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trolls are out in full force.

Yes, some of us have a difference of opinion on the pick for 2016, we rabble around the Rand Paul endorsement, but those of us who have given, thousands of dollars, to this cause and time that is uncalculable, know the difference. Anyone who keeps trying to divide the people on this site need to go. It is ridiculous already.

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um, yes thanks for all that and having a paragraph and the

yes, agreed but you, could maybe then.

Your point is good I agree what was it. Yes.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I think the rand folks need to go start their own site

As the owner of this site has said himself.

Go start dailyrand,com

I still think the best name for the site would be suckers4rand.net

Seriously get out of politics. It isn't going to do you or anybody you love any good. Go fire some synapse thinking a Christmas gift for a loved one, or play in the leafs, or go bowling.

STOP think about politics. You have a problem if you are thinking/fantasizing about an election 4 YEARS away! Its all one big circle Jerk.

Give it a rest you delusional wind bags!

spot on phathead,

seen many Important threads wrecked by...what woud rand....and it turns into a short thread on rand(the jury is still out on rand for most on here)so do your own forums on him and dont wreck others...