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Is drug testing welfare recipients Constitutional?

I have had two Facebook friends distribute the same link praising three states for passing mandatory drug testing laws for welfare recipients. At first, I thought about calling them out on it being a violation if the Fourth Amendment. But, federal employees in some departments have to get drug tested. To me, that's no different than a private employer saying if you want to work for me, you've got to submit to a drug test. If a person wants to work in that particular line of government, he's got to submit to a drug test. It's not like the government is conscripting people for work and welfare and making them take drug tests randomly.

Your thoughts?

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Federal welfare is unconstitutional

So the Feds can do whatever they want in implementing it

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Welfare supposedly has a role

Welfare supposedly has a role in "making regular" the economy. Providing a safety net on a nation-wide level sets a sense of economic balance.

Drug testing would be permitted as no one is forcing you to take welfare, which comes from the government.

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Recently someone on my FB posted

Their fears that government will tax us more for the hiring or individuals to conduct the drug tests, lab tests, etc. And that it would mainly only target individuals who smoke pot as opposed to the more serious drugs like cocaine and meth since the drug generally passes through your system in 2-3 days as opposed to 3-4 weeks for weed. I don't know how I feel about it, but these are definitely things to be considered as well as whether it would be lawful under the constitution.


I do not think the distribution of welfare could be

defined as constitutional. I do not think the prohibition of drugs is constitutional. Drug testing as a stipulation for insurance coverage in the workplace seems legitimate. And drug testing as a prerequisite for welfare seems quite alright as a financier of their stipend.

What's your opinion on block grants to states?

That's another thing I'm not sure whether it is constitutional. Obviously direct federal welfare to individuals is unconstitutional, but, what about third party welfare through state governments? Did the Founders intend for the federal government to give any of it's money to the states?

Ya got me.

I do not know what they were doing. If it's not unconstitutional in my opinion it is immoral. If I gave you welfare, fine, but some jerks in Washington robbing me to give to you is just wrong.

What do you think of block grants to states?

Well, in South Dakota v. Dole, the Supreme Court

ruled that the federal government could give money to states (categorical grants) as long as it was made equally clear to all the states what the requirements were for receiving that money if the object for that money was outside the federal government's delegated powers. This was ruled to be constitutional under the General Welfare clause. I'm not really sure and most legal scholars even disagree on this, how much power the General Welfare clause actually was meant to give the federal government. I know Madison warned against it letting the Feds get involved in local education and the most local of infrastructure. This is important for us to know, so, when discussing SCHIP, Medicaid and other federal grant programs intended for the "general welfare" that we'll know whether or not to argue on constitutional grounds or policy grounds.

Before any welfare people.

I want to see all cops drug tested.

Politicians too

Up to and including the president.

I don't believe in mandates.

But for this I make a grand exception. Call me a flip-flop if you must :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul