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video: Ron Paul on Secession

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As always, excellent video by

As always, excellent video by Dr. Paul!

I completely endorse the right to secession (see my username!) but secession should not be urged at this point. Secession is NOT the answer if state legislators are defending the Constitution by nullifying unconstitutional laws. The only time secession would be necessary is if a state were dissatisfied with Washington's CONSTITUTIONAL implementation of laws (i.e. a state did not want to participate in or fund a Constitutional war, wanted to regulate foreign trade differently, etc).

Also, the best time to secede would be when we had a President who was let us go freely (i.e. Rand Paul). Otherwise, they'll attack us and their aggression would leave us worse than where we had begun. Unfortunately, no one would want to secede during a Rand Paul presidency.

The secession talk right now is just symbolic. But once no one can afford gas or food and states are going bankrupt, secession will be much more than symbolic. States that receive federal bailouts only on condition of federally approved state budgets will rebel against their loss of self-determination. Responsible states that fund those bailouts will rebel against the extraction of their wealth.

We would do well to start secession movements for New York and California!

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