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Planned Obsolescence: A Very Important, Yet Underdiscussed Topic

I had to change my light bulb the other day and thought if the free market was allowed to operate then my light bulb would last longer than me and I wouldnt have to do this. This goes way beyond light bulbs. This extends to things like computers and your clothes. A couple of videos on the topic:

The Light Bulb Conspiracy:


A little commentary:


If I remember correctly, hemp is much more durable than cotton. This might be a reason why corporations have a vested interest in outlawing hemp.

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There are products and

There are products and clothes you can buy that are made of hemp. There are quality shoes and cars. They are out there, but you have to search for them and you will have to pay a bit more. In some cases, you will have to search and buy older stuff. Its a game and the market will eventually have to cater to your needs.

We cant have people buy

We cant have people buy something and never come back to buy another one within a year or two. Well put ourselves out of business.

So what?

Maybe you made enough money in your first 10 years to retire. Why do you need to continue to make more? Just walk away and let it die. Maybe those resources would be better utilized doing something else rather than just getting wasted making you richer. Maybe the world doesn't exist just so people can accumulate wealth that they'll probably never use anyway.

It was a joke ;)

It was a joke ;)

Oh, my bad

It's so hard dealing with so many different types online. Just can't tell what people are really meaning unless they put the punch line killer "j/k" or "/s" after it.


I love fixing things~

use it up, make it last, make it do or do without

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Hemp Traders

I'm into hemp..

I went to my first H.E.M.P. rally in 1993 at the West Federal Building in Los Angeles.

I had just finished a two year project picking up beach trash everyday.

It all began when I was surfing. I like big waves. I lived half a block from a bitchin' beach break, El Porto.. repaired boards in my garage.

Waves are not always big. When it's flat, I would grab a body board and fins, and swim against the currant to keep myself in shape.

One day I was cruisin along when I saw a dorsal fin coming at me, and I thought, "Oh oh!. I looked to the shore and prayed, "God get me there.".. My body was frozen in fear, cramped. The dorsal fin came closer and I began to cry because I could not move. Well it breached, flew up in the air with a twist and slpashed back down rocking and splashing me. I was saying to myself, "Please God, please help me move." But I couldn't. And then the dorsal fin came back. headed right for me. The visability of the water was about 6" deep. It was dark brown crap. I didn't care really, I just loved surfing (more than Ron Paul, even.. I just knew I was going to die surfing because well... that's what I lived to do).

So this dorsal fin is coming back at me and it's a huge porpoise and she came up to me (I used to surf with them, I think they like women) and she looked me in the eye.. and then I saw her 24"-26" pup, silver iiedscent with it's eyes closed, hugging it's mommy's tummy. She had just given birth in this filthy water, and it made me cry. Tore me up.. maybe some of it from being bound in fear.

When I made it back to the beach I promised to clean the beach everyday.

Well, cleaning the beach led to me finding things, like a syringes. I thought, "Where are all the junkies and why are they leaving these here?" I learned, the syringes were wind blown from hyperion water treatment.. I also found medical waste, from illegal operations, and I found items that were marked, USN, Princess Cruise Line, to name two, I found tar balls.. and Chevron was just North, so that lead me to investigating every shoreline operation from Los Angeles Airport to Chevron. I met many police officers, became neighborhood watch block captain, knew the fire department, Coast Guard and of course the Lifegurds.. and to make a long story short, I even got a lunch with Senator Barbara Boxer when I filed a complain against all these facitilies, provided my evidense to the Southern Regional Water Quality Control Board.

You should have seen the sharks in their gray suits.. lawyers galore. I made my case about the water being polluted and I won, $125K in plaques that read "Leads to Ocean" to put on storm drains in Manhattan Beach CA.

When I got my reward, the Cheveron Super Tanker came into the Santa Monica Bay for the first time, I guess to get in the photo?

I felt so defeated.

I had to ask, What is the solution?

