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I'm sick of all the ridicule of our fellow libertarians on here

Please cut out all the crap about proving our friends in liberty as frauds or not true libertarians. If you haven't noticed, the mainstream media is biased against us and anyone who talks about our issues and openly calls themselves a libertarian should not be criticized here. No matter that persons past, coming out as a libertarian is not helping anyone get anywhere in politics with the mainstream. More or less I'm saying let's quit whining about Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney or Jack Hunter's frustration with wearechange. It's okay if we disagree in places, we disagree with the current system much more and agree with one another more than we disagree. Can't we all just get along?

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If we unite behind shared principles,we can win.

If we had a large enough amount of people in America and the world united behind our shared principles,and demanded strict adherence to said principles over politics or parties,then the politicians would truly have to represent us or find themselves out of a job and irrelevant.We can make progress every single day if we focus on winning hearts and minds.Here is a suggestion on how to do it:We get one or two great short ads/videos that promote our shared values of truth,freedom,and peace.Maybe have a few quotes of Ron Paul in there.Just picture a short video explaining why we should bring our troops home,have sound money,cut taxes and spending,balance the budget,end the drug war and give power to the individual while promoting truth,freedom,peace,non-aggression and voluntary humanitarian help to our fellow man.Then we have a money bomb only to DIRECTLY purchase airtime for said ad/video.We vote with our dollars on which video is best.Then we have a "time bomb"(lol) where we all donate our time and focus our efforts spreading the video on facebook,twitter,youtube etc.Keeping it front page on the DP would surely help.Then we fine tune our efforts to make sure we are winning people over.And as long as we see it is working,we NEVER stop.With the "time bomb" method,we could make our message go viral on the internet,nationwide and worldwide,without asking people for money.With the right videos and a united effort by us,I am convinced this would work.In my opinion,this is how we win.Anyone got a better idea?I'm all ears.

I see

Someone that gets it..
Labels of confinement.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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This post was mostly an angry rant

I only bumped it earlier to apologize for an asenine comment I made in this tread.

I do feel that we should spend time slandering Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, Obama, Biden, Graham.... etc instead of Rand/Jack Hunter/ Alex Jones.

However, I could have done a much better job at sharing that idea than the way I did.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

And I Am Sick

...of the divisive attempt, although usually well-meaning, to argue "labels" rather than messages. At this point, Republican, Democrat, Third Party, "l" or "L" means very little.

Can't we instead build a consensus for liberty and giving the country back to the people instead of wasting time arguing meaningless "labels" and deriding "messengers" and return to emphasis on messages and spreading those messages.

Call me lite-weight and irrelevant, I arrive at individual stances that allow me to sleep better at night rather than waste my time on circular arguments, divisive tactics and destructive so-called bridges to nowhere. We are a country...even world...in collapse.


Get use to the ridicule...

Because of the growing liberty movement which threatens the status quo there are paid establishment trolls as well as CIA trolls. Intandem with that will be libertarians who honestly disagree with a position as well so this new trend will only be getting worse in the future.

Absolutely, just turn the lights out at Libertarian HQ...

...and come join us as delegates to the Republican Party like Ron Paul asked you to in the first place.

The two party system is government subsidized. The Libertarian Party is not subsidized in enough states and thus it can not compete at a national level.

Give up, turn the lights out and come home so that we can together make the Republican Party more liberty minded and defeat Democrats with liberty candidates.

Right now we are divided whereas the Democrats are not, thus we fail.



“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien


I agree with OP. Let's not question our leadership or their intentions. I want to be a loyal libertarian. Too bad those stupid Republican and Democrat supporters follow their leaders blindly; they'd be much better off following your advice.

Oh wait...

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I'm sorry about that

I just checked this thread for the first time in a while, I don't know what was going through my head when I made the comment below.

I'm sorry.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

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It's perfectly okay to question leadership

and research your'e candidates. However we should not be trying to discredit Rand Paul or anyone who publicly fights for liberty. We have so many other far worse politicians and policies to criticize besides the people who are fighting on our side. You people are a detriment to the movement and should kindly shut the fuck up and let us do the work. Don't go screaming 911 was an inside job, don't tell people the entire government is a conspiracy to take over the world, and don't go talking a bunch of NWO illuminati bullshit while representing the liberty movement. You just make people think we're all wackos so cut it out.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

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what the hell.....

idk what that was about.....

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

And yet you do here that which you speak against in your OP.

Apparently that whining and ridiculing for which you scold others is perfectly ok when it's YOU doing it about those with whom you disagree in places.

Seems like you are rather selective about which fellow libertarians you think "we" should get along with.

