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Colorado reps seek state exemption from federal pot prohibition laws

"In the wake of this week’s historic vote to legalize marijuana in Colorado, the state’s three Democratic U.S. House members are drafting legislation aimed at easing the tension between the new state law and longstanding federal prohibition of the drug.

Congressional staffers told the Independent that Colorado Reps Diana DeGette (CD1), Ed Perlmutter (CD7) and Jared Polis (CD2) are working independently and together on bills that would exempt states where pot has been legalized from the Controlled Substances Act.

DeGette Chief of Staff Lisa Cohen told the Independent that proposals the representatives are working on would alter section 903 of the act to allow states to establish their own marijuana laws free from federal preemption." "


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cannabis is unlawfully

Cannabis is unlawfully schedualed. The Criminal Department of Health and Human Services that has the power to control the scheduale of controlled substances, is the holder of patent #6630507 that is the patent for eliminating a host of diseases. In order for a drug to be ranked a Scheduale 1 controlled substance, one of the criteria is that it can have no medicinal value whatsoever. However the patent clearly articulates using cannabinoids to cure many diseases. Yet they keep it a scheduale 1. Therefore not only is it unlawfully schedualed but the DHHS knows this and is committing genocide allowing time to pass without making it available to all Americans.

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Federal preemption is

Federal preemption is bullshit! Federal drug laws are unconstitutional there is no authority delegated in the constitution for the federal government to have any jurisdiction over drugs.

These reps acknowledging federal preemption while I understand the sentiment it preserves this unconstitutional idea...

Gee why don't they just use Sheriff Macks landmark SC case and have Country Sheriffs prevent Federal agents from violating peoples rights. They could also pass state legislation ordering other state and local law enforcement agencies to do the same. But no they will drag this out for years likely...

This country is so fucked up it is amazing...

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Exactly, inform the Feds they

Exactly, inform the Feds they will be arrested if they attempt to enforce federal statutes within the state regarding drug laws. Call up the posse if they try anything stupid. I want to see some fireworks.