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15 (now all 50) states start petitions to secede from the US

Warning :- There are duplicate petitions for at least Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, SC, Utah, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia (if you are going to vote, it is probably best to sign the one with the higher number of existing signatures - or sign both).
If you have already voted please check which petition for these states you have voted on.

As of 12:46 am, Sunday, signatures obtained by Louisiana 7,358; Texas 3,771; Florida 636; Georgia 475; Alabama 834; North Carolina 792; Kentucky 467; Mississippi 475; Indiana 449; North Dakota 162; Montana 440; Colorado 324; Oregon 328; New Jersey 301 and New York 169. Many more States are expected to follow.


This is the website for the petitions (via Sally_Oh)

The Texas petition reads as follows:

The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

Updated petition numbers as at 04:00 am Thursday.
Louisiana 34,769; Texas 106,325; Florida 31,604; Georgia 29,529; Alabama 28,252; North Carolina 27,877; Kentucky 17,131; Mississippi 16,834; Indiana 19,086; North Dakota 10,699; Montana 12,379; Colorado 19,964; Oregon 13,622; New Jersey 13,043 and New York, 13,921

Arkansas 20,957; South Carolina 21,841; Missouri 18,049; Tennessee 28,565; Michigan 17,867; Oklahoma 16,582

Added Monday :-
Alaska 7,033; Arizona 20,614; California 12,896; Delaware 6,962; Kansas 7,493; Nevada 9,378; Ohio 10,342; Pennsylvania 12,053; Utah 6,407;, West Virginia 6,694; Wisconsin 5,737; Wyoming 8,026;

Added Tuesday :-
Idaho 5,076; Illinois 4,264; Iowa 3,612; Maine 3,085; Minnesota 4,356; New Hampshire 4,583; Nebraska 6,302; Rhode Island 3,883; South Dakota 5,670; Virginia 7,244; Washington 3,251

Added Wednesday :-
Connecticut 2,036; Hawaii 2,723; Maryland 2,204; Massachusetts 2,690; New Mexico 3,995; Vermont ;

Total 50 states (+7).
Total votes 697,505 (+104,948)

Related Petitions
Peacefully allow ALL states that have asked to secede to do so and form their own NEW nation together 10,805

District of Colombia
Withdraw the District of Colombia so that the Several States might live in peace and prosperity 67.

Updated petition numbers as at 04:00 am Wednesday.
Louisiana 32,511; Texas 93,880; Florida 28,089; Georgia 26,646; Alabama 25,931; North Carolina 25,116; Kentucky 15,289; Mississippi 15,075; Indiana 16,642; North Dakota 9,963; Montana 11,351; Colorado 17,833; Oregon 12,406; New Jersey 11,773 and New York, 12,775

Arkansas 18,617; South Carolina 19,314; Missouri 15,874; Tennessee 25,735; Michigan 15,853; Oklahoma 14,878

Added Monday :-
Alaska 6,019; Arizona 17,326; California 9,960; Delaware 6,232; Kansas 6,055; Nevada 8,206; Ohio 8,606; Pennsylvania 10,306; Utah 6,407;, West Virginia 5,254; Wisconsin 3,952; Wyoming 6,788;

Added Tuesday :-
Idaho 3,428; Illinois 2,945; Iowa 713; Maine 880; Minnesota 2,605; New Hampshire 3,181; Nebraska 5,091; Rhode Island 2,836; South Dakota 4,597; Virginia 5,300; Washington 319

There are 2 petitions for Illinois & 3 for Virginia.
(I am only counting the petition with the highest number of votes, where a duplicate exists.)

Total 43 states (+11).
Total votes 592,557 (+234,447)

New Petition
Peacefully all ALL states that have asked to secede to do so and form their own NEW nation together 1,602

Updated petition numbers as at 05:00 am Tuesday.
Louisiana 26,330; Texas 60,330; Florida 17,898; Georgia 16,741; Alabama 17,031; North Carolina 15,693; Kentucky 11,061; Mississippi 11,176; Indiana 11,366; North Dakota 8,085; Montana 9,031; Colorado 12,803; Oregon 9,487; New Jersey 8,803 and New York, 10,354

Arkansas 12,629; South Carolina 10,018; Missouri 10,672; Tennessee 16,492; Michigan 11,491; Oklahoma 9,650

Added :-
Alaska 1,308; Arizona 9,812; California 4,163; Delaware 3,672; Kansas 6,055; Nevada 4,999; Ohio 3,767; Pennsylvania 6,364; Utah 2,815, West Virginia 2; Wisconsin 5; Wyoming 2,817;

Total 32 states (+11).
Total votes 358,110 (+276,629)

Updated petition numbers as at 03:00 am Monday.
Louisiana, 12,395; Texas, 15,378; Florida, 4,178; Georgia, 3,416; Alabama, 4,150; North Carolina, 3,927; Kentucky, 3,351; Mississippi, 3,296; Indiana, 3,315; North Dakota, 2,589; Montana, 2,971; Colorado, 3,221; Oregon, 2,798; New Jersey, 2,561 and New York, 2,946

Arkansas 581; South Carolina 2,716; Missouri 2,294; Tennessee 2,787; Michigan 2,573; Oklahoma 38

Total states 21
Total votes 81,481

Some numbers
If we could get millions of people on these petitions - THAT WOULD send out a message loud and clear.

