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Lindsay Graham and Chuck "stun grenade doesn't hurt" Schumer working in immigration bill


God Help Us!

Just the two biggest schmucks Washington could offer up.

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I wish this A-hole would just go ahead and

switch to the Democrat party, because there isn't anything Republican or especially conservative about this clown. I don't believe their is any elected official that follows the Zionist NWO agenda than this traitor! In reality, I believe a move to Israhell would be the best fit for this clown, because he always pledges his allegence to them way before America.

Show me your video Chuck or it didn't happen.

"Chuckie gets stunned" If you get stunned twice it will be more convincing.

Free includes debt-free!


Thanks Ulfilas! Dead on Point for this discussion.

I am beginning to find Criminology akin to Demonology: An excuse for bad behavior

Free includes debt-free!