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2016 Candidates and Odds

This list, updated in May, is pretty comprehensive. I think the odds are fair, though I think of the four possible candidates ranked ahead of Rand, three (Christie, Palin and Ryan) have very little chance of getting the nomination. I truly believe it'll come down to Rand v Rubio.


This mainstream pundit actually recognizes Rand's standing and potential ("he has a clear path to the top tier"):


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Ron Paul or Andrew

Ron Paul or Andrew Napolitano.


Ron Paul is not going to run

Ron Paul is not going to run again. Napolitano would be a good choice, but I'd rather see him on the Supreme Court. I would be surprised if Napolitano runs for national office.

How do you know for certain

How do you know for certain that Ron Paul will not run again?

Sure, he's retiring from Congress... but that does not automatically mean he's finished. Maybe I missed the video or article where RP states that he is absolutely finished with holding any sort of public office.


Don't know for certain, but...

...I believe Ron won't run again for prez in '16 for the same reason he didn't accept the Libertarian nod this year - he's passing the torch to Rand and doesn't want to hurt Rand's future prospects.

Political Process

Ron has said that he's tired of the political process and that he never believed in it. He just ran for Congress to make his voice heard. He is going to do now what he likes best and which may prove to be most valuable to the liberty movement and thats go around to college campuses and talk to young people to change the future of politics in the US. There are more liberty candidates in Congress now than in the recent past (Amash, Rand, Demint) so Dr. Paul does not have to be there to be the lone representative of the movement, he can move on to something else and be even more productive. He does not need to be involved in politics to change the scene.

Eventually the Rep's and Dem's

Will match up with my prophe... er Prediction.


The republicans have no choice and the Dems are hell bent on making history again... The first blahh, the first blahh, the first blahh.

Jindal and Christie?

hahahahahaaa A anorectic goober that looks like a troll and a weight challenged POS full of hot air and more... Yawn!

It better be Rand in the end...

... http://www.dailypaul.com/262746/i-think-everyone-should-watc...
The end of this interview is truly amazing

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



They refer to him as being more charismatic than his dad


Not Charismatic...

...rather, more convincing.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



I agree, however...

...I do think Rand is a 'smoother' communicator, probably more palatable to the masses than Ron. Also, I think huge chunks of votes among the sheeple were not attainable by Ron because of his age ("He's just too old to win"). Rand will not face that obstacle.