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Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Phase. 2012-2013: Working With The Democrats

Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Phase. 2012-2013: Working With The Democrats

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Hello, Everyone.

In the aftermath of this election, we have to put things in clear perspective to see where we are going and how we will get there - and we will.

#1- Even if Dr. Ron Paul would have become our Next President - and that could have very well happened if the Neo-Cons had not done what they did - we would have still had to work together with The Democrats in Congress and The Senate to get anything done.

Ron Paul, as President would have had a very tough presidency because he would have had massive opposition from his own party - the party he tried to R[3]STORE - as well as Democrats.

Although many, many Democrats are WITH US, many others wrote-off Ron Paul from the beginning simply because he was running as a Republican and The Republican Party has been tainted with The Worst Reputation In The World since George W. Bush and The Neo-Con Wars. I have had to explain why Ron Paul ran as a Republican to hundreds of people.

Those Democrats who took the time to study a little and look deeper came to us and are now with us. They will be instrumental in this effort.

As President his Greatest Power would have been with We The People much more so than with bought-and-paid for Career Politicians in BOTH PARTIES. As President, he would have become The Nation's Teacher of The People - as he already is to those who know him.

#2- I feel we had a Blind Spot by not having reached out to The Democrats and focused only on The Neo-Con RepubliCAN'T Party.

Disgruntled Democrats came to us and joined us. We - as a movement did not reach out to them as strongly as we should have (...some of us did. I did).

A bridge already exists between The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION and Democrats who like Ron Paul better. We Need To Strenghten That Bridge. Get together with your Democrat family and friends and tell them what they did to Dr. Ron Paul, to us and our delegates. THEY WILL BE OUTRAGED and We will earn their symphathy.

The Democrats and Us have much in common. Do not allow those whose's mission is to Divide-And Conquer to tell you otherwise.

We are 100% on The Same Page on Foreign Policy.

That gives us 50% similarities.

On Domestic Policy: We launch an Educational Campaign Online and it is on Domestic Policy that WE WILL HAVE TO MEET HALF-WAY. The Only Way that can work. That is what is going to take Diplomacy and compromise. Rome was not built in a day.

If we can meet in the middle on Domestic Policy 50% - 50%:

Then we will have 75% Agreement. That is how you achieve Victories. We Win.

By WE, I don't mean only Us: The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION.

By WE I mean ALL OF US: We The People Of The United States and The World.

Dr. Ron Paul "joked" on The Jay Lenno Show about "taking a break" to prepare for a 2016 Presidential Run. Maybe that was not a "joke".

Dr. Ron Paul is a very young and strong 76 year-young gentleman.

#3- The way to pave the way of the near future is to purge The G.O.P. of The Neo-Cons and replace them with our people. Apparently some states are already doing that. The damage these Neo-Cons have done their own party, The United States and The World is simply unbelievable.

IT HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE FOR DR. PAUL TO EVEN GET TO SPEAK AT A G.O.P. Neo-Con, RepubliCAN'T Convention where he was a Presidential Candidate himself! And it will be IMPOSSIBLE until All The Neo-Cons are replaced. Period.

#4- Do The Same with The Democrats and replace their worst with our best.

In just 2 years THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION could have the foundations set for whatever President we have in 4 years to follow The Principles of The Greatest Statesman Of The United States of America in The 21st. Century - and it may well be him.

Let's lay the groundwork. One other thing: This would DOUBLE our numbers.

Step#1 On The Democratic Party Side of this Double-Barrel Approach:

Begin working to help Dennis Kucinich get back to his Congressional Seat.

He is The Democrat Ron Paul Statesman and we are going to need him.

All my love and all my best, as always:

Wisdom Strategies

Post-Edit: The Neo-Cons are going to HATE this article.
Expect Minus Votes Galore. You all know where those come from. You know what to do about that.

What I am going to do is to post any Updates and additional ideas from others up here so we have everything neatly in one place.

Below you will see comments both in favor of this article and against.

Those who are against are either trying to disrupt what I am trying to work together with many of you or they simply don't understand:


They apply equally to A Nation, Business Management, A Friendship or a Love Relationship. The Dynamics are the same.


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Proud American, You Are Right

...and thank you for calling me out on doing exactly what I had decided "not" to do. The fact that I have no idea where Wisdom Strategies is coming from is even more reason to not accuse her of being a deep thinker.

Also, it implies LOL that I think I am a deep thinker and I do not. I just am who I am working with what I have to work with. Growing , but not always in grace. A lot of us on the DP fall into that category and it is imperative that we call each other out whenever anything we say is divisive...critical and, perhaps, even sarcastic.

Red face I have...and yet we all have much to learn in how to best communicate with each other. I honestly believe that if you truly know another and understand where they are coming from, you almost always find much more that unites than that divides.

Granger also has something to learn from this. We all do. In thanking you, I apologize to WS for anything that said which could rightly be interpreted for doing to her exactly what she was accusing Granger of doing. Point well taken. Call me out anytime I am in error and I will appreciate it every time.