To top it off, I got a major sinus infection, and the doctor removed areas of my sinus that beached me. I could no longer surf. I became the bummer of the beach.. at least to me.. I was so miseable.

To keep myself in shape I would go twirl/spin at Grateful Dead tribute bands. That became my trip. And I was still doing things like surfrider foundation.. I had art going too.. I was decorating surfboard shops windows with murals decorated with surfer trash.. stuff they left behind. And I was in magazines, and I was busy..

Anyways.. one night while the band is having a break this really nice guy, he's trying to "pick me up", and so I'm telling him about my work as a conservationist (I am not an environmentalist) he tells me I should go check out Jack Herer at the West Federal Building, H.E.M.P. rally.. (H= Help, E= End, M=Marijuana, P= Prohibition).

So I went, and there had to be 24 booths all about industrail hemp, and there were flavored roasted hemp seeds, hemp seed falafel, Hemp seed pancakes, cookies.. and braclets and cloth.. and it was pretty basic. My friend pointed out Jeack Herer, so I walked over to him and said, "Hi! I see all these booths have your book and so I was wondering which one I should support. Jack says, "Don't support any of them, buy the book and start your own thing." LOL He signed my book and asked me to join him. Which I did. I sold many copies of "The Emporer Wears No Clothes" at college campuses.

I've been wearing, eating ..Oh, I have four medals from ther American Culinary Federation in Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine" because I used hemp.. hemp nut is my favorite.. One master chef claimed my food Hempastaella was the best vegan food he ever had.. If you are vegan, you might want to consider adding hemp for the amino acids. Chia seeds are good too.. anyways.

Hemp Traders is in LA and his materials come in everything from hemp silks to industrial stength. The wonderful thing about hempen fabric is it gets softer as you use it.. modern technolgy has greatly improved milling.

I don't know about it being a fuel.. I understand it makes great fuel and plastic.. matter of fact, I thought hemp would be a great crop to restore old but good mills bring industry abck to States. And it's a wonderful paper.. anything cotton can do, but you don't need pesticides and round up..

The problem with hemp is medical marijuana, a black market industry that is just as against hemp as red market (pharmeceutical, tobacco, spirits, prison labor, and law and order)

I sometimes think we don't grow it because then Mexico would grow it.. and could we handle that competiton? What would happen if Mexico went pro-cannabis for their sovreinity?

It's like it's OK if Canada grows it, but Marijuana is not an English word.. the fact it's used in courts has always bothered me.. it's slang word.. no place for it in our courts.. it's a Mexican word, name.

Grangerrr! I love reading

Grangerrr! I love reading your stories, Grange'!! You got to write a book about freedom one of these days. I'd buy it! Keep on writing, Grange'! You write well!

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.


Thank you.. I would like to write a book and include some recipes. One reason I started writing on this blog was I sat down to the computer to write my book.. but my dyslexia bites me.. I had to tell myself.. just wtrite anyways.. good folks will get over it.. (trust me.. there are a lot of good folks here, because my writing is so so aweful sad.. it makes me cry reading my own posts.

Well, maybe when I retire from this committee, rEVOltuion, I'd like to write a book about my experiences and include my favorite recipes from those times and places.

I need a good editor to say the least of what I need LOL.

Again, I'm happy to know you liked reading my little autobiography. Thank you for letting me know that.

My favorite Lemonade

2 Tablespoons organic fresh squeezed lemons
2 Tablespoons Grade B, non formaldahyde Maple Syrup
6 Oz Soda Water

per cup

If you need an editor, let me

If you need an editor, let me know. I wrote and edited for my high school and college newspapers and studied journalism in college. I interned at a bilingual newspaper in my senior year of college, where I wrote and edited. Lastly, I wrote for a small town newspaper after I graduated college, but I left it because no longer could I deal with my declining health whose cause I learned was dentistry, most of which was the dentistry in May 2001. By itself, that dental work caused tremendous problems, but the dental work before it compounded it. My first dental work was when I was about eight years old receiving a filling.

