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The Perfect Bowl of Ramen Noodles!

I just made the perfect bowl of Ramen Noodles! I made two packages of Chicken, I cracked three eggs in it, sprinkled a little crushed red pepper and pepper, added about 2 tablespoons of butter and the equivalent of 4 slices of cheese of chedder for the perfect bowl of Ramen Noodles! I would love to hear your Ramen Noodle story, please share.

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Processed foods need to be

Processed foods need to be investigated further for health implications. What we ARE 100% sure of is that packaged ramen noodles are loaded with sodium and a diet high in salt leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, and even stroke later in life. It will also bloat you up like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

As much as I love Ramen noodles,

they are bad for you. :( I know you love Ramen Noodles, but did you know that one pack of ramen has 830mg of salt? Well that's incorrect even though it says it on the package. The American Heart Association recommends a consumption of no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day. Ramen noodles contain more than this amount when the full package is consumed.
One way to lower the sodium is to lower the amount of flavoring you put into the noodles. Also, it's better to add vegetables or eggs in it.
Also, make sure to drink a lot of water so it drains all of that sodium out of your body. Having too much sodium in your body and not enough water can cause excretory system problems and that means you won't be able to pee anymore, and that can mess up your body due to all the waste build up in there. So, don't eat too much ramen. Try eating ramen as little as possible.

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You haven't had ramen until

You haven't had ramen until you've made your own noodles.

1c flour, salt, and add enough water to make a dry dough. Then cut the noodles with a pizza cutter and boil.


going to try that :D

I have a family member who is passionate about . . .

ramen, eats it all the time--

after eating the 'regular' food with the family--


I never could get into ramen; I preferred the soba at the train stations in Japan--

Like a good bowl of soba--

or the homemade 'men' (ramen is only one kind of 'men')--at a corner shokudo--

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I forgot to point out

That these are "Made in the USA"!

Don't know why they don't put that on their packages!

Buy "Made in the USA" - support American companies, not foreign companies!

Stir fry ramen is my favorite

A friend of mine that lived in korea introduced me to the way you described above and I've been doing it that way ever since. I love how the egg just cooks with the noodles and the cheese. So good.

My other favorite way of making ramen is stir fry. You boil the noodles for just a minute or so. I like them a little crunchy. Then in a wok or frying pan with your favorite teriyaki sauce, I like Mr. Yoshida's, throw in some onions, peppers, a little garlic, a very small amount of ginger if you have it (it goes a long way) some cayenne pepper, sriracha (rooster suace) and some brown sugar. Saute it for a little then throw the noodles in and stir fry it all together until it carmelizes into tasty goodness. mmmmm. I like to put it over rice too and add either chicken or beef to it.

If on the cheap skip most of that, just boil the noodles a little, drain the water, add a little oil and dump the flavoring and noodles in and stir fry that.

I have to admit that

I have never tried the eggs. I'll have to try it tomorrow!
I usually put in garlic powder, onion powder and sometimes some black pepper, and very infrequently a slice of cheese (torn up). I usually use beef Ramen Noodles (which I call Roman Numerals).

You have read the package, haven't you? Each package is supposed to be two servings! And I have to be careful because of my high blood pressure, since the spice pack has a load of salt (hence the garlic and onion powder instead of garlic/onion salt).

cracked three eggs in it

why didn't i think of that?

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You did pretty much exactly...

...the same thing I've done with them for the last 35 years. (Among other similar variations, that is.)

I started eating them

in the Army when I was in Korea after a long drunk night in the Ville, we used to end the night eating Ramen noodles. We used to eat dried squid while drinking formaldehyde beer!

I use the creamy chicken Ramen

First, I boil a piece of chicken...like a wing in the water. This flavors it the best. If I'm living high on the hog, I put in a chicken thigh. If times are lean--no meat, or maybe a little bit of bacon grease-about a teaspoon or two- if I have any. I buy the frozen bags of broccoli stir fry or Asian stir fry veggies, or just frozen broccoli if that's all I have and add that, plus red pepper flakes, garlic, or garlic powder, a little poultry seasoning...I experiment with herbs & spices. Celery top leaves or celery seed sometimes or green bell pepper if I have some.

My comment to the OP...

...also applies to the variations described by the lovely laurenorourke ;-)

For me, the "key ingredient" is always the crushed Red Pepper. (Southwestern taste buds, first thing dad fed me upon growing a couple of teeth was enchiladas.)

Top Ramen

The one survival food that lasts forever, plus millions of college students have shown it is possible to live off the stuff.

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I dont think so