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Is Paul really facing stiff competition in Texas? Are there any recent polls from Paul's Congressional race (TX 14th)?

I dont think Paul will loose his congressional primary race, but I would like to see some recent Polls that show how he is doing. According to politico.com ( http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0108/7917.html ) he may face stiff competition from Chris Peden, who it seems cant raise money. The article claims that many of Pauls supporters never realized his stances before his Presidential campaign and may not support him, I find this really hard to believe.

So Im really interested to see some polling done. The election I believe is coming up in March.

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I was in Houston today and

I was in Houston today and heard his re-election ad on radio. But none of the talk radio shows even mentioned him all day. There was alot of idiot Romney supporters. They said he was best for the economy, because he ran a business. Hell, I ran a taco stand, but that doesn't qualify me to run the economy or the country. Amazing how ignorant my fellow Texans are. Maybe they were just visiting from some other state.

70% Favorable rating

is what Ron Paul also has in his district, my question is who will run for Dr. Pauls seat when he win's the Presidency?

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

70% anywhere is pretty good

If he's got 70% then that's really good. Especially in this day in age when theres a liberal wacko Democrat under every rock, and a neo con behind every Bush... Sorry I had too!

70% is in the article

that was posted on Politico.

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

good to here

good to hear

Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

sigh i told u so

When I say that the HQ has moles in it, I was merely stating the obvious. look at ruby ridge incident, waco and others, there are agents awarming everywhere.

When I say that unless RP do something about the obvious voting fraud in New Hampshire, the campaign that we are working on WITHIN THE SYSTEM will result in us losing momentum and losing the race to become Republican Presidential candidate.

I was worried that the end will result in the campaign going undersground which ultimately will radicalised everything.

Sad to say, a few RP supporters are too naive here. Some accused me of being a PLANT to split the RP supporters here. That hurt me a little i guess, I am not very emotional but that does hurt. I've been aware of the NWO for many years now, and that really is low for anyone to accuse me of being so.

Some accused me of having comedic views and laugh at me. Well, I guess RP was laughed at and ridiculed for 30 years, so well, I accept it.

So who is laughing now? We have lost. Now some will accuse me of being a whiner. But the fact of the matter is I am RIGHT IN EVERY COMMENT I POSTED. LAUGH IT UP, FUNNY MEN.

All I am speaking is the truth. Now I am saying that America has ended. Laugh again, go ahead I don't mind. It is over for us. We will implode and die. Our economy and US dollar will crash.

I guess God won't send America a messiah after all. I guess our sins are too much, we kill babies in Vietnam and now Iraq, Afghanistan for goodness sake. And with the majority of American people blessings too.

GO AHEAD AND LAUGH AND RIDICULE ME, You guys knows little and most have just cured your apathy. 9/11 is the new reichstag fire. Better believe it. America is dead. The bankers will move to the new United States of EU. Goodbye Folks, Enjoy while you can.


Do we need to shed the love in the revolution? We have been screwed big time in New Hampshire.

No competition at all...

None viable, at all. 60-70% approval rating in RP district for him.

I live in the 14th and

This is freaking funny!!! Hell no! Dr. Paul is da man.

The Galveston County GOP spewing propaganda again? A guy named Mark Reif running the GOP down here has been spewing all kinds of hate and trash. I've had to put him in his place a few times on the Galveston County GOP web group.

The other guy is Eric Dondero / the founder of the RLC and former Paul aid who was fired. He is a wife beater and admitedly has many overseas girlfriends. A real class act.

This is a freaking JOKE!!