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Of the three choice Liberty voters really had on election day, voting for Gary Johnson was the best.

As they are now talking about the landmark landslide loss to Obama that Mitt Romeny had, we can now assess the options that were available to us.

#1. Voting for Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson got more than a MILLION votes - more than any other Libertarian has ever gotten. Thats big. especially when you consider he did it with about $3 million dollars.

Just to put that in perspective, Ron Paul spent a lot more in the primary. And Mitt Romney did a few fund raisers in the way beginning to raise $800 million, after he had gotten the nomination. Imagine what Gary Johnson could have done with $800 million.

#2. Not showing up to vote.

Republicans are amazed that some 12 million people did not show up to vote. Totals were down from 2004 and 2008. Karl Rove even said that Obama won by means of "voter suppression" CONVINCING VOTERS (supposedly) that their votes weren't important.

Karl Rove is full of baloney of course. The real voter suppression was caused by the Republican Party giving us a candidate nobody wanted to rally around. They expected Romney to have a cake walk into the Presidency. But they gave us a candidate so unlikeable and so much like Obama in all the wrong ways, that no one saw any reason to vote.

People were discouraged by the choices they were given, not by anything specific that Obama's campaign did.

This is HUGE because it shows the Republicans that the yelling, screaming, enthusiastic Ron Paul fans did NOT switch to the nominated Republican as they assumed we would (Gingrich predicted early on that 90% of us would vote for Romney) - we STAYED HOME IN DROVES.

Republicans drove us away by disrespecting our candidate and we didn't forget. Nor will we. We stood our ground.

#3. Writing Ron Paul's name in.

Has anybody seen any mention of this on the news? I haven't and I am a news-junky.

It might have made you feel all fuzzy inside - but nobody knows you did it - nobody has an accurate count of who did it, and it makes it look like we are all just Paulbots.

And even worse - because they DID vote, they didn't even show up in the figures of discouraged voters who stayed home.

Of course ALL of the above three were better than voting for either Romney or Obama. Doing that was the worst of all.

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Here's a little comfort for

Here's a little comfort for us guys.

Because turnout was lower than in 2008, down 4 million voters, the party that gained the most in the Presidential race was the Libertarians. Compared to 2008, where Barr got about 450,000 votes, now Johnson got over 1.1 million votes.

Both the Democrats and Republicans went down, but the numbers for all third parties went up. Sure, Johnson didn't qualify for the 5% nationwide but it's a rough start.

I actually have seen 'or wrote in Ron Paul' on the news more

often than mentions of Gary Johnson, but I'm not specifically searching for Johnson, which might vary our data.

You won't see anything on Ron Paul's write in NUMBERS unless we spread it but if they are large we can. They ARE discussing 3 million 'missing' white Republicans (their characterization, due to the way they break things down, not mine). But Ron's write in votes haven't been counted yet because they have to be counted by hand. My thought is we each need to follow up in our counties with a shot across the bow email asking when write in numbers will be available so they know people will be following up and tracking these. I'm doing that, and I hope others are.

My thought is that the numbers we are going to be able to get won't be huge, because most who couldn't vote for a second choice stayed home or left it blank. Even in the states where Ron could be written in and have it counted to his name, people only started circulating and talking that idea up a week before the election. However, if the numbers are large we can get them into the information that should go around when Ron leaves congress. I am assuming there will be retrospective articles at that time and we can trend Ron's name on twitter (there were 9000 tweets per minute on election day and we still got Ron trending and got #writeinRonPaul trending regionally).

BUT with even just GOP voting for him in the primaries, and the primaries (rather than caucuses where fewer people participate) occuring mostly after Ron was declared out of the race numerically, Ron got over 2 million votes. And a bunch of those were bigger than the margin in swing states, and THAT has been noticed. Lou Dobbs and Cavuto discussed it on Fox, as well as more extensive discussion in liberty media, at minimum, and Ron Paul supporters are being blamed by factions as well. Neocons are trying to minimize that because they and liberals are trying to spin Romney's loss as campaigning too far RIGHT, but it is out there, and being discussed.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


Everytime the media said "or wrote in Ron Paul", it was preceded by "Voted for Gary Johnson Libertarian".

