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Dismayed and shocked - Nigeria

Recently in the last year or so there has been a surge in the viscious violence vs. Christians in Nigeria.

We very rarely hear about it since the MSM chooses to ignore it.

After reading about some of the crimes, I am in a bit shocked to say the least.

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Art of Mental Warfare

no news item, video, report or link has been presented. pls add, & share with us what are the issues, - or the bones of conflict. There are naughty forces at work instigating conflict in many zones.

At the moment there are more than 20 spots where there is on-going Christian vrs Muslim conflict, half of them in Africa, so Nigeria happens to be one of them.

The Art of Mental Warfare.



Bombing of Churches for example


Merchants of Death.

+1, thanks for posting the BBC report with Obadiah Diji's interview, who lived all his life in Kaduna city, & is youth leader of the Christian Association, gave the BBC an account of how life has changed in the city. .. pls read.

1 - Before mischief, ""Although there were differences, Christians and Muslims lived together. We were in an out of each other's homes. Our children went to the same schools, learning from each other about their respective religions and cultures.""

2 - After mischief, ""I am filled with sadness when I look how sharply divided it has become along religious lines. Muslims live in areas where there is a Muslim majority; Christians where there is a Christian majority. So, the two groups lead separate lives, with little social contact.""

3 - Conclusion - Western civilisation has caused us more harm than good. And today, it is Western government and companies that are the "merchants of death". They - more than anyone else - manufacture and sell the weapons used in conflicts in Nigeria, and elsewhere.

Same thing

happened to Christians under the Bolsheviks.

Guess who financed Bolshevism and owns the media...

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


+1. Rothschilde Banks, clearing the ground for zionism, = anti-Christ.
The Orthodox Church were close allies of the Romanovs, The Czars.


These psycho Moslems are carrying out the dirty work.

Simply saying that 'We were obeying orders' is not going to cut it.

There should be diplomatic pressure put on that country imo until they prove they can stem the violence imo.

Indeed these are crimes against humanity from what I have read.


You are supporting our

You are supporting our government initiating force in a country we have no business in? If you call yourself Libertarian that is hypocrisy of the highest order...that is exactly the situation we are trying to get out of. No...let them deal with it...its not our place.


I don't know if you recall...yet RP specifically mentioned if there are atrocities in other countries attention should be brought to the issue even diplomatic discussions ie. talks, etc.

Who said anything about force?

Perhaps the lives of Christians to some Libertarians are not that significant? There I admit I overreacted in that statement.

What is your freaking problem btw? If I go to a Church I do not expect it to be bombed. >: