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Key Players in Benghazi-gate Submit Resignations to Obama

Concerning Benghazi-gate, as US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was working for the CIA gathering intelligence for the agency on Islamic militias being utilized by the defacto-government in Libya, the National Transitional Council (NTC). In fact, those who killed Stevens were Salafi extremists working with Ansar al-Sharia (or Partisans of Sharia) who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

More replacements are in the works as those currently holding a seat in the Obama administration are leaving:

• Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense
• Steven Chu, Energy Secretary
• Ken Salazar, US Interior Secretary
• Lisa Jackson, administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The US Department of Commerce may see a new Secretary with hopefuls Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative or Fred Hochberg, president of Export-Import Bank.

The second-term of Obama’s reign over our Constitutional Republic appears to be clearing out old problems and scapegoats for a new cast of characters and a new set of Zionist agendas that will ultimately result in the continued destruction of our sovereignty as our Commander-in-Communism marches us all toward Global Governance.


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