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Romney wins only 4% of the Muslim American Vote this year!


I am not a Muslim, but find it odd that the media is obessessing about Romney's poor performance among "Latinos," while ignoring his even more dreadful performance among Muslims. Why hasn't there been more attention paid to his poorer performance among Muslims, a rapidly growing part of the American electorate?

I think we know why. The media likes the idea of cheap labor from immigrant labor, and/or the prospect of millions of new voters for the Democratic Party. They pretend to be concerned about the possible future GOP losses if the GOP continues to "alienate Latinos." Forgive me for being skeptical about advice from Democratic leaning pundits, or neocons who want to make sure they and their ideology don't get blamed for Romney's crushing defeat.

Plus, the media is controlled by anti Arab, pro-Israel people, who are fine with Romney alienating THAT group. But the hypocrisy here is stunning to me. Anyone disagree?

What can the Liberty movement do to reach out to this community? Any Muslims here?

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