Even better get more signatures on these petitions than voted for Obama.
A tough ask.

However approximately :-

90+ million people didn't vote.
63 million voted for Obama.
60 million voted AGAINST him.

Turn it into a referendum on whether Americans really want Obama and his policies, or this Federal government, or something else.
Let's have a PROPER DEBATE about how this country should be run.
There wasn't one in the election - both the candidates had near enough the same policies.

A very substantial number of people that voted for Obama, didn't actually want him and would prefer something else.
I bet more than half.

Potential signatories who probably agree with the motion/referendum 180 million.
Your job is to go out and help get 65 million of them to sign.
Are you up for a challenge?

Go out and get some of the many millions who didn't see any point in voting, because neither of the extremist parties offer any solutions and won't make ANY difference.
Go out and get the 60 million who voted for Romney.
Go out and get the 1 million who voted Gary Johnson and probably at least as many who wrote in Ron Paul.

Go out and get some of the people who voted for Obama as the lesser of 2 evils.

Let's run that by you again.
At LEAST 2 million of you wrote in Ron Paul or voted Gary Johnson.
All you have to do is go and get 30 others each to sign the petition (non RP voters). Does that sound too hard for you?
Go and ask your Ron Paul supporting friends to do the same.

Go out and get some - MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
People have nothing to lose for voting yes to this referendum.
They have everything to gain.

Let the people's voice be heard for a change.

If your state hasn't got a petition yet, why don't you start one?
You will need 150 local signatories to get the ball rolling and it appears on the net.

Lobby prominent Ron Paul supporters to support this effort.
I have asked Judgenap to try and get it out on Fox.
I am asking Doug Wead whether he will support it.

This comment below from Speciallyblend sums up my feelings on the matter exactly

"duh folks, this petition is to bring to light the frustration and expose the gov corruption in any shape or form. Legit state petitions are possibly forming. It can help expose the establishment. everyone trying to reference it can't be done or arguing reasons are missing the point. This is coming out of voter frustration and a tipping point. It is a great way to expose the gop est corruption to folks who might not of known. It is also a great way to let folks know obama/romney are the same.

Use it how you will but don't argue over the main point. Use all angles and all means to expose the corruption. This is just a vehicle 25000 sigs and obama has to respond by his own website. of course he will say no or whatever excuse to keep the establishment in power but it helps expose the establishment corruption to some degree and that is all that is needed.

If folks are so upset about an online petition. Wonder how they will feel when real ones start showing up with the correct amount of sigs in states such as colorado nevada and many others,delivered to their sec of state! If it happens or not, it helps expose!!"

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So what is Nonna talking about?

What is she refering to?


I was simply addressing Padrik's question about why petition the federal government. Bottom line is that the federal government would not allow any States to leave peacefully and would kill people in those States who would dare do it by declaring war on them (with or without the consent of Congress).

Not that people hate each other and would want to kill each other. Rather, that the federal government hates to lose control and tax revenue and would kill to retain that.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


I'm so narrowminded with this NWO.. I admit.. I see everything nowas part of that. I feel like I'm always discovering "proof" we're there.. and suddenly the fireworks celebrate the finality..

I was just at Sec of State Clinton's web page.. and it's a NWO to me http://www.state.gov/misc/1016.htm

I would have to agree that we are there, for all intents and

purposes. What remains is the official establishment and that's where we, the Ron Paul R3VOLution, come into play. It's about what kind of government will be finally put into place and we do have more influence on that now than we ever had before. That influence is international now, too. Even Dr. Paul said he is hopeful for the future. HE WON and WE ARE WINNING. The game's not over yet, though.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

How convenient! DHS list of subversives, electively compiled!

How convenient! This series of session petitions are nothing more than DHS lists of subversives, electively compiled! Everyone who signed has voluntarily declared themselves enemies of the United States.

Now they have the names and signatures of thousands of known subversives who can be legally detained indefinitely as enemies of the state in case of unrest.

Its like a government prosecutor's wet dream, I tell you.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

robot999's picture


they don't already know who YOU (and I) are? Get real.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I have gotten real -- and am asking you to take this seriously

I have gotten real -- and am asking you to take this seriously.

They know who you and I are. We are blowhards posting on discussion forums. We pose no threat to the state or provide excuse to pad some opportunists' career.

