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The Republican Party Has Been On The Road To Abilene: Checkout The Abilene Paradox

The Republican Party Has Been On The Road To Abilene: Checkout The Abilene Paradox.


I became aware of this during a company seminar about 11 or 12 years ago.

I believe it would be helpful to all, to have this information in mind when communicating with others, as we need to break through the paradox.

Some of you may be able to find a short video which was used as an example, as it was set during a Texas heat wave during the 1950's

If we do our job right, we should be able to get the entire media mouth pieces to start using this Abilene example. I am sure they will try and co-op the example and use it as it was their own find. They are so intelligent don't you know! Not!

However, if we are successful at getting the media and others to use this example it may, and I say may, open the minds of the masses to listen to new opinions and discussions to which this Ron Paul R3volution has been engaged.

Groupthink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abilene_paradox

The phenomenon may be a form of groupthink. It is easily explained by social psychology theories of social conformity and social influence which suggest that human beings are often very averse to acting contrary to the trend of the group. Likewise, it can be observed in psychology that indirect cues and hidden motives often lie behind peoples' statements and acts, frequently because social disincentives discourage individuals from openly voicing their feelings or pursuing their desires.

The Abilene Paradox is related to the concept of groupthink in that both theories appear to explain the observed behavior of groups in social contexts. The crux of the theory is that groups have just as many problems managing their agreements as they do their disagreements. This observation rings true among many researchers in the social sciences and tends to reinforce other theories of individual and group behavior.


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Which Abilene?

Is the Republican Party on the road to Abilene, Kansas, or Abilene, Texas?


Drain the swamp!

Doesn't matter, if you get a chance

Doesn't matter, if you get a chance give the Paradox a read and some time to digest in your mind.

We may be able to use this paradox as a segway toward our Libertarian principles.


Interesting concept

Another common phrase that may support this mind set is to "go along to get along" and that is prevalent in government. That may be happening right now with the Republicans, as they are desperately looking for an excuse as to why they lost. One theory is presented and then gets repeated by others as fact.