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99% of the media still isn't getting it.

I mean, they still aren't even giving us enough credit to BLAME us.

Some 12 million people stayed home. I read that even the votes for McCain/Palin 2008 would have beaten Obama/Biden 2012 - because much smaller numbers were reported this time.

Reason given for this was that people didn't see enough of a difference to actually get out and vote. Yeah..... And WHO offered to PROVIDE difference. Who's disenfranchised supporters make up a large political block that didn't intend to vote for anyone else?

They said that young people showed up in fairly large numbers and voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Yeah..... And who in the Republican Party has LOADS of support across the spectrum with young people, and he was basically told to get lost?

The answer seems obvious that it was US who were missing from this election, and the reason Republicans lost. Yet the media seems have forgotten that we exist.

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They are getting it alright, these Media Whores, knowing

their puppet masters don't allow them to report it. Propaganda is Big Business.

oh, *they* are 'getting' it--they are getting their . . .

paychecks from their bosses.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Government and their MSM propaganda arm can never get it.

We'll have to take care of this yourself.

Pawn Stars and American Restoration is all TV is good for.

Free includes debt-free!

It bothers me even more that they never

talk about the electoral fraud and vote rigging. That's the primary reason I didn't vote. I wonder how many others realize their vote would likely be flipped to someone else that they'd never support and therefore withhold their vote. Of course, they don't talk about it because they want people to vote...it gives the illusion of consent of the governed. If more people were aware of what's really going on, they'd stop voting and start demanding safeguards to ensure honest vote counting.

The founder of one the most

Deborah Sumner, the founder of one the most active count the vote activist groups in the nation lives in NH, and Lyndeborough NH was the first town in the nation to pass a town warrant article prohibiting vote machines.

She is also one of the stars in the documentary "Hacking Democracy"