paul 2016


Way Way Way Too Early

Let's wait until the candidate THEMSELVES announce a run(Though I encourage Dr. Paul to announce ASAP)

And Focus on Local Elections! Nothing Will be changed by simply winning the Presidential election

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.