I will also continue to try to understand not only Ron Paul's message, but also his demeanor. Wise, instructive, seldom accusing and always full of grace! (still embarrassed )



You always bat a thousand, there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Likewise, there are times when I need to be called out, so I hope that you take the time to return the favor :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I Need to Feel Embarrassed

....because it was my PS that should have been eliminated and I would "edit" it out if I still had that option.

You said: "I usually do not let posts bother me. It is good sometimes to see where they lead. To accuse somebody of being transparent, or not a deep thinker...well, I will leave it at that."

And, it was that very wise statement that made me see my PS for just how unkind, judgmental, unnecessary and counter-productive it was.

I went to sleep last night thinking about how the present non-election atmosphere provides an opportunity for clear thinking, sharing, educating and being educated and building unity.

I thought through my various sides as presented here and even re-read a lot of my past posts. I was not proud of some of them. Snarky and oh so clever can be fun when you are egged on. Egging on others also can be fun. I participated in both at one time or another. There also were some posts that clearly indicated I had not researched and did not know what I was talking about. All of those posts of mine were somewhat embarrassing in retrospect.

I resolved that whether read or ignored, I would come from a place more like Ron Paul in the future because "that place" would be more productive in promoting understanding and unity. It would also prevent anyone from refraining to post their thoughts and questions because they were afraid of being put down or ridiculed simply for stating what they thought and felt.

LOL...and day after...24 hours later...the cock crowed twice before I remembered what I had resolved. Several of today's posts by me reflected it...but I blew it twice by allowing not so righteous indignation to rise its ugly heard.

So..you and I have an agreement and I will, indeed, call you out if ever indicated although I sincerely doubt that would happen. You do the same. In the meantime, had you not said what you did...( was headed straight for the cock (or whatever it was, was it a cock...LOL) crowing three times and more. Perhaps I still would have been forgiven...but learning to operate with RP-type grace and wisdom is a stretch for many of us. Nevertheless, a stretch worth attempting.


Farewell Neocon Republicans't?

What's that stratigy? Gonna sign wave them to death? Pass them a few constitutions? Maybe you'll talk to everyone you see about liberty as that will undo them? Pfffft LOL

OH OH OH I get it.. I voted for Romney unlike all the Neocons who voted for Obama, becaue they ran Romney to LOSE, they fought us to get Romney to lose.

And everyone who voted for GJ, wrote in RP, didn't vote, helped the Neocons (NEO as in NEW as in NWO) re-select Obama.

The Neocons want nothing more than to join the Neoliberals in a ONE PARTY NWO. That ain't me, and if I had to do my vote over again, KNOWING RP would NOT win, and any kind of vote for anyone who has NO chance in winning is a vote for the imcumbant, I would vote Romney.. not because I like to believe in Romney, but because I don't like or believe in Obama, to keep my Republican seat so I can work for OUR liberty.

Wave that sign.

I think you are right. A

I think you are right. A president has never ever been re elected with a record like Obama. And the Romney folks were stunned. They thought they had it. He didn't even prepare a secession speach. Why? Because all those people turned around and voted the other way.


"Wave that sign."

I made brand new nifty ones right after election :-)

They have instigated heated conversation with a few already. I have invited them to our next meeting.

Granger, keep your fingers crossed :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Gee, that's interesting

what did your signs say that instigated heated conversation?

One of your Democrat friends finally had it with you? LOL

My fingers are crossed for you.. OK


Here ya go:


From this post:


The first incident, I was in the parking lot and a guy with a romney sticker on his truck looked at my car and saw the banner in my window. He didn't say anything, so I said "How's it feel that your guy lost?" He asked if I ended up voting romney, and I told him "No way would I ever vote that socialist". We talked for a few minutes and then I invited him to come to one of our meetings. He was interested so we exchanged numbers.

I also have a picture of the banner on my rear window but my plate number is on there so I won't post that one.

Similar thing happened at the wing bar, he is coming :-) Similar thing happened when I was getting gas. I don't think the lady at the gas station will be coming to the meeting :-( She was pretty upset.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


nice sign.

Now if that was me.. and and he asked if I voted for Romney, I would ahve said, "Yes, because as a GOP committee memebr I signed a loyalty oath to the GOP that held me to vote Romney, but let me tell you, I don't believe the GOP was in this to win. I joined the GOP because Ron Paul made it clear to me, that if I wanted to save my Republic I needed to get in the GOP to keep it, where my feeling about Romney is the GOP placed him to lose.

Then I would have asked, "Did you vote for Romney in the primary and if so why?

Maybe you can ask him that for me? Hope he shows.

Thank you for educating me what good grassroots is for.


