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Ron Paul Legacy Could Trigger a Libertarian Takeover in the 2014 Midterm Elections

At the close of this election cycle, it is evident that the Liberty Movement is still finding its way.

When prominent libertarian icon Ron Paul failed to clinch the 2012 Republican nomination, many supporters weren’t sure where to throw their support for the general election. Some held their noses and voted for Romney. Others obstinately wrote-in Dr. Paul. A significant amount of them backed the Libertarian Party’s nominee, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

Those who came to embrace Johnson had one goal in mind for this election: to secure 5% of the vote, and thus break the duopoly long enjoyed by Democrats and Republicans.

Capturing this much of the electorate would have fractured our current system by granting third party candidates equal access to federal funding and ballots for the next election cycle. And, it would have possibly put the Libertarian party on the trajectory toward polling at 15%, which would have allowed future Libertarian candidates to appear in the presidential debates.

Sadly, Johnson only claimed 1% of the vote. Furthermore, Ron Paul will not be attempting to win over the Republican Party again, as he is vacating his House seat this January.


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