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I feel like I'm the minority of Asian Americans

Almost all of my Asian American friends voted for Obama during the Election. Ever since I gave my support for Dr. Paul I feel like my Asian American friends don't want to talk with me anymore. I remember one of them called Ron Paul a racist and homophobe and I backed up my claim that Ron Paul is not who many thought out to be. They accused me of betraying my own 'kind' and saying that how could we let 'white people' continue their stereotypes of Asian people. These are the kind of people who are downright statist and believe in affirmative action and promote equal rights for minorities. They are the type of people who fight for racial justice even if it meant denying property rights and using force to shut down their 'oppressors'.

I predict more Asian Americans getting involved in politics. I just hope the Liberty Movement gets there in time to persuade some minds to the cause of liberty.


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Yep, I was the typical "stereotypical" Asian American, a "has..

been" Democrat who apparently hated taxes, hated wars, etc until early '08...switched to a Republican, better yet...a Ron Paul Republican and never looked back since.

And this recent Gen Election, I had the opportunity to become an LA County Precinct Official in my voting center (in an area 3-to-1 Democrat to Republican) and most especially, the honor of writing in my President...Ron Paul!!!

I'll just say this: Promoting

I'll just say this: Promoting equal rights and fighting for racial justice isn't always synonymous with statism. In fact, the history of those efforts has been VERY anti-statist.

I am an Asian American

I am an Asian American and I wrote in Ron Paul.

At my school, I know quite a few Asians who love Ron Paul. So don't feel like you are alone. Ron Paul's message encompasses all races.

We're not so lost as you think we are.

Liberty applies to every human being. The typical punditry tactics for both the GOP and the Dems are shallow lies, bribes to demographics that are literally scams. Ron Paul's recent facebook message resonates the fact that it's impossible for the liberty movement to be racist.

We can all be slow in the head, race regardless :P

Why would Asian Americans

Why would Asian Americans support affirmative action? There is actually reverse discrimination toward Asians in higher ed admissions.

Strange isn't it??

Never like one bit of Affirmative Action at all!!! When I applied for med school, I didn't get any preferential treatment even though I told them that I can speak Chinese so to help out the Chinese students and the Chinese American here in Kansas. They don't give a s*** about it. It should always been an equal playing field not because of your race or origin.

yeah and i'm the minority

of white people.
welcome to the club.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Chris Rock speaks to white voters.


MSM and government have us brainwashed.

Assange speaks out.

Free includes debt-free!