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You need to know what's really going on in New York and New Jersey.

Here's what governments do well:

1. Cash extraction (taxation),
2. Influence peddling (selling
the country out to the highest bidder),
3. Bribe distribution (see items #1
and #2),

When it comes to these things
the government works like
a well oiled machine.

As for everything else, not so well.

You need to know what's going
on in New York and New Jersey.

Don't think it can't happen
in your home town.

The total failure of Government in the US

Integrated Oil Fail (12mph winds more and Food would have failed) - Sandy

Inflection Points

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I like this guy but he takes

I like this guy but he takes some getting used to to listen to him. Yeah bottom line if you're depending on government to help you in a disaster or crisis your screwed!

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Yes. This came to me in an email subscription at 5am today


So I sifted through a bunch of his videos and found some very valuable information regarding timing and defending oneself in the current collapse which is underway.

I found a few bad quality videos so I just skipped them and went on to others.

It was time well spent.

FEMA= Epic Failure is Good

My heart goes out to those whose lives have been disrupted by natural or orchestrated disasters. There will be many more. Out of those there are "random acts of kindness" with communities taking care of their own. Gradual movement away from the growing attitude of "let the government take care of me and everyone" can and only be effected by a gradual return to the awareness that only locally are the real needs known and the necessary and timely ability to help those in need.

We all shudder at "out of chos there will be order." That inscription does not have our best interests at heart...in fact, just the opposite.

However, I would like to propose that there is another way of looking at it' i.e. "Out of Chaos, there can be the necessary education and awareness to create true order."

At this point in our countries "take-over" by those who play upon the fact that we have not moved from evil narcissism to the place of wise altruism, we need "man;y" epic failures of Federal Government programs in order to change the paradigm.

Those who are living through the epic failure of FEMA are also awakening to the fact that the Federal Government is impotent in dealing with local disasters. Long live failure...(for right now.)



EPIC POST!!!! (((((((((((fonta)))))))))) KUDOS!

bumping with . . .


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You're right!

We really do need to know what's going on, because people are dying and becomming disabled and sick. The lottle bit that I have read about Sandy has mostly been in emails from a few DPers who are suffering.

The first video I watched was the last, and it's hard to watch because the transmission is weak. I think some important points are made, and one that strcuk me was the suggestion that it is our American Culture post WWII. This is very very true, and I watched it happen at American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations where the WWII vets stick together to keep the grunts of Nam and everyone else out. Veterans for Peace for example were not allowed to hold meetings at their owjn groups.. and yes these are private groups, still.. it was as if there was a disenfranchisement of vets within vets, as we saw in the GOP the disenfranchisement of Ron Paul Republicans.

I do not think any of this is happening by accident or neglect, but I do believe it is being done purposely..as another great point made is as bad as Katrina was, there was some accountability for infrastructure, more blame really, where with Sandy, there seems to be a blackout, so the rest of the nation is clueless to what is going on unless they know someone or search.

With that, I lift NY and NJ up in prayer, that all the victims find what relief they need soon, and that American wake up to help, come together and reverse this culture of "each man for himself to death do us part".

The difference is...

the media!! They were all too ready, willing and able to prove how badly Bush handled Katrina. However, once Bush made it down there, the military aid started rolling in the next day. The media won't show Obama's failures. He was there for part of a day, then things started getting worse. I can only assume for him it is, "Out of sight, out of mind." Notice how we don't see soldiers coffins draped with the U.S. flag coming home from war as we did each and every single night during the Viet Nam era?

I totally agree!

well said! THANK YOU!!

Yeah but we got these new

Yeah but we got these new bunker busting bombs!


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Thanks for the Finacial aspect

i can certainly Inform you that there are still people without power in my area in NJ. Its winter out here and the shelters have too many people entering and waiting for help.

Now NYC is considering putting a few people in prison as a means of getting Shelter.

Shit is getting real.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Needed: more "do-ers"

Just watched the first video. Good stuff, Maynard.

Moving on to the next one.

As a form of confirmation regarding government ineptitude during times of crisis - I had first-hand, exclusive access on the Mississippi river as a "do-er" (insuring river clearance to 40-foot depth for Navy ships and other vessels with deep drafts) two days after Katrina made landfall. The petty politics at play during this clearance operation was nothing short of in-human. My "take-home message" from that experience? DO NOT EVER RELY ON THE FEDS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN GRIEF! And, expect the feds to literally throw up road blocks to humanitarian relief from anything resembling grass-roots.

I know for a fact that useful information and "organized" assistance are completely absent in emergencies like this. I also know for a 100% certainty that federal agencies play the 'financial numbers' game and the 'political favors' game to the exclusion of consideration of humanity in the wake of natural disasters.

Thanks for posting, Bar_T

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same thing going on here

clean up efforts are being hampered by red tape.
i may be transferred to the area as a representative of a company that has the correct "license" to help remove debris.

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tell me again WHY we need fema...

fema = FAILURE

they can't even supply bottled water to victims of a storm!


how much money do they collect every year in our taxes?

what is their budget?


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