Obviously something preceded your "or" claim, as an alternative. And if it wasn't "voted for Gary Johnson", then what was it?

Not voting POTUS was the best choice.

About a third of US voted for the Incumbent. 45% voted Nobody for President by not voting.

Free includes debt-free!

That is a valid position but I think you have to at least vote

for dogcatcher or something and turn in the paper. Nearly half the eligible voters don't vote yet that has NEVER been spun as protest, but as not being able to tear ourselves away from American Idol.

Your vote is your own, but I think you could make a louder statement if you found SOMETHING to vote on in self defense (maybe against a tax?) in order to get the paper in and the undervote noted. But that is just my two cents.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Not showing up at the polls is defintiely being spun as being

with no feeling of any real choice.

They have noticed that people didn't show up and they are not blaming it on laziness. Its being blamed on discouragement.

Jetguy, I disagree

I understand your position and respect your thinking, but you must understand that deep thought, passion, and diligence went into every written in vote for Ron Paul.

You may want to read my article "Election 2012: Why I had to write in Ron Paul" But the article may not be as powerful as the comments under it. Google it, read it, but more importantly check out all the people who signed up for an Allvoices account just to write a comment about their deep reasons for their individual choice to write in Ron Paul or vote otherwise.

I will not use voter calculations or stats to make my decision. I will vote only for the BEST man or woman for president, the one who would do the best job. The one most qualified.

Respectfully, Stephanie Ealy

Stephanie: Votes are things meant to be counted. They are meant

to be tallied. They are meant to show OTHERS how you feel on a topic. Thats the whole point.

They aren't meant to tell YOU how you feel. You already KNOW how you feel.

And any vote that is going to, in essense, go into a shreader before anybody else knows what it was is pointless.

You might as well have written Ron Paul on the bottom of your shoe and felt happy about it all day. With a spring in your step.

Kathleen G.'s picture

It does gall me...

...that in Ohio, write-in votes for SOCIALISTS will be tallied and write-ins for Ron Paul won't. I wish Ron Paul voters had all united behind the Libertarian candidate, but asking all liberty voters to do the same thing is like herding cats. If we were that easily led, we'd be Democrats.

To add something very important to this

Ron Paul had been touring campuses, towns, stadiums and spreading his message for a very long time and building a liberty base. Gary Johnson's job was mostly done for him because both are part of the grander liberty movement which was expanded by Paul, LvMI, LRC and ground-level activists for Paul. To say Paul's effort was then less effective than Gary Johnson's because Johnson got votes in the general election is facetious because it doesn't factor those already a part of the liberty movement prior to Johnson's exposure. To say he has exposed the message of liberty better than Paul is disingenuous and untrue, it's more like he just filled the void of an official liberty ticket.

However having spent money on ads for libertarian causes, being a long-time libertarian himself, and having his own rallies at universities obviously factors, so credit where it's due to the Governor. But most of the million votes were probably hold-overs from Paul and his GOP/Media/groundlevel exposure.

I would NEVER say that Ron Paul was less effective than Gary


Don't try to put words in my mouth.

Ron Paul is the Superstar, Hall of Fame, All American quarterback.
Gary Johnson is just the jock strap carrier.

Of COURSE Gary Johnson just filled the void for those looking for a Liberty candidate.

But the simple fact is Gary Johnson was the nominated candidate of a political party in this race and Ron Paul wasn't. Therefore a vote for Ron Paul was ineffective and wasted. NOT because of the quality of the man - but because ONE of those men was a candidate and the other wasn't.

Geez Give The Man A Little Credit

"jock strap carrier" - come on. GJ is a pretty darn good candidate. We should be grateful that he's out there. Even though we know he's not perfect, he's LIGHT YEARS better than Obamney.

The jock strap carrier in this case is light years ahead of

Obamney of course.

But Gary Johnson is nothing compared to Ron Paul,

I voted for him for Pete's sake. And I am saying that was the best move.