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Thinking About Running for an Office

I'm thinking about running for an office. I have a platform I just need advice on how I should get started. Some offices I won't be able to run for, at this moment, because of my age.

-I'm 21 years old.
-Have one child
-Truck Driver (Work nights) 60-65 hours a week.
-Registered Republican (Willing to switch parties.)
-Live on the edge of the 5th and 10th CD in Pennsylvania.

If anyone has run for an office and could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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exhilerating, exhausting fun!

I've done it before and contemplate another go at it anon. I was also a working father and realized going in that campaigning was going to be another full-time job.

Do your partner and children support your notion? If not, you need to seriously rethink the proposition yourself. If they do, CONSCRIPT THEIR ASSES FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN. Loving families are solid gold set-dressing. I don't know how much support my daughter drummed up as she passed out brochures ("My father is running for Congress. Please vote for him."), but cuteness never hurts.

If you are adept at speaking in front of crowds, or have a background in amateur theatre you'll find that it helps. Also important to remember that if you do run you will ALWAYS BE ON whenever you appear ANYWHERE in public, so shave regularly, or don't, but otherwise appear neat, clean, responsible, and non-threatening, and always be willing to grant a quick word and smile no matter how much of hurry in which you find yourself. You WILL be pressed for time, ALL OF THE TIME!

Have fun and get as much sleep as you possibly can!

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

Yes, I can give you some

I ran for office and didn't win. I was one of the many that ran in the liberty movement. Are you apart of any Ron Paul group beside the Daily Paul? Anyway, decide which office you want to run for, go to the registrar county office and register to run as a candidate. Then you will be given a certain amount of signatures that will be needed to get on a ballot. You will need to canvas and or go to local super markets or post office and stand outside to talk to people about the campaign and get signatures, that way helped us get on the ballot. You need to get from the registrar a list of the local GOP or whoever party you will run and get the names and addresses of those people, send out postcards of your campaign, You will need a little money to do your Campain depending on what seat you plan to run. Get affiliated with the TEA Party even if you don't like them or local party group, and get endorced by them by introducing yourself to the group and they will endorce you and THEY also will send out an endorcement to all the district GOP in the mail. It's very important that you do get endorced by them because if you don't you most likely won't win. You need that back up by the local district party. I have many friends including myself that wanted to do it our own way and local endorcement was KEY to winning!!! We got endorced by the local liberty caucus but we needed the TEA Party endorcement. Two of my fellow Ron Pauler candidates went to get endorced by the tea Party two didn't and the two that didn't go didn't win, along with myself. I hope that helped and wasn't too confusing. I suggest working with local Ron Paul friends to help you do this. It's good to have some help.

Need the Endorse of Other Civic Groups

You also need to introduce yourself to other civic groups. Going not to tea party groups, Republicans meetings, but way more activities. Any place that advocates education, health care, law enforcement etc.,