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monetizing the movement

Instead of everyone trying to work communally for liberty, is there a way of monetizing the movement to encourage people to do things that help it? I'm speaking as a free market capitalist who knows that capitalism helps get things done. Looking for creative ideas.

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HELPING the LIBERTY movement at the same time helping yourself...i.e. the right way to purchase silver ( where and how much),how to survive foreclosure, survival i.e. farming, aquaponics or self generating solar power. Its along the lines of meetup but connected to the liberty movement as a whole. not only theory but ACTION oriented...just saying...


Are you referring to buying or not buying certain products?

Maybe we buy from companies who support the liberty movement? When we did the first money bomb it went viral, made a huge impact. How about a date when we all purchase a certain product, stock, silver, something that we many be purchasing anyway that would bring attention, if done on a single day? If organized in unison could we move the price of a stock or the price of a commodity in a single day? Then repeat it a month later to reinforce the learning experience.

That is what I am referring to

Makes a lot of sense to me.The hard part is getting people united and focused on issues like this.Frustrating.Thanks for your input.

I think one way would be to have a website,maybe DP,

where we take united stands on supporting or boycotting certain companies.For example,boycotting cable tv and the large banks.We could be an economic force if we could simply unite and focus our efforts,

I'm thinking more along the

I'm thinking more along the lines of people having a way to benefit personally for doing something that helps liberty. Right now it's just an ideal and we're just hoping that in the future we'll reap the general rewards along with everyone else. But that's too far in the future and indeterminate.