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Is mandated GMO labeling constitutional at the federal level?

Do you believe that it is constitutional for the federal government to mandate GMO labeling?

If your answer is "Yes" then please cite the specific section of the US Constitution that you believe gives the federal government such authority.


The reason I am asking this is because it seems there is some confusion in the other discussions about why many DPers oppose GMO labeling at the federal level.

I support mandated GMO labeling at the State level as long as the States involved are authorized under their own State constitutions. However, I do not support mandated GMO labeling at the federal level because I believe in our Constitution and, as far as I can tell, it does not give this sort of authority to the federal government.

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all GMO should be ILLEGAL

all GMO should be ILLEGAL

State or the people.

State or the people. Preferably the people, which is not the same as the state, as some people around here seems to think.

Strictly a state issue

Anyone that ties it to Federal is spinning.

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