But we might! Some day, you or I may be organizing a mass strike action to oust the criminal incumbent class, or to investigate bankers, or denounce the wars or cuts to social programs, or bail out corporations, or demand release of those already detained.

And that's when the federal prosecutors may decide to build cases against You or I.

Frankly, if I am to be railroaded into prison, let it be disjointed rants on the DP, and NOT legally binding signed documents that can be submitted as proof of treason.

I hear privatized chain-gangs in Jindal's Louisiana are particularly brutal.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

So stay home and

Let us MEN stand up for you...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

So who needs good advice? once more into the breach

Eh. So who needs good advice? Once more into the breach, dear friends. Don't forget your bayonets, but DO leave planning and strategy and forethought in desk drawer.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

"Cowards & idiots can come

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

No kidding

One would think that DPers would start wising up to MSM.. censor RP but make headlines for state's secession days after Obama is again selected.

Personally... I think the elite are worried that Ron Paul Republicasn will be a tremendous force in an effort to Restore the Republic and they're fighting us again... a new level in the Matrix.

Denise B's picture

Granger, did you

see a MSM report on this somewhere? Do you have a link or reference? I am not trying to be sarcastic, but I have not seen anything about this on any of the MSM broadcast news sites and if they have reported it, I would be very curious to see what they are saying about it.....

A report on the secession?

It was the headline on MSN and Yahoo this morning


There has been a LOT of MSM

There has been a LOT of MSM coverage on this. That's the primary reason that Texas and Louisiana have gained so many signatures. Advertising works.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Denise B's picture

I know there

has been online coverage...but has FOX, CNN, CNBC or any of them spoken about it on tv yet?...does anybody have a link if they have?

I don't watch TV

I only see what come up on the piter screne, what's here on DP and what I search for.. so happen to come across.

Google News has 45K articles on the topic.

Fox News Update: 20 States

Fox News

Update: 20 States Want to Secede - Thousands sign Petition to Secede from Union

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Denise B's picture

Thanks for the

link TxRedneck...I must say that having the MSM report something makes me just a little nervous because we have seen numerous times their failure to report something which could be detrimental to the status quo....we will have to watch and see what becomes of this. Thanks again for taking the time to post the link! :)

Rest at ease. This is in no

Rest at ease. This is in no way whatsoever detrimental to the Status Quo. Go and read the responses some of the other petitions have solicited. One of Obamas admins will go and talk to Obama, asking what the response should be. Obama will tell the admin to write "not only no, but HELL NO. But write that in an eloquent and pacifist form so that they can feel like we listen to their concerns".

And that will be the end of it.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Denise B's picture

I would love to

see them try to round up 500,000+ people (many of them armed I am sure) without putting the rest of the country in a complete state of panic...they can try that to their own detriment. We've been snooped on for so long now, that most of these people probably already have theirs names on a number of unlawful lists already....

Also, your statement "who can be legally detained indefinitely as enemies of the state in case of unrest" is not quite accurate. Just because you write something down on paper, doesn't automatically make it "legal" or acceptable. The provision of the NDAA that allows for Americans to be rounded up and corralled without due process has already been ruled unconstitutional, therefore, technically, it is not "legal" for them at all to do it. Let's not classify their tyrannical rules as "legal", when the truth of the matter is it is well established that any law which violates any provision of the Constitution is void and has no legal effect at all (and it was SCOTUS themselves who declared it).

Seriously? They will do whatever they damned well please

and not only will they get away with it, Americans will cheer them on.

Every moron who signed those things will simply be labeled a Domestic Terrorist and will be swept up or quietly disappeared - whichever works best.

They control the media narratives. That means they control public opinion.

NO ONE is going to stop them. NO ONE.

Not you or anyone else. It is going to happen if they want it to.

Now, can you or anyone else muster enough resistance? Maybe, likely not.

The best bet is for every signer to be constantly vigilant and ARMED and ready to take out anyone who comes for them. Not all will succeed and all will die trying, but if they can get at least one of the goons for every one of them that goes down, we'll have several hundred thousand less goons to worry about. (or million if it goes on that long)

THEN an effective resistance can be mounted if The People act quickly enough in the aftermath.

Denise B's picture

I just don't know

how you could "quietly" disappear a half a million or more people, even if you do control the media. Do these people have families, friends and neighbors? If something like that happened to your brother, sister, son, daugher, aunt, uncle or neighbor, would you just ignore it? I know that I would not....Are they going to take whole families at a time and the neighbors won't notice or care? Do you want proof that a military take-over of this country would be a very, very bad idea for the TPTB...look at Afghanistan. You had two of the world's biggest super powers try to get control of that country and they have failed miserably after years of trying. Do you think it would be any different here, an armed nation 50 times the size of Afghanistan, once people realized what was happening? Do you know how many personally owned firearms there are in this country?