Thank you, Granger :-)

If they show, I will definately ask on your behalf. Mine too, because I am curious :-)

I believe the primary reason that I did not want romney to win is because I am trying to break the pattern of D, R, D, R, etc. It seems when the people are tired of one party, they simply vote in the other, both having similar agenda (keynesian). I am not sure if 2016 will turn out any different, but it is at least a shot that is better sooner than later. Hopefully it will wake the confused neocon voters up, if not the politicians themselves. The tactics up to and including Tampa have a role in that also, I will not deny.

I can't promise anything, but the one truck guy who voted romney seemed sincere. I believe that if he does attend, and we have a few drinks and wings afterward, he may be another addition to our growing base. He claims that he is ultra-conservative, so this may be an easy sell :-)

My goal is to reach out to as many people as I can prior to the next elections coming up. If they can be convinced, they can then talk to their family and friends, and hopefully we can break the stronghold of the dems in this area. For now it is local/state. I am praying that this will lead to 2016.

I still support and believe in what you are doing. We just have different approaches :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I may be s-l-o-w, after all I didn't join the GOP in 07 when I was told repeatedly JOIN THE GOP.. took me 4 years...

Does the wing place give you a break.. buy 10 orders of wings and get one free?

I hope the truck guy shows too. GOOD LUCK.

Wave that sign.. have you hard this before? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6vVd_JnCcc


$6 bucks get a dozen wings, 1 drink and tip. Awesome wings, and after 1 dozen, it gets hard to move. But somehow there's always room for more, lol.

I really dig the Dead, but I admit, I have never heard that one! Thank you Granger :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Should work fine

If you can't turn the liberalized republican party then try to turn the bastion of liberalization instead. NOT!!!!

Get a clue. All your idea will do is further degenerate the "liberty movement" into the liberal column.

Well jsut becasue you can't doesn't mean no one can.

Only time will tell.

Free includes debt-free!

good luck with it


that is my plan

I was recently elected to our county R committee. It is my goal to work with the local Ds to find common ground where we can work together to influence our legislators and bring sanity to the political discussion locally.

It would be great if we could facilitate this kind of grassroots discussion across the country. I believe it would lead to more civil discussion, and less alarmism & fear.

Thanks for the suggestion WS.

Excellent! Congratulations! RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION EXPANSION!

Excellent! Congratulations! RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION EXPANSION!

Please Bookmark this article so you can have handy to always come back to and update us on your methods and progress.

You are very welcome and warmest hugs from Southern California.

Wisdom Strategies


My goal has been to educate the Rs on my committee to Ron Paul's message, and vote NO to all unconstitutional platforms, inniatives and resolution, plus write respolutions for my area that can restore our republic.

No. Your Goal Is To Come Here And Try To Disrupt Our Work.

No. Your Goal Is To Come Here And Try To Disrupt Our Work.

We All Know That. Keep Trying, And You Will Keep Failing, As Your Beloved G.O.P. Failed Miserably. They Should Thank People Like You.

We, The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION could not have trashed The G.O.P. without having been motivated and inspired by you and your kind.

Thank You Very Much :)

Wisdom Strategies

Come On...

...please stop attacking someone who states there point perfectly clear and probably spent more time then most of us for our movement. Nothing against you but it really makes me angry that you can say stuff like this to someone who has dedicated so much of there time for this cause. And no, we do not "all know that".

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



What work do you have here?

I've been here 5 years longer than you. "Our work"? WTF? What work do you have, waving signs? Oh.. posting BS on DP. Boy what a job you've got. Pppppffffffffft LOL

The Neopcons in the GOP wanted Obama and ran Romney to lose.

wake up.

Surprise: I have 5 Years As Well. Since 2007.

Surprise: I have 5 Years As Well. Since 2007.

I only Officially Joined this year because I did not want to come preach to the choir nor deal with people like you.

I am a very well known musician and friends with very well known musicians so instead of being at the Daily Paul I was bombarding Myspace and other networks and getting my musician friends and our fans to do the same.

This went Worldwide, of course. Since 2007.

You would have never known that because you are not one of us.


Wisdom Strategies

I'm not going to be

"one of us".. I'm not in this to be in a band, or "one of us". I'm in this for MY Liberty and Freedom, and I THANK Ron Paul for showing me how to get it done in the GOP despite setbacks.

Let's face it, you've never been to a GOP meeting or event, you're prejudiced about the GOP, and why you won't join Ron Paul in the GOP.

Who Exactly is "One of Us"

...and what exactly IS your strategy?

I congratulate you on your success as a musician...I LOVE music. However, I fail to see your point.

Change will require dealing effectively with many "people "not" like you"...people who you apparently considered "enemy camp" ...and not your choir.I have zero idea what your choir is.

If you are indeed for liberty then please do preach to the choir because you are not doing so now. If you are not then please continue your valiant efforts bombarding your "my space" account and talking with musician friends.

Concentrate on your message rather than attacking others for theirs. If you support some tiny niche, then you will experience failure because tiny niches do not elect Presidents. If you truly think Granger is some kind of operative or troll, then I send you to re-education camp in my prayers.