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BBC Will Find The Sharpest Brits ... Or Will They ?

On The Daily Bell, by Staff Report, 10/19/2012 :

"[...]Free-Market Analysis: The West's fascination with numeracy continues. It surely is kind of power elite dominant social theme.

We've written about this before, in fact. The elites search out a certain kind of intelligence and even select for it. In our view, this is the reason for the testing mania that has infected so much of the West. The tests are aimed at ever-younger children and these children, once selected, are often put through elite academies[...]

The emphasis on numeracy is another interesting part of the elite program to harvest intelligent individuals. Intelligence in modern times is determinedly measurable but not all individuals have easily measured intelligence.

Much measurable intelligence is linear and can be identified. But holistic intelligence, often NOT numerate, is much harder to quantify. The intelligence of those who produce great poetry or art may not be manifest early on.

It is also an irony of modern times that the facility most apt to be used by those with holistic intelligence is the Internet[...]

The 'Net attracts autodidacts and those generally who might be considered outliers. These individuals are apt to avoid the kind of IQ culling practiced by the elites and often may cultivate more formidable types of intelligence later in life[...]

In any case, the Internet, as we often point out, is a kind of waking nightmare for the elites. No matter how hard they try, they cannot track and co-opt all the intelligent people in the world[...]

And a number of intelligent and un-indoctrinated – uncontrolled – individuals are today using the Internet in all sorts of creative ways[...]"

(emphasis mine)

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