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Agenda 21 Advertisements - Really Creepy

Creepiest advertisements ever. Mass harikari is in order. For any who doubt Agenda 21 is about population control please watch the two ads in the video.

Please excuse Glenn Beck's ugly mug and smirk at the beginning.

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Glen Beck is

just controlled opposition.

Glenn and Rush

I think Glenn and Rush both started out libertarian, got popular by being right, then got big headed, and got bought at one point or another, and now they are exactly what you said... controlled opposition.

I mean, look at fox news in general, their coverage of Dr Paul during the election cycle was ridiculous, which is to be expected from anyone else, but the Fox group is theoretically supposed to be all about free markets, limited government spending, and all those other things that republicans are theoretically in favor of. But they shut RP out of the discussion.

It became more obvious than ever that Fox, Glenn, and all the other "conservative" talking heads are just as controlled as the other media talking heads who say what they are told. The propaganda machine realizes you have to have a place to go for those people who want to disagree with the other view point being offered. If you control that media outlet as well, then you still have them even though they think they are free from your lies.

This was aired during Glen

This was aired during Glen Becks show. He is trying to sell his book called Agenda 21

Shock jock movie ad

Is anyone surprised set the shocking misdirection?

They may not have thought this through, agenda 21 humor

It appears that the point presented here is that humans are damaging the environment. So if we want to follow a logical solution to this false premise, we need to reduce the population. Given the fact that the very wealthiest consume the vast majority of the worlds resources and thereby are doing the most damage, may I suggest that is the place to start first? Do we have any multi-billionaires as volunteers? LOL

They are creating an environment for murder of those

who are judged as not being worthy to live, as was done in Nazi Germany.

First the old people are picked up in buses and taken away never to return. Then they come for the disabled, and then anyone they want to experiment on, such as TWINS. The predator elitists view the deaths as "culling" the herd of those who are not productive. The elite want only "workers" who will provide for their needs.

Obamacare contains clauses that allow a committee of doctors to determine who gets treatment and who is allowed to live.

Wake up America and the world. War will be the crisis that propels this into being as it did in Nazi Germany. War will be the planned crisis that brings complete fascism and eugenics to the world.

Obama Kill The Elderly Policy Exposed - Nazi Obamacare Healthcare Reform Euthanasia Genocide
Obama's Health Care Policy: Hitler's T-4
T4 Euthanasia Program

It's Beck's work, no?

he put out a facebook post yesterday or day before saying he made the commercials

*quick google*

ok found this:

and it has: "“I’m going to come clean. That’s why I hired a team of filmmakers to make these four commercials for Agenda 21. I’m going to come clean with you. The United Nations did not pay for those commercials. I paid for them. I made them and I paid for them,” Glenn said."

ha ha ha >= [

NOT funny at all and I wouldn't buy that creeps book now if he paid me full price for my time... if it something I SHOULD read or NEED to read I will pick it up on amazon for 25... hey...?? what happened to the cent key on the keyboard?? =P

I would punch him in the nose if I could...

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Glenn Beck made the agenda 21 commercials?!

Why would I ever think he is a fearmongering propagandist?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

It's for his book.

It's for his book.

Here, along the Mississippi Gulf Coast

it's easy to see how the policy of Agenda 21 may be in place since Katrina.

With a large part of coast decimated after the storm, FEMA stepped in to make building codes (or rebuilding codes) almost unfeasible to comply with. This has inhibited many from attempting to return and leaving massive areas of land along the coast vacant.

Major insurance companies have stopped writing new homeowner policies altogether in this region since the storm as well, and we know that most lenders require insurance in order to finance.

So in broadstrokes, our area will not see new growth. It's being suffocated under policies put in place.

Beck is releasing a book on Nov 20th, called "Agenda 21"

Clever adverts for a book release.

Pick up a copy of William Jasper's "UN Exposed" instead.

Does anyone have an update on these

morbid ads? False or real?

Watched both videos.

I'd bet a handsome supply of Red Vines that they are just a publicity stunt for o'l GB to sell more books. If not, then the Agenda 21 folks have decided to commit propaganda suicide and I highly doubt that.

I humbly suggest we think stuff through before we sound the public alarm. People already think we're alarmist enough. Cry wolf one too many times and they won't pay attention when the real shit hits the fan. Agenda 21 is real. Let's make sure our information is real too.


It's's ALL Eugenics

Doesn't everything always lead back to Eugenics and Population Control. Shoot, they said we had too many people at the time of Darwin. They wanted to sterilize (and actually did so for years) poor people because they thought poverty was genetic. Eugenics is not a conspiracy theory it's a conspiracy fact. All the current running agendas (including healthcare, global warming, abortion, vaccine programs and more) all stem back to depopulating the Earth. The elite believe we are trespassing and polluting their fine Earth. They believe they own it and we are merely parasites infecting it. The quicker we are obliterated the better. They want one child policies. They want assisted suicide. They want sterilization through vaccines. They LOVE abortions. They want you dead and they want your land. They want you corralled into cities like penned in animals. They want the earth for themselves.

People didn't believe the Nazi's had such horrible agendas either at first. Who do you think the Nazi's got their ideas from? Where do you think all of the Eugenicists went after World War II? Why do you think so many Nobel Peace Prize winners are admitted Eugenicists? Why do so many of the worlds rich people fund programs linked to eugenics?

There have been radio ads

for several years now from the American Planners' Organization or some such group geared to consolidating population, one of the Agenda 21 goals. (Group's name is probably some variant. American Planning Association?)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

How can this possibly be interpreted other than...

Hey seniors, there's not enough room on this earth for all of us. And because you've had your time why don't you voluntarily up your expiration date or get used to the idea of someone doing it for you.

Here's my response...

Dear Agenda 21 pushers,

YOU FIRST!!! Or you don't really mean it.

clever marketing.

clever marketing.

Viral marketing for Glenn Beck's fictional novel?

If this was produced by the UN, then I'm sure Glenn would be talking about it and it'd be documented somewhere. It's likely just viral marketing for his new novel-

Here's Nancy Pelosi though introducing an Agenda 21 resolution in 1992-

And where it's at today in the US-

And an SPLC article bashing the activists against it, but even it ends questioning if there may be something to fear with it-

I think you are right. He has

I think you are right. He has a book called Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 won't be implemented here without first a law for restrictions on having children. When that law goes into affect here than we know.


From that SPLC article

On its face, Agenda 21 does nothing but provide countries and communities with a set of principles to grow smartly — a plan, in short, to fight overpopulation, pollution, poverty and resource depletion.
Emphasis mine.

Fighting overpopulation is a great way to put it. It flows off the tongue, in one ear, and out the other well.

I have no idea what Glenn Beck has to do with it. Someone said they saw the first ad in Florida the day after the election. I posted the link below.

His book's Release Date:

His book's Release Date: November 20, 2012


I have no idea why he is on the vidoe. None of it went together well. It seems he would've been outraged to see these two ads.

I am baffled.

to sell books

I believe he made the videos to raise awareness / exploit fear about Agenda 21 so people would buy his fictional novel entitled Agenda 21.

I'd rather people understand why it's bad instead of just fearing it based on hyped sensationalized entertainment news.

Yes, I agree.

I am not the best to explain it. But I've been directly hit already. They drafted up on comprehensive plan in my county. During my tenure here my land was re-zoned to 'conservation lands'. This is a label, according to maps, of the future 'no human-use' that is talked about in their literature. The only 'conservations lands' around are government land. I have inquired but can't get an answer. So I have already lost money on my property's value. I just wished I knew their time line for acquisition.

The best video education is from Rosa Koire. Alex Jones interviews her a couple of times but she has many good videos on the subject. She also wrote a book on the subject.

I'm waiting for

the commercial that says the US Constitution is an out-dated document that grants too many freedoms to an undeserving people and should thus be scrapped... with an A-list of our Hollywood stars and half of Congress endorsing it .... WTF?! Like that ad for the CFR on youtube.

The ramp-up begins....

What would the Founders do?

you're warm.

Well that figures...

Very interesting indeed!

Thanks for the links.

What would the Founders do?

Back when I was in

Back when I was in university, I remember the student council elections and ALL the candidates ran on the exact same platform.

Sustainable development and diversity. I now know that Agenda 21 = Sustainable development = Smart Growth. It's scary to think that most profs and students were hyping up sustainable dev so much back then(2005-2009). I bet 90% of them didn't even understand what they were talking about.

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises

Well, that works

hand in hand with Assisted Suicide passing around the country.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."