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Where does the GOP go from here?

Not everyone in the GOP is bad. They just don't get it. But I am sensing a real "ah ha" moment among some of these people. We must take advantage of this moment and work extra hard at spreading our message.

This morning, I emailed this to a committeeman of my local GOP. He than forwarded my email to others saying "she gets it!". But in all actuality...i think this was his "ah ha" moment. He "got" it.

Here is my email.

I would like to add that most people that I know who voted for Obama this time around voted against the "boogyman". They view the republicans to stand for the wealthy. We need to fix that image...not by giving up our core principles but rather revamp our message. As republicans, our core beliefs are truly about Liberty. Everything we stand for can and should be in the message of liberty.

Look at Congressman Ron Paul's message. Although he has retired you will still be hearing from him. In fact, you will probably be seeing more of him...giving lectures and speeches...mostly on the college campuses. His message is so simple and unlike any other you've heard. His message of liberty spread like it was going out of style! And his grassroots supporters did most of the work. Have you ever googled Ron Paul or looked him up on YouTube? Its crazy! Its as if he were a rock star or a Saint. This 76 year old man made conservatism look cool!

He also collected more donations from regular people like you and I than any other candidate. His campaign came up with the term "money bomb" and actually got people excited to donate $5, $10, $20 or what ever they could! I have to admit...I personally gave up a couple pair of new shoes just so I could donate! I felt proud! I felt like I was donating to a cause...like donating for a cure for cancer.

His message of liberty reached out to the youthful vote and independents across the board. He pulled supporters from both ends of the political spectrum. He got his supporters engaged and involved. How did he do it? Well, he had a message. And It is not a republican vs. democrat thing. He spoke of truth...as ugly as it may have seemed at times. But the people listened. His message was about Liberty.

We cannot keep our focus on how to beat the democrats. Reality is, the republicans have many flaws! And some of that was witnessed right here in our own little county BPOU convention.

The republicans need to start acting like republicans. Stop focusing on the democrats and start focusing on our own. How can we fix our own party and make it better? What is our message?

And how can we reach out to new voters? Did you know there there were fewer voters this year than there were in 2004 and 2008. Romney received fewer votes than McCain. Now that's what I call apathy! This year a ham sandwich could have ran away with the election! Time to seriously rethink what we're doing!

I think if we want to start winning elections we all should take a lesson from Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul. Embrace Liberty. Inspire. Motivate.

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I like your email. I think we all need to print something

similar up and hand them out at our own county GOP meetings. I am a new precinct delegate and I do not even know who to vote for at the county
meetings because I have no way of knowing who is for liberty and who is not. I have attended two meetings and they all look like establishment types and are 60 plus. There have been no meaningful discussions yet even after Romney has lost. How do we wake the establishment up?


Just talk to them. They are

Just talk to them. They are only people. I was a delegate to my county convention and was shouted at and forced to show my ID (long story). I warned them that they were going to see 4 more years of Obama but they didn't want to hear me. After the convention, I was contacted by several people and congratulated. I've made friends within the party. I email them articles and opinions. Only now I think it has really hit them. This election was devastating. They need fresh and new ideas. Speak up and give them your ideas! Let them know that your intentions are truly to help the party and rescue them from their demise.

Years ago, there were two political parties, Democrat (lower east coast) and Whig (northeastern USA)
The whigs were soon seen as the rich class vs everyone else. When the west was populated, the Democrat went west and elected Andy Jackson in very late 20's.
The result was the end of the Whig Party which failed to adapt and change. Later, a new Party emerged in the late 50's, the Republican (seen as a true Reform Party).

Well I think that the GOP

is in for a very rough ride for a few election cycles. The GOP leadership will begin a propaganda campaign to convince it's members that the Tea Party people....the "extremists" cost them the election and they must be run out of the party. That is where the battle lines will be drawn. The battle will go on for a few election cycles until either one of the two factions are driven out of the party. Buckle up and hold on, it is going to be a rough ride.

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they are not done yet...

we stuck their asses in the coffin but we have yet to nail it shut!

get rid of boner and graham, for a start, and a few others

then, we can begin to rebuild the gop

else, we'll destroy the dems the same way...they are tired of wars, too and terror...they just haven't focused on it yet

thats our job to continue to educate them

my friends, the dems, are oblivious to the wars and the drones (i know, its unbelievable) but we can wake them up, too..and they will yell at their own leaders to get on board!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Yes. The Liberty movement is

Yes. The Liberty movement is not a red or blue issue. It is a we the people issue. But we use the GOP as a vehicle because it is the easiest one to use. I'm going to try to inspire my locals to join our movement...without them knowing even knowing it.

Well you should have thought about that

Before you Destroyed it.

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i don't think so, chimp master...

and i say that, lovingly, and with respect as i loved the old lancealotlink show!

we had to destroy it! it had a putrid fungus growing deep into the roots of it

now, we'll move forward!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I don't think a lot of the

I don't think a lot of the people in the local GOP are the problem. But now that they lost another election perhaps they re willing to listen now. That was my point of this post. I sent an email and my email has been past around to the others in the party. They are vulnerable and are reaching out to us...maybe.



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