Dentistry has affected me egregiously for eight and a half years, starting just one and a half years after I graduated college. Technically, however, the dentistry in May 2001 began harming me immediately after its implantation. A problem I had before that dentistry work is what you suffer from, dyslexia. The 5/01 dentistry exacerbated it. I'd say it's worse now than before that dental work, but for a comparison about my dyslexia between now and, oh, four years ago, it's better, meaning it's not as bad, it's reduced.

Overall, my health has improved in the last three years, but there is one problem that has been unshakable. It's been my main problem. Once its improvement reaches a certain point, my other problems, peripheral problems, will vanish. Finally -- after not fewer than eight and a half years -- then will I return to myself and my life. I am exceptionally far behind in my life, but I'm certain I will regain my health and live a long life because of what I've learned about health.

Why I say I'm certain is because of a procedure, one I mentioned in passing on the DP once. If I undergo that procedure, my health will return, normal vision and cognition restored too. I've had that procedure, but its amount and its frequency must be more than it has been. At some point the procedure will benefit my body enough so that my body can take over the healing process. As soon as I find someone to perform this procedure with the aforementioned increases is when I make the large stride to improve my health with its restoration soon afterward. Depending on how our country is, I might write a book about my experience.

Granger, it's good talking with you. Thank you for your recipe. I'll try it some time after I get my health back. As for your posts, Grange', you needn't feel bad about them. You write well. But if you feel bad about their legibility no matter what, just think of writing here or elsewhere as not slowing what ails you, dyslexia, but turning it around, reducing it and overcoming it. Applying that perspective can be difficult, I understand and I know. But what I've read from you, you can do it. You, Granger, are tough, persistent, determined and smart.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

I had hemp sneakers once and

I had hemp sneakers once and they wore out fairly quick.

The hemp conspiracy is sort of bizarro

it seems like hemp's biggest claim to fame is in that it's related to MJ, and people want to smoke MJ but can't.

Planned obsolescence is A-OK. But when you used to have it with autos it was because federal law conspired with union auto workers to institutionalize Detroit. The immense pressure of foreign autos overthrew that regime, and I suspect this is only due to a trend towards globalization that would be the precursor to today's fast track to NWO.

I'd say if something is designed to break down early, look and see if the government is interfering in the market. In the 20's and 30's they build consumer goods that lasted forever.

I had an old professor once with an 80 year old room fan and it worked fine because it was designed to be good quality. Plus this sort of economy employs appliance repair guys: yeah, good luck for them competing with black friday sales nowadays.

This is worth watching if

This is worth watching if you've got an hour of free time. Interesting documentary. I knew this was an issue on the fringes of my mind, but this video helped me place it in context better.

Actually, when I was back in

Actually, when I was back in grade school, I remember something like this subject being brought up. To summarize: way back when, quality on manufactured goods kept rising and soon, you had things lastng for an extremely long time. Companies cut back on the quality so they could sell more, meaning the difference of something lasting only a couple years as opposed to a decade.
At least thats what was talked about and it still makes sense. Why bother using extremely high quality materials to produce things that last for a very long time when you can use acceptable materials and produce something that is acceptable to most people.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Today's engineering students are taught not to "over engineer"

And they actually think "over engineered" things are a problem. They think as engineers, they are supposed to "keep the economy going" more than ENGINEER WELL.
I am SICK of the monopoly that has been created with faux education and degrees. Today's colleges turn out idiots, capable of no logic, only recitation of doctrine. They have a nice piece of paper on the wall that reassures them they are the EXPERT so they need not listen to anyone who presents them with information they do not already believe.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I am an engineering student

Yeah I second what the other guy said you are wrong. All engineering are built in with a factor of safety that far exceeds the level at which it would fail so if you expect a steel beam to fail from a force of lets say the weight of 20 people you design it to have a thickness and crosssectional area to be able to withstand the weight of a 100 people just for safe measure. This is a trivial example but you get the point.

