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Founding fathers were Masons, not Illuminati...
Jack, you seem to like being a 'social climber'. Keep pandering to those elites, okay?
The founding fathers were Masons BEFORE the Masons were 'Illuminated' so please keep that straight.
George Washington, for example, wrote about his concerns on how the Masons were being infiltrated. (Look it up, if you don't believe me.)

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Can You provide a link To the George Washington quote about infiltration in the 1st liberty movement? It certainly help in correlating that movement with our current one.


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Is this it?

Found it here.

The Library of Congress is down until Tuesday.

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Thanks father_abraham85

Thanks, you answered that quicker than I could notice that the question was posted. ;)

Ha ha yeah I couldn't wait...

I went to the Library of Congress today and found this.

Page One (Start at the Bottom)

Page Two:

Be a sport and add it to the the post.

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