It's even OK to be undecided or change your mind, LOL

That's good.

Free includes debt-free!

Just bumped up your comments on another post.

Checked out your profile and found you are (or appear to be) new here. For about a month, you have been quite active! I wanted to say "welcome" but, after reading your comment above and checking your profile, I came across this http://www.dailypaul.com/259293/new-world-order-illuminati. Seems strange that someone asking others to kindly shut the f* up and not "go talking a bunch of NWO illuminati" bs would have created such a post.

I suspect you are not new to DP. If I am wrong about that, then I say "welcome" and kindly urge you to tread lightly for just a little while.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

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I was a new member, but a long time reader.

I have no idea what was going through my head when I made that comment. I downvoted it, what was wrong with me???

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson



I heard a great quote on NPR

from Ronald Reagan that went something like this:

"we agree on 80%, that doesn't make us 20% enemies."

I think it's amazing that trolls lurk here and elsewhere...

on forums like this, where we are just trying to come up with solutions and ways to actually save lives.

Save lives.

Save lives of people including the trolls. That's ultimately what this is all about, right? I'm trying to save America because I know the alternative is death, yet these trolls are trying to disrupt this process, even though it means that they will die.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

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We're all going to die

without a doubt no matter what actions we take. I don't think it's trolls, I think it's real supporters of liberty who vow to not vote for Rand Paul ever again because he endorsed Romney. Do people not realize that most of the older people think Ron is a kook? Rand is just trying to fit it geez

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

"Real supporters of Liberty"

The problem with "real supporters of liberty", is I don't believe there is any such thing. Ron Paul takes a huge learning curve, the older GOP, who thinks he's a kook, don't want to learn. They want to win, hook or crook. Those who have grudges against Rand for endorsing Romney don't want to compromise, or win, but rather talk conspiracy theory and make excuses to not get in the GOP and fight WITH Ron Paul. That is their right and I'm not knocking them for their choice, but I don't agree, and I'm not going to post as if I agree, when I don't. It's doesn't mean I'm againt them, but I'm not WITH them. I'm WITH Rand, who is not trying to make it fit, but is making it fit.

I joined the LP in 76, changed my registration to Indy in 93, and became a Republican a year and a half ago. I'm new to the GOP and find it is NOTHING like I imagined.

For myself, there are Ron Paul Republicans who are in the GOP, occupying seats, and they are all with Rand.. the ones I know. And then there are those who refuse to join the GOP.. Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Democrats, Indy's.. we do not talk the same language of liberty, and I believe this comes from experience in the GOP, to those who want to tell us all about the GOP but will be damned if they will go to a meeting or event and SUPPORT the Ron Paul Republicans who got in to give Ron Paul the nomination.

You can stand on your rooftop and toss constitutioons and CDs to everyone you know, shout Ron Paul non-stop, work yourself to exhaustion, spend more money than you have on campaigns, but to me, it's not going to change the GOP or restore the republic.

The campaign is over. Those of us with seats have two years of WORK to do, and it would be nice if those who LOVE Ron Paul would fight with us, but if their choice is to not, I respect that, because not everyone is not going to be ready, willing and able to fight.

I think Ron Paul is right on in that it's time for the LP to take the GOP.. "it's a fight for ideas", GOP is just a format, one we can change, but only by joining.

awesome post

With experience, comes wisdom and effective strategies.

I agree with everything you say and hope people will recognize that we have a real chance to take back the GOP. I hope people stay involved in the GOP and don't get blinded by distractions. Nice quote-

"GOP is just a format, one we can change, but only by joining"


I've been wondering if those conrolling the Republican Party are truly U.S. loving, wants what's best for the people citizens or if perhaps the GOP has been taken over? At the top? I remember one person stating when they tried to become a delegate for Ron Paul in Florida, the party had all delegate seats assigned to their own little group and they weren't letting anyone in. Considering how badly Republicans for Romney behaved all through the Primaries and especially at the Convention, it's food for thought. It would explaiin some things.


IMO, the GOP is controlled, top down. It's got huge problems. Instead of running away and letting them continue, we are fighting: restore the republic. It's a good fight.

Many folks in the GOP are good people doing their best to be patriotic.. it only takes a few, and the few at the top are what we need to beat.

Some states go through delegate process, and others like CA, the candidate's campaign selects the delegates. What happened here in CA was many Ron Paul Republicans were stealth on the committees, and all that blew wide open when the Sec of State posted the names Ron Paul's campaign selected.

this post just gave me an idea.. I think I need to write a resolution that only the names of the winning campaign's delegates be listed..