Now engineers always have to balance things out like COSTS you dont want to add extra unneeded material or use materials that are too costly like have a cell phone with nothing but gold as your wires which is the best conductor. You have to weigh different benefits and properties.

And the guy above me is right if the business choses to cut costs in certain ways that is their choice and the business will either benefit or face a customer backlash.

In the real world engineers

In the real world engineers work withing tolerances much closer to failures that what you are suggesting. Also, the over engineering of older items was due to instability of other things. If we are talking about an electrical appliance, then we can see that the electrical distribution system wasn't as constant with the supplied voltage -so, the electrical appliance would have a greater tolerance for spikes of voltage or the lack thereof. Modern electrical appliances only operate within a very small voltage window. Also, as things moved to micro-electronics the ability for such components to handle greater voltages or current was significantly reduced.

Speaking of electrical things; I would like ot correct you: Silver is the best conductor, followed by Gold, then Copper, and then Aluminium; which is why electrial wires for power distribution are aluminium and micro electronics are moving to silver.

On the engineering side, we have plenty of flaws in the engineering logic. Look at homes. They are built to last between 30 and 50 years; this is even the expensive homes. Jerry Seinfeld -in th elate 1990's- bought Billy Joel's house in the Hamptons. The house was only 19 years old, it cost Jerry $34million, and shortly after he bought it, the entire house had to be torn down. The builders used improper materials and practices leaving mold to grow within the walls. This was going on while Bill Joel owned the house. However, When Jerry bought it, the house couldn't be saved; the mold had taken over the inside of the walls.

Also, if an area isn't particularly know for getting hurricanse, tornados, or earthquakes, then the house will not be built to those standards; because engineers rely off working within minimum required standards. If you look to the New Madrid faultline, you will see that nearly everybody will die the next time, there is an earthquake there. The houses and buildings are not made to withstand the forces of an earthquake, because the engineers believed the likely-hood of an earthquake happening while the structure was still standing was very low. However, if one looks to the last time there was an earthquake there on the New Maderid faultline we can clearly see that -while there was massive cassualties- many structures withstood it and now it appears that it will be a nearly cataclysmic event -wiping out almost everybody and almost -if not- all structures.

Engineers play the odds. People who build things for themselves usually build things to last, so they don't have to build them again and again and again. When the designers and engineers went from being people of the particular industry to just people with a degree -we see that useful functionallity and longevity or quality were removed; how can a person who never worked in a particular industry design and build something -useful and of quality- for that particular industry, which they have never worked in?

Well I have no clue where you

Well I have no clue where you got this idea from, but I can assure you that my experience getting an engineering degree was in no way as you describe. I think you might be confusing the idea of keeping things simple with the real ideas behind over-engineering. I can say for a fact that many things are over engineered on purpose and are not thought of as a problem.(up until frivolousness anyway; such as do you really need 8 backups when 4 would be fine?)
Second, my experience with engineering students, or techincal areas in general is that many are smarter than other areas. Funny fact is that at my college, the engineering students typically out performed literature students at writing tests. Another interesting fact: during the primary, many donations to Ron Paul in my area came from people in tech fields while those to Rmoney came from CEOs and used car salesmen.

I do happen to agree with that other part that college quality has gone down and many people end up with useless degrees.

Finally, I think you have kinda missed the point of what I said. This didnt have anything to do with engineering decisions and everything to do with financial decisions. Engineers may design stuff, but I can tell you that alot of the beginning design ends up being guidelines and can get changed as things are happening. The company bosses for these major companies were business people and they were making a consious business decision to limit quality so they could make more money. This had nothing to do with engineers being bad at their jobs.(its like someone could tell you that you need to make something out of metal to make it last 10 years but they make it out of plastic so it only lasts 1 year; this isnt the fault of the engineer)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

College quality has gone down, except in your field.

