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Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Phase. 2012-2013: Working With The Democrats

Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Phase. 2012-2013: Working With The Democrats

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Hello, Everyone.

In the aftermath of this election, we have to put things in clear perspective to see where we are going and how we will get there - and we will.

#1- Even if Dr. Ron Paul would have become our Next President - and that could have very well happened if the Neo-Cons had not done what they did - we would have still had to work together with The Democrats in Congress and The Senate to get anything done.

Ron Paul, as President would have had a very tough presidency because he would have had massive opposition from his own party - the party he tried to R[3]STORE - as well as Democrats.

Although many, many Democrats are WITH US, many others wrote-off Ron Paul from the beginning simply because he was running as a Republican and The Republican Party has been tainted with The Worst Reputation In The World since George W. Bush and The Neo-Con Wars. I have had to explain why Ron Paul ran as a Republican to hundreds of people.

Those Democrats who took the time to study a little and look deeper came to us and are now with us. They will be instrumental in this effort.

As President his Greatest Power would have been with We The People much more so than with bought-and-paid for Career Politicians in BOTH PARTIES. As President, he would have become The Nation's Teacher of The People - as he already is to those who know him.

#2- I feel we had a Blind Spot by not having reached out to The Democrats and focused only on The Neo-Con RepubliCAN'T Party.

Disgruntled Democrats came to us and joined us. We - as a movement did not reach out to them as strongly as we should have (...some of us did. I did).

A bridge already exists between The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION and Democrats who like Ron Paul better. We Need To Strenghten That Bridge. Get together with your Democrat family and friends and tell them what they did to Dr. Ron Paul, to us and our delegates. THEY WILL BE OUTRAGED and We will earn their symphathy.

The Democrats and Us have much in common. Do not allow those whose's mission is to Divide-And Conquer to tell you otherwise.

We are 100% on The Same Page on Foreign Policy.

That gives us 50% similarities.

On Domestic Policy: We launch an Educational Campaign Online and it is on Domestic Policy that WE WILL HAVE TO MEET HALF-WAY. The Only Way that can work. That is what is going to take Diplomacy and compromise. Rome was not built in a day.

If we can meet in the middle on Domestic Policy 50% - 50%:

Then we will have 75% Agreement. That is how you achieve Victories. We Win.

By WE, I don't mean only Us: The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION.

By WE I mean ALL OF US: We The People Of The United States and The World.

Dr. Ron Paul "joked" on The Jay Lenno Show about "taking a break" to prepare for a 2016 Presidential Run. Maybe that was not a "joke".

Dr. Ron Paul is a very young and strong 76 year-young gentleman.

#3- The way to pave the way of the near future is to purge The G.O.P. of The Neo-Cons and replace them with our people. Apparently some states are already doing that. The damage these Neo-Cons have done their own party, The United States and The World is simply unbelievable.

IT HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE FOR DR. PAUL TO EVEN GET TO SPEAK AT A G.O.P. Neo-Con, RepubliCAN'T Convention where he was a Presidential Candidate himself! And it will be IMPOSSIBLE until All The Neo-Cons are replaced. Period.

#4- Do The Same with The Democrats and replace their worst with our best.

In just 2 years THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION could have the foundations set for whatever President we have in 4 years to follow The Principles of The Greatest Statesman Of The United States of America in The 21st. Century - and it may well be him.

Let's lay the groundwork. One other thing: This would DOUBLE our numbers.

Step#1 On The Democratic Party Side of this Double-Barrel Approach:

Begin working to help Dennis Kucinich get back to his Congressional Seat.

He is The Democrat Ron Paul Statesman and we are going to need him.

All my love and all my best, as always:

Wisdom Strategies

Post-Edit: The Neo-Cons are going to HATE this article.
Expect Minus Votes Galore. You all know where those come from. You know what to do about that.

What I am going to do is to post any Updates and additional ideas from others up here so we have everything neatly in one place.

Below you will see comments both in favor of this article and against.

Those who are against are either trying to disrupt what I am trying to work together with many of you or they simply don't understand:


They apply equally to A Nation, Business Management, A Friendship or a Love Relationship. The Dynamics are the same.


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please post more

I agree with The Granger's strategy primarily, but I'm all for building relationships in the Democratic party. And for Ron Paul Democrats running (maybe "Rand Paul Democrats").

