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Giulliani Huckabee ticket.

Huckabee is putting all of his eggs in the Evangelical Basket. He knows that he can not win with this vote. He will get most of the Republican base, and none of the independent or Democrat vote. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but it is clear to me that Huckabee has been given the VP spot for Giulliani. Giulliani, and Huck are very courteous to each other, have not bashed each other, and have at many times acknowledged each others views as being good. This is the ticket that those in power are pushing. Giulliani for the North, Huckabee for the South. Thompson will be leaving soon. McCain doesn't have the money or the patience, and will blow up soon. Huckabee will take the back seat, and that leaves it as a One on One Ron Paul Vs. Rudy Giulliani.

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If Huckabee chose Giuliani

If Huckabee chose Giuliani as his running mate, that would eliminate any possibility of me voting for the man in the general election. Giuliani is a fascist pig and is the most "neo" conservative of the entire lot of Republicans. Fortunately, I really don't think Huck will touch him with a 10 ft. pole after his inevitably terrible performance in the rest of the primary states.

No, Giulliani is still polling in the lead

around the country. He has been paying for all of the other states, and hopes to win on Super Tuesday. Huckabee will be his VP. As for Romney, he has bought the first Primary states, and will not be able to buy the rest. He will not be a threat, and will not be given the VP spot.

By the way

I find it odd that you failed to include Romney in your calculations. Romney would make a decent running mate, and seems to be on more or less the same page as Huckabee.

Same page as Huckabee?

By what they do, or by what they say they do? I don't see anything decent about a lying flip flopping Millionaire, and a Fake preacher carrying a cross.

Fake preacher? I was under

Fake preacher? I was under the impression that he was really a preacher.