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Come on Uncommitted!

It won't be happen, but what a thrill if Giuliani lost to "Uncommitted". Now if that wouldn't be a signal for him to drop out of the race, I don't know what would be!

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What is with this UNCOMMITTED crap?

esp on the GOP side......you mean to tell me there are THOUSANDS of people that are voting ........standing in line to vote........in the cold.......in the snow.......spending the money on the gas it takes to get to the polls..........to vote........UNCOMMITTED? Give me a fricken break. If that's the case then this country deserves what it gets and we only have OURSELVES......the people to blame.......because we are nothing but a bunch of damn idiots. Ridiculous!


I think they should

drop Rudy from the debates.

What's with Rudy's National Polls

So Rudy's still at 13% Nationally according to Real Clear Politics.... Oh really? The campaign is broke and he didn't get double digits in Michigian or NH and he is way behind in the tally so far. The polls constantly over estimate Rudy and Fred and constantly under estimate Dr Paul. Pretty sad but everyone one knows that the polls are half of the the election themselves how many people do you talk to just say, "I'm only going to vote for someone I know who can win". Next time I get that from someone, I'm ripping them a new one.

I hear ya

I've been complaining over at my blog Diary of a Disillusioned Voter for a long time on how people have reduced voting to prediction. It's typically motivated out of fear or peer-pressure. The sad reality is that if you are voting for someone because you want to know you voted for the election winner what you are saying is that your vote only has meaning based on what others do. It's really sad. But that shows just how much of an uphill battle any movement that is doggedly against our current ideological/sentimental politics has to fight to restore people to a proper position in front of the question of how to decide to vote.

Hey, nice plug for yer blog

but I'll check it out. Misery loves company.

I take your point about the "vote for a winner" psychology. It's like they expect to get a PRIZE if their pick wins.

Life as a game show. sheesh.

Hey OurPlan

we're on the same page here!

I think part of it is that FOX owes Rudy big time for favors done in NYC.

Also it helps that they're all fascists!

The gap isn't closing

but still amazing that Giuliani is getting only a percentage point higher than the people who came out to let it be known that they don't like any of them.