Some people are so anti-Republican that they'll never understand the flaws of Keynesianism or the principles of liberty. We're in a philosophical battle for ideas. We need relationships so our opposition can trust us, listen to us and understand our message.

The coalition of liberty.

This Is A Strategy To Reach 75% Agreement Nationwide.

This Is A Strategy To Reach 75% Agreement Nationwide.

We - The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION and The Democrats are 100% on The Same Page on Foreign Policy. That is 50% Agreement.

We will have to meet in the middle on Domestic Policy. Period. The Other 50%.

If we can do that, that is another 25%. Total Agreement: 75%.

You cannot re-educate a Nation of 300 Million People in 4 years, especially after 4 more years of Obama. You cannot expect EVERY voter to be an intellectual with a profound understanding of economics.

To those who think The Democrats MUST agree with 100% on EVERYTHING:

Go ahead and convince The Neo-Cons that they must agree 100% on Foreign Policy and: Good luck with that.

I am not Jesee Benton asking for an over half a million dollar salary to lead us to failure while laughing his way to the bank.

I am doing this without asking for anything out of love for all of us.

Use this Strategy or don't use it. But if you want 100%:

You will never get it. Guaranteed. 75% Agreement = Victory.

My Grandfather was a Master Strategist sought after everywhere.

Wisdom Strategies

Work has already been done.

There are Tribal Democrats and Republicans.

There are democrats that think people should have a say.

There conservatives that think the law trumps all.

The Constitution created a law were free men had a say.

The government created allowed slavery. It's not like the slaves could opt-out.

The War against Norther Aggression did not end slavery. It enslaved everyone to the Federal Union under threat of violence.

When we are free men racial problem will evaporate. There is no profit is making trouble in a free market.

Free includes debt-free!

More than 4 Ron Paul libertarians

elected as Democrats in New Hampshire's House last Tuesday.

Thanks for Posting That

....good news.


No problem! You ought to

No problem! You ought to visit NH. The annual Liberty Forum in February is a really good time to do so.


Ron Paul, Bob Murphy, Jeffrey Tucker, etc have all spoken at and attended these annual gatherings.

Thanks for the Invite

...post often and post more. Many of us are listening and gravitating to some of the same ideas.

We need to find pivotal issues. I am very interested in the liberty issues those Democrats felt so strongly about and that resonated in NH. Can they carry-over to other States? What other issues are pivotal and cross party lines. What messages reach the public. What climate led to the free state project? What can we learn.

On the DP we care very much about some issues that, hardly a waste of time...in fact never a waste of time as far as gradually educating the masses...but, nevertheless not issues that will result in the paradigm shift we need.

For instance, I am all for an Austrian (pure of modified for the transition) approach to economics. I am all for ending the Fed. However, I am a realist. Partial audits that bring lies to the surface are very important and can wake some up. The reality is that most don't care and when the crash comes or as the fact that it is already here begins to emerge, the slick mickey will already be a done deal. Sad, but true.

So to me we work on State Rights and a return of power to the States. We encourage local efforts that return power to the people. We present projects and experiments that correct (even partially) wrongs. We support all liberty candidates and messages if they are sincere. We support unity of like-minded people regardless of Party affiliation and recognize that there can be change ..major change.. in any. A little study on what the Democratic Party used to be and who used to vote Democrat is very revealing and the same is true with the Republican Party. Those changes gradually took place over two generations.

Third Parties? Well, they may satisfy the individual priorities, but they are not going to change the big picture and especially as they continue to say what one should be against instead of what one should be for. Starting a new party right now would be a distraction and suck all the energy this movement has going for it. A Koch Republicans wet dream and the same for a Soros Democrat. Ron Paul-like liberty candidates in all parties and in independents is an idea whose time has come. Give the non-voters a reason to vote in four years. Grow leadership. Grow unity.

Let's look for the pivotal issues as we continue to study some of the huge ones and all prepare for an opportunity that is going to present itself as very bad things continue to happen. Just my thoughts.


There are many people here

There are many people here thinking on the same lines. Many who are very interested in both economic civil liberties and social civil liberties and who are influencing the NH Democratic Party's future in the same way Ron Paul supporters have been doing in the NH GOP.

Joel Winters (DEM-Manchester) was elected to the House back in 2006. He is now being joined by FSPers having been elected as DEMs in the bigger urban cities of New Hampshire this year.

Despite some here embedded in the statusquo who would like us to pack up and leave, we are definitely not going away! :')


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: Assistance Request

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: Assistance Request.

Hello, Everyone.

Could one of you work on an article detailing All Of What The G.O.P. did to Dr. Ron Paul, us and our delegates? I would love to have a FULL COMPILED LIST with all of the injustices, cheating, election fraud and violence with Youtube Video links, etc?

I would love to have that to copy/paste the link and add it as an update to this article.

My mother always told me: "The persecuted becomes stronger" (due to other's symphathy).

Both The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION and The Democrats DETEST the Neo-Cons.

More will join us when they know what we know.

Whomever wants to take this project on: Take your time and compile an awesome article.

Thank you in advance. THE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN. Everywhere and By All.

Wisdom Strategies

We need to work ON the Democrats

So many of them have some good ideas but MAN do they have some authoritarian tendencies. So many are NOT open-minded (except for sex and food...oh wait...).

But yeah. Michael Moore, who I loathe, wrote an open letter to Obama after the election and he mentioned NDAA, drones, and the Drug War (I'm trying to find a link, so did I dream this??). I'm down with trying to work even the likes of Michael Moore on these very specific issues.

Focus on Civil Liberties

Focus on Civil Liberties first.

Focus on the Patriot Act.
Focus on NDAA.
Focus on the fact that Obama signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to protest on government grounds.

THAT one's a mind-blower: The first African-American president signed into law a bill that would have made Martin Luther King Jr.'s Million-Man March a federal offense.

Liberals and conservatives can debate economic policy, that's fine. But civil liberties should be untouchable, period.

Civil Liberties erbrooks

...is an issue that unites. I like the way you are thinking as I have thought along those lines as well...looking for the areas in which people can unite.

While in transition I am currently living with my son in an upper income, predominately African American neighborhood. Almost every house still has an O'Bama sign in front. I mailed in my vote as I am registered in California; however my son participated in early voting day. He said the lines were incredible and the wait was long. He was the only white in line.

My son is a manager at Crown Bolt and has mostly low wage minorities working for him He says they can't make ends meet in this economy. They make too much for entitlements (food stamps, etc) and yet are barely making it. Granted that is undoubtedly due to choices they have made in some cases, houses, cars, toys, too many children, etc. Still their reality is what it is, they are working and not on welfare and there is discomfort/anger. In a sense that presents an opportunity (given a real choice) as it is going to get worse.

Of course, African Americans overwhelmingly voted for O'Bama. What issues would reach them and especially those who are more affluent and have a voice in their communities to the young and in their churches to the masses. Influence...voices.

You listed some issues that might reach segments. Another might be the concern that all African Americans express that most of their "young men" are either in prison or have been. Forget the perception (or truth which ever it may be) that they have committed crimes. It would be interesting to discover how many are in jail for pot and how long of sentences they have. Additionally, while I am not certain if African Americans are unjustly charged with more crimes, I do think there is a possibility that the justice system doles out way more severe sentences. Just my perception. Most of us are against the growing prison industry and unjust sentences. We are against any kind of inequality in arresting and sentencing. I think this would resonate with Blacks. Any thoughts?

I do not think this segment or the hispanic or any other would suddenly shift upon hearing that the Ron Paul people were treated unfairly. A more positive approach and one that would immediately resonate is how "they" are being treated unfairly. I hope we can move past focusing on how we have been done wrong and move towards how we can bring about real change in the fasted manner possible.


It's the message

I hate to say it, but we need to step away from Ron Paul the person and fight for Ron Paul the message. Any person can become polarizing, especially when the media gets their hands on them. It is much harder to attack a message.

The last circus was a boxing match between two people, we need hundreds of fights between messages or maybe concentrate on a few.

I Never Said This Was An Article About Ron Paul 2016 Exclusively

I never said this was an article about Ron Paul 2016 exclusively, although if we do what I suggest and we build the infrastucture and RUN THIS ALL THROUGH GRASSROOTS without Half-A-Million-Dollar-Salaried FAILED "OFFICIAL" Presidential Strategists - and Ron Paul is impressed enough and confident with our work to run again:

The Stage Will Be Set and we can start NOW.

What I mean is: We Need Our People Everywhere, In All Parties.

Wisdom Strategies


"we need to step away from Ron Paul the person and fight for Ron Paul the message."

Not necessarily. It depends.

My new signs (hi, Granger!) have instigated heated debate with a few romney supporters. They are very passionate about taxes and jobs and couldn't understand why as a registered Republican I opposed romney. I have invited them to our next meeting.

