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PBS lists the numbers of votes written in - what's their source?

On the PBS page http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vote2012/map/all_results.html they have a yellow tab of "Other" with almost 2 million votes. (Mouse-over makes the box with the info pop up)

Roseanne Barr pulled in over 50,000 votes. And almost 6,000 are "others". Now I find it hard to believe that the write in's for Ron Paul would be under 6,000.

So I am asking:
1) What is PBS's source data?
2) Is there any way on a national level to know how many people just wrote in Ron Paul?

Because I'm just not figuring that Dr. Paul had under 6000 write ins.

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I don't know their source but I do know that PBS has no interest

...in a Ron Paul type of thinker winning anything.

Why would a state run institution want anything to do with liberty?

That's not how it works in life.

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Don't see this has anything to do with write ins

These are the same numbers everyone else has and no write ins are represented, only candidates on ballots in at least one state. As per commenter below, some states had NOTA as an option.

IMO we will NEVER know the write-in count. So to all those who screetched against any Johnson voters and insisted we all write in RP, well, how's that working out for ya?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Write-In Vote Totals

I have not seen a source for write-in totals nation wide. Usually the write-in vote is not broken by each candidate written in, just a total off all write-in votes.

Here is some research I have done for the state of Iowa:


Aaron Hoffman

I don't think any of these are truly "write-in" votes - they are

votes received that were actually listed on ballots. For example, Nevada had a "none of these" option on their ballot. Some on here said it will be weeks before we know any write in results.

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