I am not saying that it could not happen, I am saying it would be a huge mistake for them to even try it and the outcome would be uncertain and uncontrollable for them. I agree with your advice about being vigilant and prepared at all times, but we can not be frightened to the point where we do not act at all. Our founding fathers were willing to sign a document that meant instant death for them if they were caught, but that didn't keep them from signing it. I don't think we have quite reached the point yet where simply signing a document is going to mean you will be hung for treason. Let's hope we can find a way to work together and support each others efforts so that we do not reach that point.

Its not about disappearing 1/2 mln people, just 1,000 leaders!

Come on. Its not about disappearing half a million people, just 1,000 leaders of the opposition, or potential leaders.

Its about having a legal leverage over anyone who might rise up to meet the challenges of this oncoming period of unrest.

You stick your neck out to organize a protest or a march for demands, and they'll have just enough to open a case and bring about your arrest and detention -- which means you won't be there to lead the protest, will it?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Yes it would be a mistake. But they make plenty of mistakes.

This one being a mistake will not stop them.

Can it happen and no one notice? Yep. You're presuming too many people than what we are actually talking about here. Even a million people would not be noticed, especially the more spread out they are or the more spread out the "event" that makes them "cease to be" occurs, and especially if the "event" is not an overt arrest or assassination, but rather failed brakes, heart attacks, etc.

And yes, we are at that point.

Hell, anyone here on DP is in danger.

The laws already exist on the books. All it takes is the will to attack us. Only a few of us will be made examples of, the rest will simply disappear.

Denise B's picture

Well technically

samadamscw, we're all in danger of dying at any given point, which one of us ever has another day guaranteed to us? If I have the choice of dying a slave, or dying trying to free myself from tyrannts, I'll take the later. That is a choice; however, we all must make for ourselves. For me, I've already made that choice and there is no going back now. Actions are ours, the results are God's.

Cyril's picture

What about a Liberal-cherished argument for "preference" ?

I hear your point.

But wait.

Since you used "pacifism" / pacifier talk on the ObaMARX side...

... on the other hand, what makes all those who want to secede automatically "enemies" of the rest of the United States ?

What makes secession automatically the bearer of a necessarily conflicting opposition ?

Couldn't they argue for a matter of mere "preference" ? Like :

"Sorry, we PREFER to discontinue heading with you towards your socialism, Mr. Obama."

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I'm not arguing for pacifism at all.

This petition is not anti-pacifist. (they all call for peaceful secession)

And there is no real teeth behind them.

That's the point.

But the reality of the lameness of the effort is irrelevant in the court of public opinion.

Preference is irrelevant if yours doesn't comport with what a liberal wants.

Only THEIR preference is important.

They'll just as soon call for your head as "let" you seceded peacefully.

They'll deem anyone who signs these petitions as racists, terrorists, and that these people MUST BE PUT DOWN.

If you think the communist masses in this nation, the talking heads they idolize, or the politicians who are busy implementing their alleged utopia are NOT going to react this way - get a clue.

It has nothing to do with what you or I think or perceive. It has everything to do with what THEY perceive and how they will react.

Cyril's picture

Point taken

I was indeed afraid of this sort of reply.

Since you might well be right.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Least we forget Japanese concentraition camps

By the states seceding from the federal government, you already have chaos.. wonder if the federal government will move to protect it's property and people?

This is not restoring the Republic.. Ron Paul's 2012 campaign slogan, remember?

So, what's really going on?

The breaking up of the UNITED States.

I went to middle and high school in Hawai'i. Hawai'i has been working to secede for decades. I have a friend who is Hawai'ian and asked him once about how he felt about the secession issue.

He told me that even though America did things he didn't appreciate, like take his Hawai'ian name and give his family an English name the Americasn could pronounce.. he said, I'm glad that Hawai'i is part of America because if it was not America, Hawai'i would have been taken by Japan or China. It was only a matter of time, and we have done well as Hawai'ian Americans.. much better than if China, or the French.. we had no way to defend ourselves.

He changed my mind about secession.

Well.. reminds me of that Joni Mitchell Song.. Yellow Taxi.. "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".

Denise B's picture

I'm not saying that

it won't happen Granger, I am saying I think it would be an extremely unwise move for the federal government to make at this point...although it was very wrong, it is one thing to round up Japanese people whom we were at war with and who's country had just attacked us, and another thing all together to round up and disappear hundreds of thousands of Americans (and we are talking about many of them armed Americans)...if they thought it was a wise move, they would have done it already.

Ron Paul himself has stated that secession is an important and legitimate right for states to assert, albeit it should be the last resort, but at this point, no state has actually seceeded and this is more I think a valuable topic for discussion and debate and a good way to raise awareness of our issues.