Most dems don't want to hear Ron's name. Therefore I stick to issues such as ndaa, war and war funding, and issues that won't close doors. I leave my R registration, and parties in general, out of it.

There is no one way. It is important to evaluate and use whatever method will succeed. After enough trust, time and interest, hit 'em hard :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

i realize the odds seem insurmountable, but...

i think the time has rarely been better than now to start a third party. with so many people registering independent or non-affiliated and so many disenfranchised democrats and republicans, there is a huge pool of people that might gravitate towards a party focused on free markets, individual liberty, small government, non-interventionism, and transparency in government.

It would take a coalition of leaders that not only share in those beliefs, but also have name recognition and awsome communication skills. I believe there are a handful of people out there that could carry the torch and make it happen. of course, somewhere near the top would be Napolitano and John Stossel. with these type of people leading the way, the independent thinkers could start a movement that might even convice a few of the sheople to join in.

the two major parties are so entrenched and the rules are so biased towards their establishments that, i believe, it would take a third party movement to take them down. i actually love the idea of taking over the gop and making it into a bastion of liberty, but i believe that may be a rabbit whole that the liberty movement never emerges from.

i wish i had the wherewithall to make it happen, or get the ball rolling, but don't have the connections or resources to do it. i can say that i would be a whole hearted supporter.

just my two cents.

Didn't read your whole post but...

...I agree the Dems are the ones we have to try to persuade. Many who are anti-war would probably consider Ron Paul for that reason alone. And I agree in a broad sense w/ someone else who wrote that liberals are Ron Paul people who don't understand economics. (It's overly simplistic of course).

The bigger point is that most liberals seem to care about humanity (anti-war, pro-civil liberties, save the planet, etc). These are good ideals. I think they just need to hear a different solution and why it's important. Listening to Peter Schiff opened my eyes. I think he can do the same for others.

ytc's picture

We are all for Red+Blue RonPaul r3VOLution, WisdomS.

Art Robinson of Oregon ran as a RP Republican, but his son ran WITH THE SAME PLATFORM as a Democrat and succeeded in obtaining 20% (?) of the Democrats' primary vote. That was a brilliant "family" project in a deep-Blue state. . . I hope they continue with the project of bringing the liberty issues above partisan politics.

I Was Not Familiar

...with that name or story, ytc. Thank you. Any project of bringing "liberty issues above partisan politics" is one I am 100% behind.

All parties...all (true) liberty candidates...all internet and radio writers and speakers...all educators and efforts at educating young patriots...all voices for liberty no matter where they come from right now are important to me.

Any effort like beginning a new party at this point would suck up time and resources that are better spent elsewhere in efforts to raise consciousness, educate and get this message out. We have to recognize that it will require a paradigm shift for the majority.

Perhaps there will be a new party; but only "after" the message is heard and the numbers justify it. LOL...some of us were so motivated by the message we had waited a lifetime to hear that if told by RP...We are forming the Ron Paul Party...join it today, we would have. Of course he would never have dones that; however, if we join him in spreading his message to all people and that movement justifies it, then and at that time a "new" party might be justified. All liberty office holders would endorse it, despite their party label. Even the opportunists, because it would represent the direction of the tide and the "right and only" side of the bed to be on.

There are huge roadblocks like demographics of tomorrow's voting public, the number of able bodied people totally on welfare and entitlements, huge issues totally mis percieved due to a bought media
and that is just the beginning. Add potential WWIII and economic crisis in progress. Red, Blue and Purple...r3VOLution. It is going to take a lot of villages to raise this child liberty once again. Any possibility of success is going to take doing things in a different way and welcoming all voices for liberty while being ready for opportunities that may arise as things get really bad.

Just my thoughts.



no compromise.
you either follow the constitution or you dont.
you either want to end the fed or you dont.
you either want sound fiscal policy or you dont.
There is never compromise from democrats, keynesians, oil giants, bankers, neocons, authoritarians or bullies.

"One should never compromise their oath or principles." ron paul
"to compromise on only 1% of the issue means we've compromised 100% of the principle". ron paul

compromise is not the answer. compromise is what we have now...
if you are not prolife and see gvt as having no mandate to protect innocent life you will never get ron pauls message.
it is that simple.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

jrd3820's picture

You are so wrong.

You are so wrong.

You Have Never Studied The Science Of Relationships.