There is a phenomenon I call "the professional blind spot." I know what he said to me, and I know how oblivious he was to how retarded he sounded saying it. He is "the professional" so his opinion is "the learned one."
I thought modern medicine was the best thing on the planet, and I had to accept that it is about making money - and in "healthcare" they way to make money is to make life long addicts to your Rx - and kick in a few side effects that you have a pill for just for good measure. Most health care professionals cannot understand how or why I could say such a thing. Well.... because I finally looked at my "blind spot."
Your point about it being engineered one way and constructed another is well taken, but I assure you this engineer was taught that "over engineering" is a bad thing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I didnt say anything about it

I didnt say anything about it only going down outside my field. Perhaps I should have been more clear. Yes, it has gone down overall, but if it has in engineering, its not nearly as much as anywhere else.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


here we come

Idea = Light-Bulb.

+1. Removed Darkness, = Exposed Secret. The Disclose.Tv video says = Truth Revealed. In the video it says = ""Officially, the Phoebus (bulb cartel) never existed. Although its tracks have always been there."" This relates to much more.

This is a small sample, similar cartels exist in other sectors, e.g. cigarettes, pharma, MSN, MIC, Law, Banks, Edu., govt., police, UN, IMF, BIS, etc., - the list is very long, include religion.

Recall Eisenhower & JF-Kennedy speeches, they did not mention name of cartel-s or secret societies, (e.g. Skull & Bones, Rosicrusians, Free-Masons), but talked about their existence, whose members have crept into all sectors of societies.. Talk about the umbrella organization that is above them all = it is global zionism

bump for some light on a very important topic

My grandmother bought a refrigerator and it outlived her. I've owned probably a dozen already.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Dad bought a used chest freezer in 1953.

He replaced it in 2010. He uses the same Skilsaw he bought around the same time to build the family home, and my sister's and brother's homes and...

Free includes debt-free!

Hope he doesn't plan

on the new freezer lasting 60 years. :)

see Rennaissance 2.0 video series

by Damon Vrabel. It's been posted on various video sites, but keeps vanishing. No surprise.

He covers this issue thoroughly in the larger context of global monetary systems.

see also: "Debunking Money", by Damon Vrabel

Damon on U$ury.

+1, thanks for referring to Damon Vrabel's videos, I saw them two years back. Here is an article written by him - worth reading =

The Coming Crash: Usury and the Irrelevant Church =
The Real Cause of the Economic Catastrophe Facing the World.

Please, let us stop this usury! = Nehemiah 5:10

[[Damon says = Recently, an older church leader told me, “Keep it up, this needs to be addressed, but you have more guts than me, I don’t want to be killed.” Sobering comment, to be sure, ]]

Thank you for posting this, very valuable information!

This information needs to be talked about more, it seems there is a media blackout on this. People need to know the products they buy are designed to fail and that they are not just cheap. I remember my parents talking about the products made "before the war" (WWII), hand tools, kitchen stuff, garden tools, appliances, etc. they all lasted a long time, if not a life time. My sister still has a toaster circa 1930s at her cottage, while the toasters in her home have been replaced a dozen or more times.

I wonder if there isn't a place for a free market solution, something similar to a consumers reports, JD Powers, or UL that could evaluate products based on their obsolesce factor? If the consumer was aware of the built in failure factor in the products they buy, there would be a greater demand for lasting products even though the quality products may cost a little more. The savings over a life time of purchases would be huge.

Like a lot of issues, it is

Like a lot of issues, it is about awareness. If so many people know that it is possible to manufacture products that last a lifetime then the market will do its thing. If more people demand lifetime light bulbs then there has to be an entrepreneur out there who can manufacture them. Im sure the same can be done for car lights. Imagine having a household worth of light bulbs that you will never have to change for the rest of your life.