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Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP

Look at these numbers for Libertarians in New Hampshire! Do you have anything like this going on in your state?

Get out of California and New York folks!

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The GOP was counting

The GOP was counting on enough of the Ron Paul supporters to forgive and forget about all the dirty shenanigans they perpetuated during the caucus/primaries.
They also hung themselves with all the support of illegals flooding the country over the past two decades, what they didn't realize was that the children of the illegals had no intention of voting for them, they're now a part of the 47% Romney spoke about.
Let's not forget the way the Republicans "ganged" up on Dr. Paul during the debates, and the overall blackout of Dr. Paul.
After all this, you'd have to be somewhat "mental" to vote for a Republican candidate...my family and friends tried that "you're voting for Obama" if you don't vote for Romney. I gave them an ear full for their flawed perception that there's a difference between the two.
Now the Libertarians and Independents can say...get on board or you'll never have another Republican winner at any level. Let us be the ones to pick the "real" candidate, OK
You have nothing to lose by voting for "our" candidate.

The GOP burned Ron Paul supporters

Libertarian Shillmaterian.

The GOP burned Ron Paul Repoublicans and were not leaving but staying and fighting this GOOD fight in a MAJOR party where it counts.

Not everyone is a tough ass like you. They can't take the strain

The Libertarian Party might be how they can help and save face.

Free includes debt-free!

Tough ass?

It wasn't because I'm a tough ass Paul_S., joining the GOP made me sick.. but when I saw the GOP at my meetings, I felt completely duped by MSM.. it's not that it's been easy in the GOP, but what's more important, to me, is this good fight for liberty. I've been at it for decades and Ron Paul gave me an in.. one I never considered, the GOP.. and I'm going for it, and telling you.. at this point I believe many GOP committees have Ron Paul supporters, so we are a growing force and this is exciting because the election is over, and we survived. I think at this point, people who go to a GOP meeting will be very pleased to see they are not alone as there are Ron Paul Republicans that would LOVE the inside support. To me, they deserve it.

Me, I'm just an idiot, don't know no better.

I am (was) the Computer and Network guy. Before that I was a Cubmaster and Cub Leader Trainer.

One former trainer from 20 years ago asked me where I had been. People from the hood or from Church have greeted me. I've invested in the community for my own self-interest but the effort has paid dividends.

To me it's just another meeting. I keep low expectations and it's easy to be friendly.

I watched other dash their heads on the rocks trying to bring change.

I am suggesting that there are many ways to spread the message, many of them outside of the Party structure.

Tough Ass? You seemed surprised. ;-)

Somebody give The Granger a hand. These meeting go easier with friends.

Free includes debt-free!

These meetings go easier with friends

Boy is that the TRUTH!

I may be a computer illiterate dylexic tough ass (yeah you suprized me), who expects lying, cheating and fraud, but that doesn't stop me from hoping for the better anyways.

Please don't include me on the list that thinks you're an idiot. That would be idiotic. ;))

Permit me to explain

idiot (n.) from Gk. idiotes "private person (as opposed to one taking part in public affairs)," used patronizingly for "ignorant person," from idios "one's own"


I rest my case.

Still, I thank you for the sentiment.

Government must be limited to the same number of people who are willing to keep an eye on it. Maybe we can talk Dr. Paul into a few more federal Departments.

Free includes debt-free!

Well, that should take care of that.

I gave them something to chew on for a while:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


So if you have principles, your a childish moron? I guess I need to buy me-self some diapers.