You Have Never Studied The Science Of Relationships.

If you haven't, you will fail at friendships, love relationships and even politics.


They apply equally to A Nation, Business Management, A Friendship or a Love Relationship. The Dynamics are the same.

Wisdom Strategies


Most Dems don't even know what you're talking about. With a little education I'm sure they would be anti-Fed and pro-Constitution.

Dems have good hearts, but just don't understand economics. Educate them about monetary policy and they will come around.


and youre right.
thats what im doing.
educate- i will.
compromise, i will never again.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


Thats our plan here is the Bay Area (Cali); we've got to consolidate with those blue republicans and take over the one party system.

Awesome! RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION! San Francisco, California!

Awesome! RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION! San Francisco, California!

Please BOOKMARK this article so you can always come back to it and keep me and all of us updated on your efforts and progress and I will add it as updates on top.

Thank you so much!

Wisdom Strategies

The bridge that exists

Is between the Neoconservatives and Neoliberals who have destroyed this nation by manipulation of parties with their left/right march right over the constitution.

We live in a world structured by games, and some games, like politics, is all about teams. The Neocons have a paid plan from corproations. None of us are being paid, and yet we need to find a way to unite.. it's why I joined the GOP.. to unite WITH Ron Paul.

Here in CA, a blue state, where in my county Obama took over 80% of the vote, and LOATHE everything $Ron Paul stands for, far more than the Republicans who can at least appreciate some of his ideas.

It would be one thing if we had the GOP packed and needed to expand into the Democratic Party as the Neo/NWO bi-party has done. I was hoping that by changing the GOP and taking it, we could have a good fight with Democrats, but your plan for us to spread out, when we are already spread out, is not a winning plan.

It's an excuse to not join the GOP.

Here You Are Again: The Most Down-Voted Member At The Daily Paul

Here You Are Again: The Most Down-Voted Member At The Daily Paul.

You and your pals are so transparent.

Farewell, Neo-Con RepubliCAN'Ts!

The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Defeated You! http://youtu.be/bvlnDyIoiG4

Wisdom Strategies

It Is :NOT a Wisdom Strategy

...to knock any individual's decision about how he or she can best spread the message of liberty, Wisdom.

There are many paths, many prongs, many strategies, many individual approaches to spreading the message of liberty.

The truth within any approach lies with the sincerity of the individual taking that approach. I happen to know Granger personally and can attest to her sincereity. I can also attest to her belief that there are many prongs in the fork that WILL eventually stab evil politicians in the gizzard and expose them for what they are.

To dedicate yourself to down-voting or attacking the character of Granger makes me question your motives. I believe you to be sincerely for liberty because I first assume the goodness in all people. I would suggest that you ask yourself if fighting Granger because she IS doing something ie working locally (within the Republican Party) to change minds and give voice to liberty principles is constructive at this point in history.

We all need to find our best location to shout out for liberty and she has done just that. Where is your location and platform other than the DP. Because, you see, I will support your strategy as well if you can tell me. I, however, will ask myself if that strategy is wise. If I do not consider it wise, I will give you room for growth.

In the meantime everyone can choose which party to go to and what activities to participate in. Or they can choose "no party." However, if in order to lift their particular flavor of "liberty activism" they choose to knock others' attempts, I will in all cases call their stance divisive and immature.

I hope I did not insult you; however, before you tell a forum why someone else is wrong...you must say why you are right. There are people within the Republican Party spreading an RP-like message. I vote FOR the message and choose not to ridicule any messenger.

PS. You and your pals are transparent...even if you are simply not deep thinkers or ill informed. Makes no difference.


There is another old saying:

It is neither here, nor there.

I agree with the majority of your posts, this one included. Wisdom's heart is in the right place and an asset to our movement. Transparent or not, effective or not, it is another attempt to obtain what we seek.

I have upvoted Granger on may occasions. She is correct many of the times and does have some insight. I have also down voted her posts due to blatant disregard and hostility toward others. While some of her strategy is spot on, some of her [what is the word I am looking for?] is weak at best.

This thread is one to ponder. I myself reside in an area which is demographically overrun by democrats. Should I give up the good fight? Should I have others ridicule me, or accuse me of being a plant, because I engage the party?

I usually do not let posts bother me. It is good sometimes to see where they lead. To accuse somebody of being transparent, or not a deep thinker...well, I will leave it at that.

We all have our paths to follow. And our crosses to bare.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul