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Is this a Surprise? No Washington Insider Support for Rand Paul

There is no Washington insider support for Rand Paul 2016.
Rather it goes to neo con Marco Rubio and neo liberal Jeb Bush and statist Chris "I love Obama and crispy creme" Christie

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Call me crazy

but I swear I can remember a video where RP was wearing a red plaid shirt and was speaking from his home to his supporters about the campaign. His demeanor seemed different to me. Not the normal sparkle in his eyes and fight / spirit that he previously always had. My gut at that time told me he or someone in his family had been threatened. I think the vid was around the same time as the Michigan primaries when his campaign staffers elected to not run anti-Mittens ads. I have searched online at several sites tonight (ronpaulflix.com, ronpaul2012.com now C4L, etc.) but cannot find this clip. Does anyone have a link to this video?

I don't remember that one but I remember a hostage type video

When he justified the endorsement

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Maybe by 2016 people will blame bush & Obama

And be fed up with establishment both republican and democrat

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And finally being an outsider

Will resonate with a majority of voters

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But right now Mark Ruby is the insider


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Unfortuanately The Neo-Cons Are Waking Up...

they are realizing that Rand Paul is actually almost exactly his dad.


We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



You are right- almost like his dad

Where you are incorrect is that the neocons are just waking up to this fact
Getting rand on board for an endorsement of mittens was more about trying to control rand rather than some master stroke of strategy on rand's part

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If you think that...

...then we can agree to disagree.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016





We will never know

Whether it was threats arm twisting or a strategic play by rand or a bit of both

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The liberty wing of the Republican party

now has the numbers and clout to insure defeat of any of the neocon puppets in the general election. We need to pound that into the heads of the Republican sheeple. Support our liberty candidate or lose forever. Forget about the elites, they are just as happy with Democrats in power anyway.

True and ignorant republicans think the way to win

Is by pandering to ethic groups and further abandoning liberty principles
If you vote democrat because you want special rights republicans will never compete
The only way to compete is to provide a stark contrast

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Time to hit back and get

Rand has already said

that the GOP will never nominate him.

Then why did he agree to support

The establishment if it didn't help him?

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Because Rand is hoping to garner support from us and others...

...not part of the corrupt establishment.

You can not win without the vote of some idiot neo-cons; those who have yet to understand themselves but who are too stupid to be on the take.

I met one such idiot at an auction the other week... He was convinced that if we could just nuke all muslims then the world would immediately be at peace again... not realizing that oil, the military industrial complex, etc would have to come up with a new reason to continually send our troops to war... and they will... but these idiots believe the current story line... that by killing muslims we will have peace... always, every time they believe this BS.

Rand knows this and speaks to those who are uninformed and stupid, but not corrupt, the stupid masses who are not on the take themselves, just ignorant.

This is why the establishment fears Rand Paul more than they feared Ron Paul. Rand knows how to support Romney in such a way that Romney looses elections and Rand garners the support away from the corrupt establishment, doing it in such a way that be bests them at their very own disinformation game.


So he was only pretending

To being part of the establishment by pretending to endorse the establishment candidate
Mitt Romney?

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Acting? The whole endorsement was irrelevant to Romney.

Romney lost remember.

Rand DID NOT help Romney by endorsing him.

Rand has in fact helped us pull support and sympathy from NEO-CONs in future battles though.

Romney was already done the moment he accepted the nomination. That was as high as he could go because aside from mormons no one else could get motivated about him and his socialist top down agenda.

Romney sucked and even the Neo-Cons knew it.

Rand knew it!


In retrospect the rand Paul endorsement was irrelevat

But at the time it was sought after by romney

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If rand can work with Cruz, Lee and demint

In the senate to oust the McConnell crowd I will applaud his efforts

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Just realized-while not having credibility with insiders

Is a plus with me, wasn't the reason for endorsing Romney -to gain insider support?
If so, that moved failed

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Rand is not the kind of person they want.

Bottom line is he will not go along with being a PUPPET. Expect the media to marginalize him as they did Ron Paul.

The media will push whomever the elite choose to win. And as someone said, being chosen by the elite politically is a great career move.

In the end you will end up a multimillionaire for playing the puppet for the bankers and their crowd. Blair is a very rich man these days, and so too Obama after his last 4 years. He will retire a very wealthy man.

There is much reward in the world for those willing to sell their SOUL for money. I don't think Rand qualifies. He goofed up a little, but remains AN HONEST MAN. Being shunned by the media is a measure of the state of your soul. ;)

He Already went along with being a puppet

when he endorsed Romney.

Money, Power and Prestige are the three most addicting things this world holds. And yes, Rand qualifies.

He should have never voted for sanctions, an act of war, on Iran or endorsed Romney, a man I consider to be the antithesis of liberty. For me, Rand's betrayal of his father was not goofing up a little, and does not qualify him as an honest man. He comes across as being a very prickly man, so he will not appeal to most voters.

lol he won't be a puppet all the time

Except when then ask him to be one!

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+1 Because I have felt the same way as you,

angry at what seems a betrayal of a man I greatly admire; Ron Paul. But when I see the tactics being used, children being killed because their father published something that threatened the ruthless elite? I know Rand endorsed Romney under great duress. He was repulsed by what he was doing even as he made the endorsement. He has never looked relaxed since that day, and has not been himself since that day. I no longer feel angry. I just wonder how the family was threatened by these ruthless mobsters.

That might explain it

Because i don't think he gained anything by endorsing the establishment when mittens positions differs greatly from Rand's

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The enemy of my enemy is my

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Makes no difference, They are outsiders now,

Treason and Mispison of Treason, not withstanding.

Free includes debt-free!

I'm not going to jump up and down on top of Rand--

I don't know why he did what he did, but . . . he has/had his reasons, and--

he made his own choices. I'm not going to judge him for them; for the most part his choices as a senator have been very good.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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LOL as far as I'm concerned

LOL as far as I'm concerned that's the best endorsement he can get.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain